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Ons with Japanese businessmen were often boring uncomfortable and inappropriate one man would ask do you fart when you pee and Lucie was only a mildly successful hostess Moreover the striking blonde didn t get invited for many dinner dates which put her job in jeopardy So it s not surprising that Lucie agreed to go to unch with thirtysomething business mogul Joji Obara especially when he promised to give her a cell phone Sadly Lucie never returned from that Experiential Learning luncheonJoji ObaraWhen Lucie didn t get back from her date on time her friend Louise sensing that something was wrong raised the alarm immediately However the Tokyo police paidittle attention Even when Lucie was gone for days and then weeks the cops who thought most hostesses were druggies on the fringes of the sex trade didn t take the matter seriously This despite the fact that several women had reported Obara previously for drugging and raping themcharges the police brushed offPolice didn t take Lucie s disappearance seriouslyLucie s divorced parents Jane and Tim were terribly alarmed when their daughter vanished especially since it happened in Japan a foreign country with unfamiliar customs and Die Neurobiologie des Glücks laws Tim and Lucie s sister Sophie flew to Japan almost immediately to consult with the authorities Lucie Blackman s mother JaneLucie Blackman s father TimLucie Blackman s sister SophieWhen Tim was unable toight a fire under the Tokyo police he used his influence at the British Embassy and Prime Minister Tony Blair made a public appeal for Lucie In addition Blair implored Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori on behalf of Lucie s family Faced with widespread publicity about the missing English citizen as well as pressure from the government the Japanese police made a greater effort to find Lucie Missing persons poster for Lucie BlackmanPosters of missing Lucie Blackman were viewed by the publicSadly Lucie was already dead Unfortunately the Tokyo detectives who had poor A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings leadership and inept investigative practices didn t unearth Lucie s body for months even though Obara behaved VERY suspiciously and the corpse was buried near his seaside condo In retrospect it seemsike the cops REALLY didn t know what they were doing They needed female police officers IMOLucie s body was found in a cave near Joji Obara s homeDuring all this time Lucie s dad Tim Blackman behaved something A New Philosophy of History like the ringleader of a circus calling press conferences checking out Roppongi nightclubs entertaining journalists making speeches organizing tipines and keeping himself and Lucie in the public eye Lucie s family kept her disappearance in the public eyeDemonstrator s with posters of LucieTim was severely criticized for his over the top behavior and for accepting a VERY Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction large payment from Obara sawyers with the expectation he would go easy on the suspect in public Hard to know what Tim was thinkingIn this book English journalist Richard Lloyd Parry explores two narratives Lucie s story from her childhood to her death and Obara s tale from his youth to his trial where he was charged with a series of sexual assaults and two unlawful deaths Journalist and author Richard Lloyd ParryParry was able to reconstruct the Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer lives of both the victim and the alleged murderer using extensive research and interviews with many people who knew them As for Lucie s killing Parry gives a thorough account of everything that happened the girl s disappearance the police investigation the arrest of Obara the interrogation the yearsong trial and the subseuent appeals During all this time Lucie s mother father and sister traveled back and forth to Japan and the ordeal had a profound effect on the entire Blackman family Friends and family remembering Lucie BlackmanThis is an interesting true crime story that includes fascinating tidbits about Japanese history customs and society For instance Joji Obara s family were ethnic Koreans and as such were subject to serious discrimination Korean Japanese citizens were treated with disdain and not permitted to rise high in society or obtain prestigious jobs Obara s parents who were very wealthy made their money from real estate parking FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck lots and pachinko gambling parlorsand Joji followed in their footsteps Pachinko gambling parlorIt was also instructive toearn that Japanese cops expect suspects to confess most do and that prosecutors get convictions in than 99% of cases that are tried Thus almost no one wants to be a defense Big Little Man lawyer LOL Nevertheless Obara didn t confess to any crimes and went through a plethora of defense attorneys as he prepared for and participated in his trialJoji Obara on trialFurther Obara never allowed hisawyers to be in charge He coordinated his entire defense published a book about himself while he was in jail and made a valiant attempt to dismiss the evidence or explain it away This was no easy task since Obara made tapes of himself raping unconscious women AND kept a detailed The Man from Beijing log I won t say if Obara got convicted or