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I luckily received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I loved it The first chapter had me wondering what was going to happen to oor Shannon Not a happy scenario But it turns out well and author Ju Ephraime wove an excellent story of steamy sex suspense romance and characters you will not soon forget Not to go into detail I want to give this age turner five stars all the way Looking forward to reading from this author I received this book to give an honest reviewWow the chemistry that develops between Genna and Jayden was OMG It was not your normal run of the mill let s meet and jump in the sack They both took their time even though the chemistry would heat up and you would think here they go it didn t happen until much later within the story This story doesn t have any magic like her other stories this has a bit of jealousy that rears its ugly head I do have to say when I first started reading this and what Genna ended up doing I was like oh lawd Jayden is in for it run run But it turned out to be a good thing that Genna did I am so glad that after what Shannon ut Jayden through he didn t give up on love but took his time with finding it and making sure she was the right one You can tell Genna and Jayden are Mourning Child Grief Support Group Curriculum perfect for each other but will it survive with the heartache that Jayden has been through and the onerevious relationship that Genna was in This is a cool love story with red hot action It opens with an unpromising scenario heart broken Jayden has Judgment Day (Time of Judgment Trilogy, passed out after drowning his sorrows when bartender Genna rescues him and takes him back to the home she shares with her Gran There s sexual tension right from the start but how will it work out I won t give thelot away but I will say that I enjoyed the journey including assaults hospital A Full Scholarship (Sex Powers University 1) phobia and a near death experience What s even better of course is the way steam rises from almost everyage If you re looking for red hot action and a lovely story you won t be disappointed Love Does Conuer AllWhen I began reading this novel I felt very sorry for the main character Jayden His long time girlfriend walked out on him He didn t know it that day but Shannon leaving would be the start of wonderful things for Jayden His new life begins after he gives away his ex girlfriend at her wedding What a guyAfter this selfless act he meets a woman who challenges bewitches and helps him feel true love for the first time This woman is Genna a bartender who also feels an instant attraction for Jayden The love story that follows shows that love can conuer even the worst obstacles Against All Odds by Ju Ephraime is a contemporary romance novel set in Connecticut Jayden has been burned in love by his ex live in girlfriend Shannon After 10 years she left him for another man because she and Jayden were not sexually compatible Jayden believing he was the one with the Summer Break (Gods at Eighteen 3) problem feels less than a man After giving Shannon. Jayden Farrell accepted long ago that he would not have aassionate relationship with all the bells and whistles that were toted around When his artner of eight years told him she had found someone who could not only give her all the bells and whistles but wanted to marry her Jay as his close friends called him was shatteredGenevieve Shelton Genna to her friends lived.

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Els High Steam is the erfect description for her novels The only complaint I had with this one is a feeling I had at the beginning of things moving too fast and feeling rushed By the fourth chapter the The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate pace evened out and we were able to see character growth and get a better understanding of JaydenOver all this is a solid effort by this author I give this one an A Where are the Jayden s of today Unfortunately in this story he is with Genna Another outstandingerformance by Ju Ephraime with this contemporary romantic high steam novel Jayden has been heartbroken since his longtime girlfriend Shannon went off and married another that is of course until the night he met Jenna I think they were both love stricken from the very first meet After he gets totally inebriated at the bar she works at Jenna takes Jayden home to her gram s house They are cautious about each other in the beginning as they are not sure of each other s ast but once they get all ast the first hello s then it is full steaminess ahead for these two This isn t your average high steam novel but one of depth and a realistic storyline that can fit into anyone s true to life scenarios Amidst the bumps along the way of trying to become a couple Jayden and Jenna show how two eople in love can have numerous obstacles thrown at them but yet remain true and supportive of each other This is a read I would recommend for anyone that loves a good love story that will keep you coming back for too bad all endings can t be like Against All Odds The Perfect Recipe for a Sexy Sensual Romance LOVED this bookI LOVED Against All Odds Ju Ephraime has believable well developed characters and her descriptions make you feel the emotions her characters experience Great lot twists and hot steamy Mama Ds pasta pizza passion and love are theerfect recipe for a beautiful sexy sensual romance Ju s writing style is magnetic and you will be compelled to read the book without a The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, pause Set aside time to enjoy this book on the weekend or when you don t have to work Poignant and masterfully written this book does not disappoint Buy it enjoy it and fall in love with Ju Ephraime s writing I highly recommend you check out her other books as wellDisclosure I received this book for theurposes of review Opinions are 100% mine and are not influenced by other Betty Fedora Issue One parties It was such a great idea for the author to give the reader a book from Jayden soint of view Jayden had been such a good friend in Temptation To Sin and I was left wondering what would happen to him and if he would trust again It was very refreshing to see that the author did not Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work pair Jayden with the obvious choice of another of Shannon s friends which would have been the easy way out The idea of love at first sight was another refreshingart of the storyline There was romance with sparks tension and suspense I think and hope Ju Ephraime with be around for a long time continuing to give us great stories. Onths she was in no hurry to get involved with anyone that was until Jayden Farrell walked into the bar where she worked Genna found herself burning for him with a fire that threatened to consume herCan this ill matched Jazz Ukulele pair find love Can they too experience the bells and whistles Read Jay and Genna’s story and see how easy it is with the rightartner against all odd.

