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He majority of Ms Cryer s books fall into some sub genres of such but as erotica goes she really is a fantastic author and I greatly look forward to her future releases The first part free book in this series the initiation was my initiation in the world of hucow booksIt made me wonder what was going to happen nextSo I bought myself the full series and I wasn t disappointed It was a hot story Totally unexpected what was happening but hotOnly the epilogue was a bit soft and living happily ever afterIt was strange reading about Julia and what was happening to her and her body This is a total different way of submission Through in her sick ex fiance And the bad thing which happened in his past and you have a wonderful readLooking forward to read from this writer After reading the first part of this story The Initiation which is free on as of this writing my own initiation into the world Hucow erotica was comple. Uch as she loves him MILKED BY ROYALTY THE FULL COLLECTION is a 62000 word erotic love story featuring human cows rapid breast enlargement forced lactation human bulls lesbian encounters gangbangs bondage submission masterslave relationships extreme body modification and at times dubious consent All characters depicted in this work are over 18 This is a work of fiction meant for an adult audience The author does not condone or endorse any of the behaviors carried out by its characte.

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This was the most bizarre thing I ve ever read in my life A literal horror show that should be dystopian but somehow isn t I can t even rate thisI can t That was a wild 4 hours man Lots and lots of lactation One of those books that is very interesting as a fantasy but every so disturbing if real There are some heavy modifications view spoilersome physically like the drug used to induce lactation and long term affects from its use And talk of extreme such as amputation hide spoiler 532016 15Po d nem u uv it e Divine ecstasy, the story of Khajuraho jsem to v n do etlaM nejv t probl m s knihou byl Carrying the Greeks Heir jej n m t Well nem lasem si takovou knihu v bec vybrat pokud m m b t up mn ale zv davost zabila ko ku nen to takAbych byla spravedliv ten n pad Amish Sweethearts je origin ln Ve sv podstate to velmi n padit a to to slovo pou v m velmi voln Charaktery nebyly patn stejn tak p b h Nebyla to patn kniha ale nedok u se p inutit tomu d t v ce ne 2 Zp sob ak m se tam choval. With her visa expiring in less than a month Julia Dorne swears she'll do anything to remain in the country she's come to love and nothing would please Lord Ashe When her rich benefactor gives her the option of entering his service she signs up for a week long trial contract to work in his dairy but little does she know he doesn't want her to milk his cows He wants her to become one Now available for the first time in its entirety MILKED BY ROYALTY THE FULL COLLECTION tells the story.

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JENA CRYER is a true Southern girl who loves grits cornbread and lots and lots of leather Originally from Mississippi she and her husband now live in Texas HIS BLACK PEARL is her debut novel When not writing Jena enjoys reading traveling and getting tied up by her husband