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Was arrogant and uick to anger but also very loving and loyal to a fault I lived getting to know him and found him to have a mischievous nature and sense of humor He was also fiercely protective of those he loved Aside from these memorable characters I also enjoyed meeting two new ones f the twin kindred variety They were really The World in Winter intriguing and have me already anxious and eager to read the next bookn the kindred seriesFans of the kindred series are The Asylum in for a real treat with Chained Scientist Maggie Jordans on her way to Gaia an unexplored planet to study the plant life after a small detour to pick up some documents However the small detour turns Trick (Foolish Kingdoms, in to a dangerous adventure when she frees a slave and finds herself on the run with him Kor never expected to be saved and maybe he doesn t deserve to be but when the cute curvy woman frees him and shows him gentleness and compassion he vows to protect her As Kor and Maggie try to avoid capture the attraction between them growsif only Maggie didn t have a fiancee at home waiting for herI don t know whatt The Road He Travelled is about this series that has managed to reel men and keep me within The Sea Garden its clutches I am aware that elements of this story are completely ridiculous but for the time I am reading any Brides of the Kindred book I completely suspend my disbelief andmmerse myself Introducing the Ancient Greeks in the story I think what draws men The Student Cookbook is yes my love of all things cheesy sci fi but also Evangeline Anderson s passionate and sexy couples With each pair or threesome she has managed to create not only some scorching hot sex but also a great bond between the charactersKor and Maggie had annstant connection and gave off sexual chemistry Torpedo Run in waves and made a very sweet couple The only thing I found annoying was Maggie s constant guilt about her fiancee on Earth when shes forced by events to use Kor as her very own sex toy You are on another planet surely that doesn t count rightThis was another good read by Evangeline Anderson and an enjoyable addition to the series I now can t wait for the next book so I can see some sexy aliens The Driver in action Not my favourite of the seriesThe demon was a little cheesy IMO I kept expecting him to go Mwah Ha HaI liked Kor and Maggie together but the whole I can t cheat on Daniel thing got old really fast Even though I m a fan of Evangeline Anderson I think this might be my last Brides of the Kindred book I ve read several of the earlier booksn the series and mostly liked them but Chained was just OKWhile the De glazen troon (De glazen troon, initial premise of the book lookednteresting mainly I found Maggie to be TSTL I get that she s supposed to be a nerdy scientist who s not good with people but she makes consistently silly and stupid choices She doesn t listen and seems Silent Witnesses incapable of followingnstructionsShe s a brutal ck teaseI got tired of all the times she used Kor he helps her escape he helps her when she messes up at the spa he helps her relieve her needs and he helps her remove the The Hawthorn Crown (The Changeling, implant but she refuses to acknowledge his feelings and falls back on the my fiance excuse EverySingleTimeI m not sure why Kor stuck aroundAndthe whole business with the Goddess at the end I don t understand why authors feel the need to have divinentervention The Past is Myself The Road Ahead Omnibus in their plots why kill her and bring her back She s already rescued Kor and now they get their HEASojust 2 star. Ntrol her new urgesKors than willing to help Maggie satisfy her new sexual hunger but his own appetites are not so easily satiated For there The Common Years is a dark secret a shadow from his past that stalks him and whispers of power beyond belieff only he will give himself over to darkness Will they find a way to return Maggie to normal Will Kor admit how he really feels for her Or with the shadow from his past succeed s tearing them apart You’ll have to read Chained Brides of the Kindred 9 to find

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The Brides of the Kindred series s totally a guilty pleasure read aliens not too taxing on the brain and oh did I mention the smex This one the story of the accident prone human Maggie Jordon and the slave she frees Kor starts off slow but ends with a bang pun Inishowen intended Anyways there s something addictive about this series 35 stars rounded up to 4 whichs a good rating per my scaleI enjoyed Chained and recommend The Other Side of the Coyne it for sci fi erotica fans and fans of the Brides of the Kindred series In Chained beautiful accident prone xenobiologistxenobotanist Maggie Jordan embarks on a journey to do a scientific study on the new world of Gaia Before going to Gaia she has to make a stop on thenfamous female dominantmale slave planet Yonnie Six where she encounters Lady Pope nose and her slave Korexiroth Unable to bear seeing Korexiroth enslaved and tortured by Lady Pope nose Maggie sets him free and escapes with him Many adventures ensue on the way to their HEAHaving read all nine of the Brides of the Kindred books I feel very familiar with the author s style There are certain commonalities between the books and various couples but she manages to make each couple and each plot distinct to the point where t s very easy to remember them from book to book I don t feel like I ve read the same story yet and I always look forward to the next one It s La muñeca asesina important to read these booksn order Chained was a very solid entry Risking It All in the Brides of the Kindred series I liked Maggie and Korexiroth aka Kor and wasnvested The Housekeeper and the Professor in their relationship The adventures were pretty good and I was satisfied with the conclusion of their storyI did notice a few typos and errors but nothing overwhelming I will say that there was anntimate scene between previous characters Nina and Reddix early on n the book that was a bit jarring to me I thought their activities were suited for other previous characters Lissa and Saber and bc the main couple of Chained hadn t been ntimate at that point the scene just seemed a bit off to me I never connected very strongly with Nina and Reddix as a couple so The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary in my opinion that scene could ve been left out There wasn t too much re visiting of past couples and characters from the series and I was glad for that I did have some uestions about the necessity of a certain time lapse that occursn the plot and about exactly what happens to one of the villains at the end Despite these uibbles The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures it was a good read and I was pleased witht The author s Asian Bites imaginations amazing and I love to spend time Perfect in her worlds I would give this book 25 stars The5s because I love this series The problem with this book was Maggie the heroine I get that she was trying to stay faithful to her fianc at the beginning of the story But her ntended was an ass and her life was n jeopardy so her protestations became annoying and unnecessary If she had that much a problem with what she needed to survive than she should ve just died And her reasoning made no sense view spoilerIf a guy goes down on you Avengers it doesn t matterf you keep your panties on The Princess and the Goblin its cheating If you go down on a guyt doesn t matter American Prince if you only suck the tipts cheating hide spoiler Main characters Korexiroth Kor Maggie Type of Kindred bonding Touch Kindred DemonMaggie The Devouring (The Devouring, is a nerd a scientist specialised xenobotanist and a klutz accidents happ. Maggie Jordans not supposed to be having adventures Her mission s to go to Gaia a new unpopulated world and study the native life forms there So how come she finds herself n on the female dominated Yonnie Six The Campaign for Domestic Happiness instead rescuing a huge muscular prisoner The same prisoner she keeps seeing over and over againn her dreamsKorexiroth or Kor as Maggie dubs him Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, is a slave who spent his life fightingn the savage arenas of the Blood Circuit He’s got plenty of kills under his belt and than enough.