Away at her wedding yes he actually did it to another man he heads to the local watering hole to drown his sorrows He overdoes it and ends up being taken home by the beauteous bartender Genna The attraction between the two is immediate to the exclusion of all else What follows is a sweet story of love overcoming obstacles like exes insecurities and misunderstandings Ephraime crafts a fast Off 13 paced sexy story that uickly draws the reader into the lives of Jayden and Genna Snappy dialogue keeps the story moving and watching Jayden w ork through his sexual issues is very entertaining Reading about him realizing the right woman can make a world of difference gave me a chuckle A uick read that will keep readers reading to find out what happens next in this sweet HEA story Go check it out Against All Odds by Ju Ephraim is a beautifully written romance story that follows the gradually growing connection between Jayden and Genna The romanceart is slow burning at first but there is drama and even some action to keep you interested in any case Although the two Amata Means Beloved protagonists have a really great chemistry going on between them they are cautious and have to overcome the odds against them Past hurt trust issues and other drama interfers with their relationshipI wasleasantly surprised to see such a realistic ortrayal of a romantic story it makes for a welcome break for this reader not to be too sure of a happy ending and how the story is going to lay out Very enjoyable Against All Odds by Ju Ephraime is a 2013 Envision School Publishing release I was Juice provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest reviewJayden and his long time girlfriend broke up and now she is marrying someone else He sucks it up attends the wedding thenromptly heads to the bar to drown his sorrows Jayden isn t used to hard liuor and gets so drunk he asses out Genna works at The Black Boar and decides to help this oor man She brings him home to sober up despite her grandmother s disapproval Jayden finds himself attracted to Genna He decides he should offer her a night out for having rescued him The two begin to date taking things slow But Jayden is so gun shy after the way Shannon treated him that he suffers from intimacy issues Genna not really understanding his reticence becomes frustrated with himThings look as though they may work themselves out but an unlikely Gudrun person begins to interfere and things become dangerous for both Genna and JaydenThis adult contemporary romance addresses an issue rarely talked about and certainly is never addressed in romance novels and that is the impact of rejection on a guy Having been spurned over and over by Shannon the rejection being soainful Jayden finds it difficult to Mob Mistress pursue an intimate relationship with Genna I applaud the view from the maleerspective in this one I have enjoyed reading Ju Ephraime s novels Her style fits my comfort zone for romance nov. A uiet uneventful life with her Grams in a small town in Connecticut She’d lost her arents at a young age and had been brought up by her Grams with old fashioned values and ideas Genna didn’t socialize much with the younger crowd and had been reluctant to get involved with the young men who usually approached her When her last relationship ended after only three

is the debut author of State of Ecstasy Her latest novel One Hell Of A Ride is published by ENVISION Business Computer School August 2nd 2017 Her books are available at Barnes Noble ENVISION Books A Million IndieBound and many other retailers Ju's books have received great reviews from many different sources including Midwest Book Review and Readers favorite Several of her titles have made the bestseller list on the most recent being Golden Heat and The Elusive Highlander The Elusive Highlander maintained that status for several weeksJu earned her graduate degree from Northeastern University She has a varied background but for the past 13 years has settled in the area of higher education You can find her on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and Goodreads Ju lives with her family in ConnecticutTo sign up for her newsletter to receive ARCs gifts gift cards and Swags