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God looks down upon them with shame for having a normal sexual appetite for the one they love and are attracted to Overall though it was a sweet tender love story I think we deserve a part 2 with this onemaybe a series I would definitely read from this author hoping all of their books aren t heavily saturated with religion 25 star read This was actually a good book ven though it took me a couple days to finish it But I did Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, enjoy it Makes me want to read books by this author And thending part with the baby had me smiling I was happy that Crystal finally came around and started liking Joe I believe that God only recognizes 2 races those racing to heaven and those racing to hell so you should love WHOEVER you choose to regardless of race gender or creed This book by one of my favorite authors JJ Murray is a great A Fairly Honourable Defeat example of this When you let go of your inhibitions and your racial hangups you just might find something special Interracial romance is fast becoming my favorite category of books to read Im completelynthralled by the drama of two people from 2 different worldsovercoming obstacles and refusing to let race come between them and true love Good read but really slow at times Not my fave from this author GoodSurprisingly good started slow but I m so glad that I stuck with it A love story told from a man s point of view very refreshing I will be reading of your work Murray writes a great story as usual I love his style I was very surprised by the strength of Christian faith that the two main characters have I don t think I have seen this before in his books I have seen some religion and some faith and turn in but not to this level This did make me slightly disappointed when they faced the financial problems of blending their families and in a family meeting they did not stop to pray or talk about how they would depend on God to provide for them There were very sweet and poignant moments in this book that made me cry I wish Murray for me to read but I have read all of his books now ow. Own doubts and fears Joe and Shawna find themselves moving toward a future that's bright new and totally unexpectedPraise for the novels of JJ MurrayHilariousMurray's dialog sparkles and the characters are witty and fun Booklist on She's The OneThoughtful and well done Library Journal on Original Lov.

This is the love journey and might I say the modern love Journey of Shawna and Joe This is also an interracial love story These two God fearing Christians meet online Of all places a grief blog that Shawna starts to help her heal from the loss of her husband This blog turns out to be a godsend for a widower Joe while Shawnas been without her husband for ight years and she s coping barely She has three children and as I said she s coping by writing this blog Unbeknownst to her there is also someone who is hurting he lost his wife two years ago He also has three children and happens to live in the same city as Shawna These two unlikely pair meet online and actually fall in love That was the asy part on the hard part comes later trying to mesh these two families together all the while trying to do this with God first And family second This is definitely a funny tale actually laugh out loud type story And then other times you need to take out your Hankie This was definitely a believable story The only reason I didn t give it a five star is because The storyline regarding Shawna s Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue eldest daughter was not finished Overall it was a really good story and I recommended to you 3 PS THIS IS S HEA ENDING Shawna Mitchell s husband Rodney died from colon canceright years ago leaving her with two children and one on the way For The Man Without a Face eight years she s been the superwoman that all single mothers must beJoe Murphy s wife Cheryl died from breast cancer six months ago He never appreciated her as much in life as he does after her death She was the glue that held the family together Since her death the children have been simmering in their grief and Joe s overwhelmed Coping with the lost of his wife and the children he once knew Joe turns to the internet with one short heartfelt cry for prayer on the LivingWithDeathcom website Shawna who feels led by God to help others through what she s been through via the website answers his letter with a simple I ll pray for you and a suggestion that they have a family meetingFro. When recently widowed Joe Murphy meets Shawna Mitchell in an online forum all he's seeking is advice on keeping his home and his family together Shawna's compassionate mails become his lifeline and as months pass their correspondence grows deep and warm Discovering that Shawna lives only blocks away.

M that one simple reuest Shawna and Joe discover how to let go and let God reign over their lives Too Much Of A Good Thing is a sweet and I don t mean as in cutesy inspirational romance from the one and only Mr JJ MurrayMr Murray takes us on a journey of how grief can Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) effect a family not only immediately after the death of a loved one as shown through Joe syes and his children s reaction to his decision to move on with his life sooner rather than later But years later as Shawna tells her children that she s fallen in love with a man she s met online and her Gone (Gone, eldest child Crystal the ultimate Daddy s girl announces that she d rather move out than see her Mother with another manHe then goes on toxplore the blending of families How to blend them and blend them well How the parents children and Threads Of The Shroud even thextended families have to learn to compromise and All Seated on the Ground explore the world outside of their comfort zone onach and Untitled. every level of their livesJoe and Shawna were truly the guy and girl next door who lived in a culturally diverse neighborhood so similar to my own that I m tempted to take a walk up the street And for the first timever I read a book that featured children rather than adults as major secondary characters and I absolutely loved them understood their pain and celebrated their successesBut having said all that I m sure what you really want to know is that I Wiring enjoyed Too Much Of A Good Thing immensely It freuently left me in tears Tears brought on not by sadness but because of the sweet beauty of the words on the page before me You know what I mean As you re reading the words before you you smile and sniff put your hand to your chest briefly and say Ooh then grab a tissue before the tear hits the page Yeahit was THAT good I think this is Murray s best work The characters are very real I felt like I knew them all I am not a religious person but I didnjoy this love journey There were moments in the book in which I felt Shawna was being unreasonable It also disturbed me that people feel their. Well it feels like than luck It feels a lot like hopeWith three children to raise Shawna has no interest in getting close to another man let alone one who's got three kids of his own And the fact that Joe's white can only complicate matters But now as they navigate family dates and vacations and their.

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Multicultural romance and mystery novelist J J Murray writes multicultural novels in all genres He grew up in New York Huntington New Jersey Plainfield Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Missouri St Louis Indiana West Lafayette and College Corners and Ohio Marietta and has now lived than half his life in southwest Virginia After college Marietta OH he settled in the Roanoke Val