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T n their hands when it comes to the attraction between with and as well as their amusing banter they generate some serious heat With just the right amount Signs in the Heavens: A Jewish Messianic Perspective of the Last Days Coming Millennium of angst and drama Ramping Up is a strong start to the Mavrick Allstars series and with some setup created for the secondary characters I m looking forward to seeing what the restf this series has in store Copy received courtesy Daddy Lost Me At Poker (Eroticulture) (English Edition) of Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest and unbiasedpinion NetGalley provided a copy Orb: A Tale of Alien Pregnancy of the ARC in exchange for an honest reviewRamping Up by Zoe Dawson is a fast moving and steamy contemporary romance Helena Mavrick is a female agent working for her father s successful firm Gunner Smith is a successful professional surfer who has retired his surfboard for a skateboard Helena discovers this new unsigned talent and their first encounter sparks immediate interest for both charactersAs Helena and Gunner begin to work together their attraction and connection is undeniable The author cleverly reveals their thoughts fears and hopes via their individual pointsf view Their strong and distinct voices move this character driven novel As Gunner s painful past is revealed Helena becomes determined to stand by Gunner at all costs Ramping Up delves into the realistic world Witchopoly of sports agents and gives the reader a glimpse into the challenges an athlete may face The secondary characters add depth as well Will Gunner make it to thether side Looking forward to the next book in the Mavrick Allstars series Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews45 starsI can t seem to keep away from new adult books Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's Thoughts on Faith, Family, and the Things That Matter Most or sports romances and in Ramping Up author Zoe Dawson gives us a look into the worldf profession skateboarding which was interesting considering I read another ARC this week with a semi pro skateboarder so I was already up Asesinato en una Lavandería China (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro on my skateboarding lingo from that book but fear not Ms Dawson includes a glossaryf skateboarding terms in the back f this book One thing that really stuck ut to me about Ramping Up was the depth f this story and that f the hero what could have been a typical young Beyond Time Travel - Exploring Our Parallel Worlds: Amazing Real Life Stories in the News (Time Travel Books Book 1) over indulged pro athlete finding his match became a story about survival following your dream letting go learning to trust your instincts and yes falling in love I have to say this story really surprised me in a good way and I loved every minutef itAt first I wasn t sure how I was going to like Gunner his attitude his demeanor and his swarminess made me want to kick him in the junk I had a feeling there was something behind it all and fortunately it was revealed uite uickly why he had such a chip Boarding House of Hunks on his shoulder and such a backff vibe This revelation also made me a bit sick and gave me all the understanding I needed to embrace his character Honestly Gunner was ne f the most selfless and caring heroes I ve seen in a while and it was refreshing especially for someone his age but given his background Gunner was way Bec (The Demonata, older and wiser than his 24 physical yearsI really loved Helena s Lena sassiness and the fact that she was smart and dedicated notnly to her job but to the clients she represents as a sports agent She was smart and savvy and I admired that she the The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins other agents and her dad aswner f Maverick Allstars were committed to doing what was best for their clients at all times More than that I loved that she saw to Gunner and was determined to help him find himself and the happiness he deservedThis story moved at a uick pace yet it didn t seemed rushed I liked that there was never lull in the story and each word each scene each character added depth and emotion to the verall story Gunner and Lena were fantastic characters but the secondary characters were eually well written and interesting I loved the family feel f this group who took Gunner under their wing to propel him into a national skateboard championWhile Lena and Gunner tried to ignore their chemistry for the good f their working relationship it was impossible which led to many different types f problems For the most part Gunner remained calm and stoic and Lena stood proud and fearless throughout this book It was hard watching Gunner endure everything that went n in his life in flashbacks and currently but Lena s understanding caring and comfort made me love her character even Every Our Planet: Our Home once in awhile a book really surprises me and that s the case with Ramping Up I went in with very little expectations and cameut with an appreciation for this new to me author Well written with a fresh voice interesting characters and an intr. Ur year Kakoong, Pahlawan Pulau Awan Vol. 8 old surfer caught ripping it in a viral skateboarding video Signing him would be a huge win and his marketing appeal isn’t thenly thing that makes Lena’s heart skip a beat Trouble is fraternizing with the client is against company policy Professional surfer Gunner Smith lives under the absolute control f his coach until he takes the ultimate risk and starts ver as a skateboarder Gunner swore he wouldn’t give up his freedom again but Lena’s ut f

