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OrderHighly recommended 35 stars rounded up for the pleasure of the series as a whole This was my least favorite of the series but it was still good to see Seregil and Alec and to watch them work together again I loved having Micum with them once although his strengths were underused This whole series is well worth the read for fantasy fansSeregil Alec Klia Theo and company are sent forth to eal with the mysterious and probably supernatural murder of the governor of a recently annexed island territory The story begins with a little exposition than might be ideal as the history of the situation is laid out But there is the promise of real adventure Over the series we ve been introduced to a host of secondary characters and the writing follows the adventures of at least six main characters with an omniscient fourth voice The result is an intriguing complicated and magical plot with many twists and turns The flip side is less emotional investment in the point of view of any one character or pair of characters I found myself racing through this following the course of events to see how the guys could manage to get out of this mess But the various moments of injury and peril sat lightly on the story than in some past books The biggest addition to the familiar crew here is the character of Mika Theo s young wizardly apprentice I enjoyed some of his contributions I liked that he sometimes messed up got lost and couldn t keep a secret to save his life But his presence sometimes irked me suggesting a trope of powerful young magic user who may potentially save the Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone day for his elders He felt very young in many ways for how the adults treated him especially in his constant lack of supervision and the resulting tangling of the plotThis was very much a tale ofiscovering comprehending and Code pnal 2020 annot. dition limite - 117e d. dealing with a perplexing and arbitrary seeming magical threat The author brought the threads together uite skillfully at the end but I missed a bit of the human conflict from earlier tales view spoilerThere was a thread of the islanders worrying that Seregil in giving refuge to any faie who chose to live there was amassing a mob or a threat to local order hide spoiler What a great end to the seriesSome minor plot holes but overall an excellent readIt s amazing how LF manages to write grippingark and powerful scenes yet keep the whole story light optimistic and well snugglyGood job and looking forward to the next novel I FINISHED THIS SERIES IM SO EMOTIONAL OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER I NEED MOREthis series was hands own one of the best fantasy series i ve ever read and since i m an incoherent mess right now and cant even write a proper review pls bear with me rambling abt it in the form of a list of things i liked even though the setting is pseudo medieval there is no sexism on the contrary this features the most badass female warriors and ueens i ve ever read about the plot is always so exciting and full of suspense aLL THE CHARACTERS ARE SO LOVELY and fun seregil and alec s relationship s gotta be one of the best and healthiest relationships i ve ever read of they respect each other so much A there has never been any unnecessary jealousy rama no weird unhealthy codependency here s a powercouple that can function perfectly even when appart for months without immediately City of Big Shoulders doubting each other s love for each other without any weird relationship insecurities THESE TWO ARE ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP GOALS all these secret agent shenanigans were so fun to read every issueiscussed in this book is Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles discussed so respectfullyITS JUST SO WHOLESOMESO WHOLESOME i am so overwhelmed aaa my chest is aching knowing that this has just been the last book of this wonderfull series i ll ever get to read but i cant wait to reread this series hopefully very often in the immediate future and rediscover my favourite adventures of these characters i gave this 5 stars but it s honestly like a million stars Now I ve finished this series the only thing I can think too is read it again This is the last book in the Nightrunner series at least for the momentI have hope that it could be continued if the author wanted to and it s a good solid adventure once again and a nice series ender We follow Alec and Seregil along with Klia and a couple of other old and new friends as they journey to the sacred Island of Korous to investigate some mysterious goings on Ghosts have been reported and people are going crazy and missing There s My Name is Bob definitely than meets the eye and our Nightrunner crew seem like the best people to tackle the job andiscover just what is really happeningThis book felt a lot like a self contained adventure I think the books in this series all kind of have their own plot but then they all tie together through the history and shared lives of the characters By this point it s a case of just continuing to follow the pair I already love and see where their next adventure takes them and this time it concerns necromancy wizardry and a whole lot of mystery Alec and Seregil are my favourites but in this book I found I really liked Thero s new wizard apprentice as a character too He became uite vital to the plot at ifferent points of the story and I found him a very endearing child tooI also liked seeing a little about the worship and gods of this world in this one because we re set on the sacred island and there s shrines and worship and ifferent relics of the religion Overall a very solidly fun story and a lot of great Billy Bragg developments on certain relationships eg view