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Its end there's always a new tune to learn Charming smart lyrical and surprising I recommend it to anyone savage beast or not who needs their soul soothed Suzanne Finna international bestselling author of Split Vivian Wagner is an award winning writer and ournalism professor at Muskingum University in Ohio Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including American Profile Arizona uarterly Bluegrass Unlimited Kenyon Review Online The Pinch and many others She lives in southeastern Ohio with her two children.

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Fiddling suddenly seemed vitally important even necessary for me to learn Perhaps it had to do with grief for my mom's death and with the fact that I was ust starting to feel the inklings of a midlife crisis coming on All I knew consciously though was that I had to learn it After a chance encounter with fiddle music Vivian Wagner discovered something she never knew she had lacked The fiddle had reawakened not only her passion for music but for life itself From the remote workshop of a wizened master fiddle maker in

He Blue Ridge Mountains to a klezmer band in Cleveland from Cajun fiddle music in Katrina ravaged New Orleans to a fiddle camp in Tennessee Vivian's uest to master the instrument becomes a ourney populated by teachers and artisans and ultimately creates a community that fortifies her through an emotionally crushing loss Intimate and enlightening this is a story about the uniue gifts of the fiddle the redeeming power of music the freedom of improvisation and the importance of knowing that even though a song may reach.

Vivian Wagner is an award winning writer and journalism professor at Muskingum University in Ohio She lives in southeastern Ohio with her two children