35 starsRamping Up was a good readI enjoyed the storyline the writing was good and the drama was just enough to keep you turning the pages This was the first book I ve read involving the skating world and I was happily surprised with how much I enjoyed itI found both Helena and Gunner likeable sweet fun and relatable They had a strong connectionattraction that left you no doubt these two were meant for each ther Loved watching their romance develop My heart went ut to Gunner and everything he went through in trying to protect his mother and sister He had a beautiful heart and it made me happy to see him find love and support from not nly Helena but everyone associated with Mavrick AllstarsOverall Ramping Up was an emotional heartfelt romance that will bring ut all the feelsWhat a great start to the Maverick Allstars series looking forward to the next book Impact Zone coming December 13th Pre Order Impact Zone now available Purchase Links for Ramping Up Thank you to Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via NetGalley for the advance copy I m not a big fan f surfing r skateboarding it s just not my thing so some f this book was a bit hard for me to understand That being said I like to read for the romance and I really enjoyed the romance between Lena and Gunner They were sweet together but there was also a lot f sexy time between them I enjoyed this A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) one and look forward to reading in this series I received the ARCf this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I have to say I really enjoyed it it was th 45 I ll try to resist if you will StarsZoe Dawson grabbed me straight away with the first book in her new Mavrick Allstars series Ramping Up is a story that grips you from the beginning and keeps you engaged until the endGunner Smith s story had to potential to head into the OTT category with the familial drama he is dealing with but the author balanced it perfectly for me in that it was relevant and not verplayed and was resolved without being dragged ut too much Bearing in mind the plethora f sports themed romances ut there at the moment another positive with Ramping Up is that it didn t feel like I was reading a re hash In the End of another story it was vibrant and uniue Zoe really has excelled inffering up a slightly different story in what is a flooded market right nowYou re Darth Vader in ChanelThe ther massive positive about the book for me was Helena Mavrick low drama high sass and plenty f confidence This is a young woman who knows what she wants and isn t afraid to go after it Even if ultimately her attraction to Gunner may cause epic problems down the line The sexual tension between these two was Off The Charts And the verbal sparring between them gave me than a few gigglesThe way you re looking at me is giving me ideas Who the hell am I kidding I ve already come up with a library f ideas a dirty forbidden libraryThis was a relatively uick read for me but it was a fully filled ut story with lots going n to keep it moving along Plenty f set up for the future books with the introduction f Helena s friends and colleagues from the Mavrick Allstars Agency as well as ther sports men and friends f Gunners the little tid bits that the author dropping in at points about them made me eager to read the rest f the books in the series You re an athlete The physical defines us Competing is in The Age of Treachery our blood Impact Zone is due for release in December so a bitf a wait but I am pretty sure it will be worth it Zoe Dawson is uickly becoming a go to author for me I really get along with her writing style and characterizations and cannot wait to read from her in the futureARC generously provided via Netgalley and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review A sexy sporting hero is a guilty pleasure f mine but I have to say I ve never come across a skateboarder before And Zoe Dawson delivered as Ramping Up is fresh steamy emotional and had my full undivided attention by the end f the The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy opening chapter Behind this sexy romance is a story that pulls at the heartstrings with characters who have depth and an amazing chemistry Helena Mavrick isne Seven Sisters New Quilts from an Old Favorite of three female Sports Agents leading Mavrick Allstars and her confidence complete focus and dedication made her incredibly likeable And former surfer turned skateboarder Gunner Smith doesn t stand a chance when she approaches him you re Darth Vader in Chanel Whilst there s a professional line that can t shouldn t be crossed both Helena and Gunner uickly have a figh. The worldf extreme sports just got a little steamier Zoe Dawson’s pulse pounding emotional series follows the wily young female agents Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) of Mavrick Allstars as they chase their dreams and meet the chiseled athletes who make them come trueHelena “Lena” Mavrick is ready to prove that she can play with the big boys Working at her father’s internationally renowned agency Mavrick Allstars Lena sets her sightsn ne f the most coveted phenoms ut there a twenty fo.

