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Pective Annadurai seems to be idolized than PeriyarI am een on learning about the ideas he talked and fought for which are just mentioned in this bookSince I cant read tamil need to find a biography of Periyar either in Kannada or English which deals with these topics in detailHaving said this the book does not demonize Periyar Some how takes a stance which I think has tried to seem neutral and has failed From the day I saw Iruvar I had always wanted to read about Tamil Nadu politics The stories told by my Chennai wala friends only further piued my interest But truth be told that was not the reason why I started out to read this book I don t even remember how this book got into my to read listWhen I started reading the book I had not yet realized that I was reading a biography about the father of Tamil Nadu politics Periyar was a through and through revolutionary with ideas that were way beyond his time His moves and measures were too extreme for that time or even today for that matter But despite all his activities early on the real game started once Anna came into picture I don t now whether it was a problem with how the author told his or it was me reading it wrong Periyar s losses where greater in number than his wins but then how did he gather all his followers It felt as if Anna was the real hero in this book while Periyar was just means to an introduction for the titular characterBut I still cannot fathom that it was this single man who started it all AIADMK DMK everything His actions made sure that Tamil Nadu will continue to have their home grown parties ruling them It was also interesting to now that the many things that seemed weird to me in Chennai made proper sense after I read this like how Tamils don t generally have surnames it was because of Periyar That said if anyone would like to start upon Tamil Nadu politics you should start out with the biography of Periyar the Socrates of South Asia. The citation awarded by the UNESCO described Periyar as the prophet of the new age the Socrates of South East Asia father of social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance superstitions meaningless customs and base manner.

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A very balanced biography of the much revered political leader of Tamil Nadu Just like any other leader he had his good points and his warts As the author rightly says he is neither the saint that his followers make him out to be nor is he a demon which his detractors make him out to be He was an ordinary man who succumbed to the normal human temptation of attempting to make the whole world see things from his point of viewThe good part was that he wanted a society where everybody is eual irrespective of caste creed religion or gender Some of the stance that he took were militant like cutting off the tufts and sacred thread of the brahmins It is arguable if they really deserved it And in the later part of his life he seems to have become power crazy power to bring his dreams to realityThe other deified leader who has been brought down to earth in this book is Rajagopalachari It is well written in very simple language It also gives some insight into Indian and Tamil Nadu politics as well DONT FALL FOR THIS IT IS A FUCKING WIKIPEDIA ENTRY WHAT A WASTE OF TIME I SPENT 290 RUPEES FOR THIS TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY RUPEES YEP When I started the Self Respect Movement we had five basic goals to destroy God Gandhi Congress Religion and Brahmins of these Gandhi is dead Congress too is gone God s condition is laughable But when we pass laws to allow anyone to become priests they get it annulled We should change this state of affairs Periyar in his last speech in Chennai 1973A Brief unbiased account on the history of politics of the state Tamil nadu and the conseuences of the happenings are well expressed through the the author s witty research Unfortunately or fortunately the Author didn t analyse the actions of the leader so just up with the facts and happenings The Author also couldn t analyze some of the claims believed by people mostly by the political motivation of some As indicated unbiased already the book not Periyar propagated the principles of rationalism self respect women’s rights and eradication of caste He opposed the exploitation and marginalisation of the non Brahmin indigenous Dravidian peoples of South India and the im.

Nly accounted the fame period but also the negative things the leader gone through like his antibrahmin riots and his authoritative natureEV Ramasamy Sacred Landscapes known widely as Periyar was the greatest iconolocast rationalistic leader who totally influenced the local political front with his empirical socialistic ideologies It is even high tedious and dangerous to carry out his protest methodologies to stand up for a cause The society may never have another person like him influencing people and politicsA Good book tonow about the political history of Tamil nadu and it just starts with this manBala Jeyaraman started out as a software engineer but ended up staying home reading books sleeping late and writing some Must read for anyone looking to understand Tamil politics The author is fairly unbiased and has Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, kept the book very concise and to the point It s a good introduction and gives a perspective into the mind of EVR A concise political biography of this great mass Tamil leader and social reformer We get to see this multi sided personality who often adopted controversial and contradictory tactics butept his long term vision consistent What amazes me is that everything that s happening these days such as opposition coalition political manoeuvring horse trading etc has been happening since independence Only a different party was dominant Unbiased and easy to read biography on one of Tamil Nadu s formative leaders I would have loved to read a book with better writing and story telling however this remains one of the few books available to an english audience wanting to now about Periyar s legacy December 2019 It s an inspiring biography I really like to suggest others to read it He is a great person in his own way to deal with life I heard about Periyar from a friend And after reading Annihilation of caste reading about Periyar made sense As the title says it is a political biography of Periyar from a biased pers. Position of what he considered Indo Aryan India His work has greatly revolutionised Tamil society and has significantly removed caste based discrimination He is also responsible for bringing new changes to the Tamil alphabet.