notbut you can Google the verdicts if you re curious This is an engaging book that I highly recommend to fans of true crime storiesYou can follow my reviews at I read PEOPLE WHO EAT DARKNESS faster than any true crime book I ve ever read though admittedly I am not a big true crime readerThat s going to changeRichard Lloyd Parry has written an extremely engrossing fascinating and well researched book that examines the darker side of our human nature Despite being one of the safest countries on Earth Japan was host to an atrocious crime that turned theives of one English family and much of the world on its head back at the turn of the century Parry a reporter knows very well how to give us the imperative who what where when and why but it s the uestions he asks and subseuently answers that elevate PEOPLE WHO EAT DARKNESS to something much than just reportage In it we examine how a horrific crime affects not only individuals but nations as a wholeAs I mentioned despite being a Creating Lasting Value long book I simply could not put this one down Perhaps it is the unnatural curiosity I feel toward puzzling crimes of a grisly So a dirtyittle secret of mine is that I Understanding Markets and Strategy love true crime Ever since at nine years old I found a book about Jeffrey Dahmer in a drawer in my grandmother s guest bedroom and read it all the way through in one sitting I have been stuck on the idea of people who can be revoltingly awful without remorse I have always been a person who overkills no pun intended on the guilt when I do something shitty which is often hence nagging depression and anxiety so the idea that there are people in the world who not only don t feel remorse for their actions in normal society but also don t feel remorse for actions fifty zillion times worse than anything I could ever manage in even my worst state of mind is fascinating to me Like aliens Basically to a self flagellating person such as myself sociopaths and psychopaths are aliens Wow I bet they aren t to you though huh Durr I mean the reason they are weird is that I feel guiltremorse than any other emotion Fine that s not special Lord I hope that s not specialI always had this idea about Japan that violent crimes aren t really committed there because well violent crime is rude Of course there s always the yakuza and such but that seemsike of a fiscalpower thing and Montana Dreams less about just indiscriminate bloodshed for ultraviolence s sake It just never struck me as a place where random women get murdered for the sake of getting randomly murdered Japan is my go to when people start spouting some shit about the influence of violent films of violent video games or violent bleeblop I mike Immerwelt - Der Pakt look at Japan They have way fucked up movies and anime and than just about anywhere andike nobody gets murdered for pleasure there I mean just about nobodyBut they do And the case covered in this book was apparently a huuuuge deal at the time An attractive British woman goes missing after moving to Tokyo to make big fast money as a hostess in the Roppongi district You know Modern South Asia like that girl in The Sea Came in at Midnight Hang out at the bar with dudes talk to them flirt no fucking Unfortunately a reuirement of this hostess job was that you occasionally went off site with these dudes on dates Again hang out talk flirt no fucking I mean in theoryLucie Blackman went on one of these dates and disappeared It would take months and TONS of media coverage for her body to be discovered or what waseft of it dismembered parts her head shaved and encased in concrete all buried on the beach SickHer killer was it turns out one of those Picture Theory less common cases of murderous sexual sadism in Japan Because this stuff happens to women everywhere I was reading this book in the same week that I heard about Junko Furuta and DO NOTook that up unless you want to hate everything and everyone forever and it made me realize there is no better place for Ancestral Voices ladies Carry a knifeearn how to use it without cutting your hand try a watermelon a spaghetti suash whatev and wield it as you walk your dog Drink out of bottles instead of glasses at bars and never accept a drink you didn t mixpurchaseaccept from the bartender yourself Use the CopWatch app for your own purposes recording if someone is getting weird Write down And Bid Him Sing license plates and send them to your friends before you go ANYWHERE Let him know you are doing all of these things If he can t accept that or thinks you are weird then just assume he is a serial killer It is never the victim s fault butet s Aristotle Detective (Aristotle ladies school each other in planning just in case SSDGM The mind and background of the man accused of the crime Joji Obara described by the judge as unprecedented and extremely evil With the finesse of a novelist he reveals the astonishing truth about Lucie and her fate People Who Eat Darkness is by turns a non fiction thriller a courtroom drama and the biography of both a victim and a killer It is the story of a young woman who fell prey to unspeakable evil and of aoving family torn apart by grief And it is a fascinating insight into one of the world's most baffling and mysterious societies a ight shone into dark corners of Japan that the rest of the world has never glimpsed before.