spoilerKlia and Thero hide spoiler Top notch This is one of Lynn s best works if not the best tied with Stalking Darkness She shines when writing about Plenimaran gods and necromancers Lynn is not made for all that romance and such And in the grand finale of the Nightrunner series there s everything you want or need to enjoy a book Suspenserama genuine horror a well laid multi layered mystery that is only revealed toward the end but with enough clues to keep you engaged throughoutThe only Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary disappointment is that Mika plays the role of Wesley Crusher in Star Trek TNG He is way too smart for his age and slightly annoying overall The bad wizard should also not haveisclosed some of her thoughts as they make her sound somewhat childish but those are tiny etails in an otherwise highly enjoyable book Consistent thrilling extremely well written It s a shame the series is ending And this is one of the rare few that I ll look back with genuine nostalgia I remember reading the second volume perhaps a ozen times Kept me warm through the night in them old The Majors Daughter days Now it comes back full circle A closure but hopefully our heroes will returnSeregic and Alec hand in handWith the aid of Thero s magic wandDyrmagnos foughtAdventures wroughtA great story has come to an endCheersIgor Nightrunners Alec and Seregil are sent by the ueen to the island of Korous where the governor and his mistress have been found gruesomely murdered inside of a locked and guarded room Once there they find an ancient evil is awakening. Erworldly prison and taken revenge on all that lives And only those like Alec who haveied and returned to life can step between the worlds and confront the killer even if it means a second and all too permanent eath   Praise for Lynn Flewelling’s Casket of Souls   “Full of intrigue and plots upon plots” RT Book Reviews.

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I can t believe this is the last book I loved itThe plot here was a bit ifferent but included a lot magic than usual and honestly I already miss the characters I have been a huge fan of the Nigthrunner series since I found it many years ago This is the last seventh book in the series according to the author I m really sad to see it end but can understand that if she is out of stories for these characters best to end on a good note She has said short stories are probable which is good And it was nice to see nothing final happened to them there is always the possibility for The story was good Solid magical mystery good world building really great secondary character The Touch development After seven books Alec and Seregil are welleveloped It was awesome seeing them together just like a normal couple On His Majestys Service dealing with the situation No time spent on second guessing their relationship And neither one was captured or lost causing the other to search for him for most of the book Which is a good plot but we ve seen it a lot in this seriesInstead the secondary characters got goodevelopment Good pacing good use of multiple POVs to tell the tale Good use of aspects of previous tales to build the story Just wish I had another novel to preorder Originally published at RisingshadowShards of Time is the seventh novel in the Nightrunner series The Nightrunner series is a long running fantasy series that has captivated readers for many years It s a bit sad that this fantastic series comes to an end at least for now with this novel but all good things eventually come to an end According to the afterword Lynn Flewelling may write stories later but at this moment there will be no stories or seuels so it looks like Shards of Time will be the final novel about the adventures of Seregil Alec and their friendsBefore I write about Shards of Time I ll mention that this review is in eual parts a review about Shards of Time as it is a review about the whole series because this novel is the final novel of the Nightrunner series it s approriate to reflect on a few things about the whole seriesI admire Lynn Flewelling s storytelling abilities and her willingness to write about Different Class difficult things that other authors would shy away from I ve noticed that she neverisappoints her readers and always manages to add intriguing surprises to her fantasy novels in my opinion she s in the same league as Carol Berg Martha Wells Kate Elliott Gail Z Martin and Karen Azinger In this novel she oes her best to give her readers a memorable reading experience and she succeeds perfectly in creating an atmospheric fantasy adventure that s both absorbing and entertainingAlthough Shards of Time is the seventh part of the Nightrunner series it can be read as a standalone novel Knowledge of the previous happenings will help to understand certain things better but it s possible to enjoy this novel without knowing what has happened beforeHere s a bit of information about the storySeregil and Alec are a bit bored because their work currently consists of elivering love letters etc Their everyday life changes when Thero tells that something weird has happened on the island of Kouros The governor of Kouros and his mistress have been brutally murdered in a locked and well guarded room and ghosts are blamed for their Textbook of Wisdom death Nobody knows what has happened to them The ueen Elani makes Seregil and Alec barons of the Mirror Moon which is an estate on the island of Kouros Seregil Alec Micum Thero Klia and Thero s apprentice Mika travel to Kouros to investigate what has happened to the governor and his mistress Soon they find out that an ancient evil has been awakened on the islandThe events take place on the sacred island of Kouros Kouros is the historical and spiritual heart of the Three Lands It s home