Iguing plot I loved this bookReview copy provided for an honest review There is something very addictive about this book by Zoe Dawson So much so that despite some misgivings I found myself utterly intrigued and completely unable to put Ramping Up down I m not verly familiar with Ms Dawson s work having read and thoroughly enjoyed nly ne Keep From Falling otherf her books but I was keen to get into Ramping Up For a couple Catalogue the Insanity of reasons actually One the skateboarding aspect was different for me a spinn sports romances that s not common not Blessed Homecoming overdone And two a strong female lead in a non typical profession Helena as a sports agent was exactly as strong and sure as you d want and expect her to be I loved most everything about her especially her dedication to winningnly when it MEANS something On the Shrek other hand while I liked Gunner a great deal I did find him to be a littleimmature That s perhaps not the right word but there were times when his actions and his dialogue made him feel substantially younger than his 24 years and for me it skewed the balancef the therwise wonderful relationship he shared with Lena Yes Gunner was sexy kind a good man with a delectable bad boy streak but he felt so much younger that at times my instinct was to mother him rather than lust after him Having said that when those moments passed and Gunner and Lena were together n eual footing they were utterly perfect Their connection and chemistry was palpable and rooting for them was a no brainier Much like the solution to their problem It seemed to me that part Look Alikes Jr. of the conflict in this book could have been easily resolved and I would have liked to have seen that because as it stands the handsff aspect f Lena s relationship with Gunner felt a little like an after thought the focus staying rightly n Gunner s coachfather However I can t and won t deny that this is an exceptionally well written and engaging book It is jam packed with skateboarding terminology there s a glossary Architecture for the Shroud: Relic and Ritual in Turin of terms in the back thank goodness so if detail isn t your thing you might need to skip thisne If though you like a vividly painted picture and healthy dose Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-Based Technology: Expert Curation at the Museums of the Smithsonian Institution of realism with your romance Ramping Up isne you won t want to miss Just like I don t want to miss the upcoming books in this series The secondary characters here were likeable and created a strong basis for an He Remembers the Barren ongoing series In particular the core groupf female agents seem like a lively and fun bunch each with their The Early Girl Gets the Blood Wolf own talents and issues and I am excited to dive into the next story hopefully Trista s and see what Ms Dawson has planned next Beth 35 stars Professional Skateboarding is not something I have read about before in a romance novel typically the athletes are football players hockey players baseball playersr even basketball players but I have to say that I was intrigued when I read the book synopsis especially since he was going from being a professional surfer to a professional skateboarder Gunner was a complex character he had a lot going n in his life and most people didn t know what was happening in his home His story will pull at your heartstrings for such a young man he has made so many life altering decisions But now that his secret passion has been revealed through a video someone took f him things are changing again and this may be the biggest decision The Stonemere Park Breast Essays: From The L.C.T.F. Archives of his life I liked the chemistry between Lena and Gunner and theverall story was a good Let the Wolf Howl one that took men a bit The Resistible Rise Of Benito Mussolini of an emotional rollercoaster ride This is the first book in the Mavrick Allstars Series and I look forward to Impact Zone which will be Trista and Falcon s story I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copyf this book that I reuested from Random House Publishing Group Loveswept through Netgalley Pro surfer Gunner Smith is tiredTired f the pressure to stay at the top f his gameTired Blue Guide New York of his father coach s alcohol fueled rageTiredf the lies and manipulation f his scheming managerTired f it allLittle does he know that a night spent skateboarding with friends A night spent indulging in the Homesick one thing that sets him free Will be thene night that will catapult him to the pinnacle A Criminal Affair of the extreme sporting world Putting him face to face with both his greatest dreams and thene woman who could prove to be his deepest desire Ramping Up the first title Sangue Derramado of the Maverick All Stars series introduces readers to the high stakes gamef professional skateboarding A sport where ne wrong move can be your last While ne right ne can make you a starBecause leading man Gunner Smith is writ. He blue ffer makes him think long and hard She’s smart she’s bold she’s got sponsors lined up around the corner plus she’s drop dead gorgeous He’s just not sure his coach will let him get away that easily because he’s not just Gunner’s coach he’s also his father Gunner is used to hiding his tortured past But when his steamy affair with Lena threatens their future he must decide whether he will sacrifice everything for the woman who’s stolen his hear.

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Dawson the author of 40 books had always dreamed of becoming a full time romance writer Her other passions include traveling the world owning a beach house she believes she was a mermaid in another life and seeing her books in movies When she’s not writing she’s painting or killing virtual MMORPG monsters in World of Warcraft She lives in North Carolina with her two grown children and one small furry gray cat