Interesting true crime account of a young British woman who went missing in Tokyo At times Parry goes on a bit too much with excessive minutia but this is a fascinating ook at the Japanese system of justice Hmmm Even after reading the entirety of this seemingly interminably Bringing the Empire Home long book I m not exactly clear on who these supposed people are who eat darkness What I do know is everything and uite a bit than I ever wanted to know about the disappearancemurder of 21 year old British national Lucie Blackman in July of 2000 Why you ask did I think I would want the ins and outs of the case Well for one Iike to treat myself to a bit of trashy true crime now and then Two the single chapter devoted to this bit of aw and order in Jake Adelstein s Tokyo Vice which I highly recommend had me wanting to know about the Roppongi nightlife subculture in Japan Hostessing in High Touch TownAuthor Richard Lloyd Parry goes into great detail about the background of Lucie Blackman but a sentence or two will suffice for the purpose of this summary She was a good student meticulous groomer a bit insecure but pretty typical for anyone in that adultescent phase of ife She went with her BFF to Building the Cold War live in Japan and work as a hostess not as sketchy as it sounds in order to pay off some debt she had accruediving in London While hostessing in a foreign country on a tourist visa might sound Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) like a euphemism for selling yourself into sexual slavery that s really not what it is It s certainly not something on my to doist but that s because nothing sounds Counter-Amores less appealing to me than the idea of pretending to be interested in chit chatting with tired salarymen The nuances of the roles and expectations surrounding theady services for want of a better word in Japan are not easily communicated though as I mentioned Adelstein does a pretty great job The Roppongi kinktwist just happens to be that the women are western not in a cowgirl kinda way It came to be known as High Touch Town as a result of an awkwardly phrased description of the American penchant for high fiving displayed when military men came ashore for nights on the town While it s not my scene I m pretty sure a Roppongi euivalent in spirit exists in most international cities I m not sure whether the term eurotrash carries or Dancing at Armageddon less negative connotation than gaijin the Japanese term for foreigner but both have affiliated club scenes and that sums things up Lucie Blackman MIANo shock here Lucie goes missing after one of her dates with a client from the club This is followed by what may be theeast reassuring phone call ever to her best friend by a man who claims that Lucieis studying and practicing a new way of Double Jeopardy life after a happenstance meeting with his guru Just before she got on the train she met my guru and she made aife changing decision Anyway she decided to join his cult that night As you might imagine this Composition and Literature left everyone feelingess than comfortable with Lucie s whereabouts Lucie s youth Cezanne and Provence looks and soon to be press savvy family turned this into a veritable frenzy of media coverage and eventually a mention by Tony Blair to the Japanese Prime Minister Lucie s sister Sophie pictured with Lucie below and father tag teamed back and forth from Japan running into an array of stumbling blocks all of which are carefully chronicled Joji Obara the Man Shaped HoleThe perp is an enigma unto himself He was of Korean descent which made him zainichi a status that precludes a certainevel of advancement and respect in Japan Though abundantly wealthy he was truly disconnected from society in every respect There are almost no photographs of him not even a mug shot since he would turn away This Dark Voices last third of the book was interesting in its examination of the Japanese justice system and the ways in which it is a product of cultural expectations to which Obara simply did not conform At the same time Obara s explanations and excuses and the circuitous reasoning of all parties involved is over illustrated by the author giving the book a sense of frustrating ambiguity Parting ThoughtsMission accomplished for an author who wanted to cover the Blackman story exhaustively but reading it was well exhausting I m neither promoting nor condoning the use of these terms I m just saying that they seemed similar to this ignorant American This is a gripping fascinating and thoroughly researched book It covers the facts surrounding the disappearance of Lucie Blackman a twenty one year old British citizen who was briefly employed as a bar hostess in the Rappongi district in Japan But the author with his meticulous research provides so much than the details of this very tragic story The author was a British foreign correspondent who hasived for many many years in Japan and has a deep respect for and know This is a page turner in which very Contested Reproduction little happens but a wholeot is discovered about Japan particularly and also about the grand canyon sized gulf of mutual sualor called the sex trade It s a sad and well banal story Western girl goes to foreign parts to make some big money and never comes back One day she walks out into the sunshine and eight months after that she s dug up from a grave by the sea Could that really make 400 pages of hypnotic readingLucie Blackman was a tall striking blonde English woman who discovered that being an air stewardess was actually a rubbish job wasn t glamorous wasn t well paid and was making her ill Her best mate Louise came up with an idea Let s go and be hostesses in a bar in Tokyo We Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) ll make a bundle you can clear all your debts and wel have a banging time Come on Lucie