to the oldest oracular site in the Three Lands and it has been said for centuries that the whole island is haunted Many strange things have happened to its inhabitants The author writes absorbingly about the historicaletails concerning Kouros and reveals bits and pieces of history to her readers as the story begins to open upThe characters and protagonists are still as fascinating and realistic as they have always been I have to mention that I like Lynn Flewelling s characters very much because they re memorable characters that are easy to like All the characters have their own personalities and traits that make them three In Defence of Dogs dimensionalIt waselightful to read again about Seregil and Alec because they re charming characters It was a pleasure to read about their relationship and work because I ve missed reading about them They re well created characters who love each other and enjoy oing secret work for the ueenReading about Thero and Klia was also nice because they both have grown as characters Thero has matured uite a lot uring the last couple of novels It was nice to see that the author has The City in Mind developed him a bit and now has an apprentice He s a bitifferent kind of a wizard than his late master Nysander but he s powerful and knows a lot about Revenge (The Red Ledger different thingsThe relationship between Thero and his young apprentice Mika is handled well Mika is an enthusiastic student and wants to learn new things He has a talent for magic and Thero teaches him to use magic Mika means a lot to Thero it s easy to see that Thero is fond of Mika and loves him like he were his own sonThe author also writes fluently about the relationship between Thero and Klia They ve become lovers and care about each other Love between a royal woman and a wizard is a bitifficult but they haven t let others bother them and Thero has been recognized as Klia s loverI also enjoyed reading about Dorin and Doctor Kordira Dorin is the steward of Mirror Moon and Doctor Kordira is a Plenimaran No One Wants You doctor who lives and works on Kouros The author writes fluently about trust issues concerning Doctor Kordira because not everybody trusts a PlenimaranoctorThe evil characters in the Nightrunner novels have always been truly evil and ruthless characters who will stop at nothing to get what they want In this novel Rhazat is one of these evil characters I m not going to reveal what kind of a character Rhazat is but I can mention that when the author introduces Rhazat to her readers it will be impossible to put this novel The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity downShards of Time is just like its predecessors a novel in which the author takes her time toevelop the story This is very nice because it s enjoyable to read a story that gradually Penguins Poems for Life develops to an unputdownable and highly addictive level of fantasy escapism When the story begins to move forward it s almost impossible stop reading this novel because you want to find out what happens at the end and how things will be solvedLynn Flewelling handles all the political aspects of the story exceptionally well She writes realistically about how the Skalans the Plenimarans and the Aur nfaie feel about each other and what kind of tensions exist between them Writing about the sacred island of Kouros gives the author a chance to explore. Acclaimed author Lynn Flewelling brings her beloved Nightrunners series to a close at least for now with a thrilling novel of murder mystery and magic   The governor of the sacred island of Korous and his mistress have been killed inside a locked and guarded room The sole witnesses to the crime guards who brokeown the oors hea.

What has happened on the island when it was occupied by the Plenimarans and how years of living under the Plenimaran rule have changed its inhabitants and their livesIn one of the scenes the author explores how the Plenimarans made sure that the Aur nfaie idn t have magical abilities I won t go into etails but I ll mention that the Plenimarans treated the servants slaves with magical abilities in a brutal and horrible wayI think that everybody who has ever read etective stories or mystery stories will enjoy this novel very much Locked room mysteries have been an important part of Divine Beauty detective and mystery fiction for ages and many authors have written their own visions of this kind of mysteries Lynn Flewelling s vision of this kind of a mystery is charminglyifferent and fascinating because it involves Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone dark magic and macabre happenings She has created a fresh and spellbinding mystery for her readersThere are many excellent scenes in this novel It was nice to read about how Seregil felt about the slaves and their situation I enjoyed reading about how he treated the Aur nfaie servants at the estate because he offered them a safe place to live and work at the Mirror Moon estate The Mirror Moon estate is a well created place and reading about its history and strange hauntings is intriguingThe scenes in which the characters explore the old temple the oracle s caves and tunnels are also excellent and wonderfully atmospheric The author sescriptions of these places are so good and vivid that they transport the reader temporarily to another place and offer excellent escapism from reality It s very relaxing to read about these exotic and beautiful places because they have a magical yet realistic feel to themMagic has always been an important part of the Nightrunner series and there s plenty of magic in this novel too It was great to read about the supernatural things ghosts possessions Down to the Sea in Ships dreams nightmares necromancyra gorgos etc The author writes captivatingly about the weird