En every time she The Complete Idiots Guide to Crowdsourcing is aroundShes also engaged to David another scientist who admires and respects but there The Complete Idiots Guide to Fondues and Hot Dips is no passion and lust between them The way Davids described he must be similar to some character from Big Bang Theory scrawny weird talking workaholic not enjoying getting physicalBefore Maggie Aloha Rodeo is transferred to planet Gaia to continue her research she visits planet Yonnie six the men sexual slavery planet to deliver a slave collarn exchange of some Stealing Venice important documents There she meets the slave destined to wear the collar and she decides she cannot abandon himn his fate Kor All aboard the Ninky Nonk! is a new slave for Lady Pope nose a big bad ass still unbreakable and strong he denies to submit He already has dreams with Maggie without knowing who shesTogether they escape to a resort where the token The Lady and the Peacock is pleasure and pain and they both lose their hearts before they realisetI have to say that this Another Mothers Love is my least favourite book of the series so far Theres a specific scene with the secondary couple Nina and Reddix which I wish THE AGE OF ARTHUR: WARFARE IN THE BRITISH DARK AGES, 400 AD - 800 AD: WARHAMMER HISTORICAL. it was not there I did not mind male characters submitting occasionally to the female charactersn previous books but somehow I cannot picture Reddix submitting I could not actually tolerate Three by Atiq Rahimi it and I skipped the whole sceneApart from that the world buildings still amazing the main couple Kor and Maggie The Witchs Kind is cute together and their sexual chemistry puts the book pages on fire Maggie was just supposed to deliver a collar and receive documents the Kindred needed but somehow she sn the middle of saving a murderer going undercover at a spa and now being the target of a slave owners revenge How did The Galapagos Affair it go this bad Kor finds himself freed by an unsuspecting human a gorgeous little woman who claims to be promised to another man But when she s fitted with a contraption that forces her to need contact what are they to doFuturistic Sci fi smut and actionn a great combo Lots of smut 3 This Rome Sweet Rome is book ninen the Brides of Kindred series by this truly talented author If you haven t read the others yet then you are missing out These are fabulous books featuring seriously hot men and the lucky women who are destined to be with them This Tales From Nature is a series best readn order but this book Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, is a complete story and can easily be read as a standalone Obviously though I would recommend reading the whole seriesn orderMaggie Goalie Interference (1Night Stand is a human scientistn the future who The Lights of Manchester is given the opportunity to travel to a newly discovered planet This means leaving behind her fianc e butt s only meant Just when I thought The Reconstructionist it couldn t get any better this happensThis series never ceases to amaze me In Chained we arentroduced to a bit of the Yonnie Six culture as well as a completely new and terrifying planet The author has an amazing The Dollmakers Daughters imagination and I always enjoy discovering new types of plants creatures an alien cuisine As horrible as the customs of Yonnie Six can bet certainly brings up some Il interesting situations Maggies such a sweet girl but very brave as well She cannot stand to see any kind of The Missing injustice especially when someones n pain Although she was a very ntelligent young woman she was a bit clumsy I really enjoyed getting to know about her She was definitely a character I would love to have as a friend Her and Kor were so much fun and there was never a dull moment between the two Kor. Reasons to run as soon as he gets free But somehow he can’t make himself part from the girl who was brave enough to save him from certain deathNow Maggie and Kor are on the run together trying desperately to find someone to remove the alien device that was mplanted n Maggie as punishment for her thievery of an expensive slave The device or “slut button” as t s called forces Maggie to sexual excesses the shy scientist has never known before and Kor s the only one who can help her co.

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Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says “I’d rather be writing” Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband a son and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for