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Father what God was like as a little girl The story follows their dialogue one voice n bold the other non bold text As the story progresses Night of the Living Dead Christian it becomes less about the father answering about the girl developing the story on her own It can be a little confusing to remember who s talking when but ultimately this doesn t really matterI read this because we carryt The New World Order in our store butt s the kind of book my kids would have loved when they were little one you could keep talking about long after you ve finished reading This book would be great for families who want to approach religion King Solomons Carpet in a creative way as a dialogu. Offering gentle wisdom and genuinensight You may never think about God creation or yourself n uite the same

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I thought this was a charming book with a wonderful purpose The art s pretty the dedication to diversity and being welcoming n ts theology Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham is wonderful and the whole thing lingeredn my mind well after I read Trauma it I think that I would have preferred a different format to the story since the collaborative conversation occasionally felt talky and overlong to me But I can see why that choice was made evenf The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, it wouldn t have been my choice Definitely a story I will recommend to parents open minded enough to readt to their children Beautiful words and pictures I feel Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy in love with this book Thiss the story. Tell me a story Daddy about when God was a little girl Susanna's playful reuest begins a whimsically profound tal.

Of creationand I know you think I m going to say through the eyes of a woman but that Happiness the Mindful Way isn t what I m saying Yes the author uses the feminine gender but theres soooo much here The reclaiming of darkness as where God s love was and Gorilla, Monkey Ape is reclaiming the earth as our origin and source of our variety naming of animals as community This books high on my list to use with a group of adults for reading and discussion A very rich text A wonderful picture book taking a broad view of the Biblical creation story The language and bright A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories illustrations givet a joyful friendly feel On a long car trip a young girl asks her. E woven between father and daughter This maginative retelling of creation sparkles with joy ts words and mages.

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Trained as a theologian David thinks about God all the time Whether as a father or grandfather college instructor or Sunday School teacher poet or writer he seeks to imagine God in ways that are helpful and hopeful In this book he brings insights from seminary and graduate school into a story that is deceptively simple and simply profound