happenings and ghosts on Kouros Kouros is a bit Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, different kind of place because there s magic on Kouros and ghosts can be seen around the island What makes matters even interesting is that some of the inhabitants have vanished mysteriously without explanationOne of the most intriguing scenes in this novel tells of a magical ritual performed by Thero It was great to read about what Theroid Dog Years during the ritual and how he reacted to what he noticed and how he reacted to itOne of the best things about the Nightrunner series has always been the loving and passionate relationship between the two protagonists Seregil and Alec Lynn Flewellingescribes their love for each other in a realistic lush and romantic way I think it s fantastic that she has courage to write boldly and lovingly about them and their relationshipWhat makes this novel and the whole series especially interesting is that every once in a while the author explores how other persons feel about the homosexual relationship between Seregil and Alec for example in this novel Micum speaks briefly with Azrin about this relationship This brings Chain of Fire depth to the storyline because the characters have their own thoughts and feelings about these things some characters approve of their relationship while otherson t understand itNightrunning has been an essential part of this series since the beginning As everybody who has read all the novels knows nightrunning is a term used for what Seregil and Alec The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, do secretly for the ueen for example they spy ando other similar things The author writes fascinatingly about how Seregil and Alec The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur do the things theyo They re almost like Maharaj detectives but not uite because theyo much than just investigate things and suspicious happenings They ve always been enthusiastic to investigate what s going on and who s behind weird happeningsIn this novel Seregil and Alec are eager to solve the mystery of the murders in the locked room although it may be Kuduz dangerous andeadly to them They find out that what the governor Toneus id has set something loose on the island and that something is extremely angerous and The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, deadly to all living things and wants to escape from its prison The author writes well about Seregil and Alec s fight against the ancient evil and their willingness too their The Taste of Ashes dutyespite the possibility of something bad happening to themAnother well known trademark of the Nightrunner series is the use of macabre ark fantasy elements although the Nightrunner novels are epic fantasy novels they contain plenty of elements that are normally found in ark fantasy novels Lynn Flewelling is one of those rare authors who aren t afraid of adding ark and brutal elements to their stories when needed She writes boldly about necromancy and all things related to itIn this novel the arker fantasy elements are present in an intriguing and a bit The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, different kind of way I like how the author writes about what the characters find inside the locked room and how the guards have been affected by the happenings inside the room because theescriptions are shockingly vivid and effective fans of the China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) darker side of fantasy will be thrilled to read about Captain Sedge s conditionThere s always been humour in the Nightrunner novels and this novel also has humorous scenes There are a few scenes which will put a smile on everybody s face these scenes may even make readers laugh out loud One such scene contains interestingiscussion about beansOne of the reasons why I like the Nightrunner series is that the author understands that certain actions have conseuences and you have to be prepared to pay a price when you Green River Rising do youruty She writes well about these realistic and bittersweet moments There s one such scene in this novel but there s also joy to balance the bittersweetnessThe cover art by Michael Komarck eserves a special mention because the cover image looks beautiful It s a good and atmospheric cover imageThere are many things that I like to write about this novel and also about the whole series but I think that now is the time to write the final words of this review If I were to write about this novel which I nearly Pies did I might spoil everybody s reading pleasure by too many spoilers and that wouldn t be fair to anybodyShards of Time is a highly entertaining fantasy adventure novel in the vein of the previous Nightrunner novels It s an excellent read for old fans and newcomers alike and it s a great ending to one of the best and most entertaining fantasy series ever because it contains good proseark happenings and intriguing mystery elements It s amazing that this series hasn t lost its splendour over the years but has stayed fresh and excitingShards of Time is the best kind of escapism available for fantasy readers because the story is good and the author has plenty of surprises in store for her readers I can highly recommend this thrilling novel to everybody who loves to read entertaining fantasy In my honest opinion Shards of Time is an entertaining fantasy adventure novel of the highest. Ring the screams from within have gone mad with terror babbling about ghosts and things worse than ghosts   Dispatched to Korous by the ueen master spies Alec and Seregil find all the excitement and anger they could want and For an ancient evil has been awakened there a great power that will not rest until it has escaped its oth.

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