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Tty good but not great I really wanted to like this but unfortunately I found it rather borin. Er was not part of the plan The magnetism between them is intense fierce and irresistible But Lucas has secrets and if Blackfoot Falls ever finds out his sexy little trysts with the town sweetheart will ruin Melanie's golden reputation foreve.

I m not much of one for cowboys but this was pretty good The plot line with PRN and how it me. The pastor's daughterand the bad boy Melanie Knowles is the Good Girl of Blackfoot Falls pastor's daughter teacher animal shelter volunteer and upstanding member of the community And Good Girls are never naughty Ever But Melanie is in serious.

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Shed with the rescue farm was pretty neat and very believable Miniseries Made in Montana Pre. Troublebecause Lucas Sloan's wicked blue eyes and deliciously hard body could turn this saint into a very satisfied sinner Lucas just wanted the Safe Haven animal shelter to help out with the Wild Horse Training Program Getting hot for teach.

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Debbi Rawlins currently lives with her husband in Las Vegas Nevada A native of Hawaii she married on Maui and has since lived in Cincinnati Chicago Tulsa Houston Detroit and Durham North Carolina during the past twenty yearsNow that she's had enough of the gypsy life it'll take a crane a bulldozer and a forklift to get her out of her new home Not that her friends would let her leave