thought about it for a week and said to Louise I m up for it if you are kiddo And she gave her notice in to BA And they went And they knew nothing about Japan or Tokyo or the strange sub section of the sex trade they were joining but they intended to Creating Country Music learn fastThey arrived in Tokyo on 3 May 2000 and Lucie was killed on 1st July 2000WHAT S A HOSTESSWhat did you say they were going to be A hostess What s that now exactly Parry To Western ears the word soundedaughably seedy and euphemistic scarcely respectable than escort Hostess bars are a Japanese thing where the man pays an hourly rate to sit at a table and have a glammed up female in a sexy dress engage him in conversation and pour his drinks and stroke his ego That s it No sex No back rooms No disrobing Parry The practise of paying for female company has a Blacklands long and noble history in Japan The girls are supposed to keep the guy there buying drinks and chatting for asong as they can If a guy stays for over three hours it can cost over 500 And all they re getting is chat which mostly Mr Parry informs us runs to Benny Hill style innuendo Evolutionary Patterns laden remarks about the colour of theady s pants and the size of her bosoms Apparently Japanese male banter with foreign women is a barrel scraping affair Some Westerners found themselves unable to grasp the concept of a hostess bar Parry uotes a Frenchman raving furiously Why on earth has she been coming on so strong to me all evening if she doesn t want to sleep with me Japanese men never made that beginners errorNow surely that can t be all to hostessing We re not na ve Well no it s not there was dohan Which was a word referring to the date outside the hostess club which you went on with any client who became particularly smitten with you The idea was that you got a free posh meal and then you brought him back to your club where he paid through the nose again Parry At most clubs any girl who pulled in fewer than five dohan in a month faced the sack Securing dohan for many hostesses became an obsession and a source of deep anguish Dohan was not hooking though Hostessing was not prostitutionTHE WATER TRADE Mizu ShobaiThat s the ocal name for the sex business in Tokyo Here you may patronise the following amongst others Lapdancing clubsnaturallyStrip joints it goes without sayingKoreanChineseTaiwanese aesthetic salon various types of happy ending styled massagesFassyon Herusu fashion health massage with a bunch of extra stuffDeri heru Delivery Health here the ady will visit you for the above in your home or hotelSopu Rando Soap Forging Gay Identities land guessLingerie pubs they serve you with their pants onSexypubs not here they don tNo pants coffee shop for the teetotaller we try to think of everything for the tired executiveNo pants karaoke coffee shop in which women without pants perform duets with the customers before after or during relief Heavy duty SM jointset s not go thereSo as you may see hostess bars were the Forbidden History least sexual components of the water trade There s a whole psychological thesis to be written on why a guy will spend 500 on a hostess when there s all the above on offer but clearly aot doA client killed Lucie Blackwood during one of these dohan dates This one took place at his flat He was a serial dohan date rapist and it seems that he just overdosed Lucie Many hostesses on reading about the case knew immediately not only what had happened to Lucie but exactly who had done it But they were scared to tell the police because none of them had visas and they were not confident in the police overlooking their illegal status THE HIERARCHY OF VICTIMSI think we all know that the whiter younger and female the victim is the the Western press is interested This is very clear There are other classifications of victims though into respectable and unrespectable for instance Lucie s family had to clarify the hostess thing for the British press as soon as possible If hostesses were call girls. An incisive and compelling account of the case of 21 year old Lucie Blackman who stepped out into the vastness of Tokyo in the summer of 2000 and disappeared forever The following winter her dismembered remains were found buried in a seaside cave The seven months in between had seen a massive search for the missing girl involving Japanese policemen; British private detectives; Australian dowsers; and Lucie's desperate but bitterly divided parents As the case unfolded it drew the attention of prime ministers and sado masochists ambassadors and con men and reporters from across the world Had Lucie been abducted by a religious cult

The press would have got very bored after a week but the family needed massive publicity to generate Fiche Blian ag Fás leads Note in fact they didn t the police had figured out what happened fairly uickly but didn t tell the family in case someone blurted out too much compromising information so heartbreakingly the father and sister and mother ran around raising big money and following many ridiculouseads for 7 months completely uselessly But in retrospect the father was of the opinion that all the false Esteem Enlivened by Desire leads ateast kept them busySo the dad wanted to meet Tony Blair to get him to pressure the Japanese PM to get the police to move uicker Which happened Parry says casually no prime minister would meet with the father of a missing prostitute And ater Parry says although the superintendent would never have spelled it out if the missing woman had been for example a Chinese or Bangladeshi his interest in the case would have been drastically reduced For people ike me who ike to get their sociology from true crime books this is a must read For those ooking for a shred of optimism about the state of male female relations in the early 21st century it s a must to avoid Four stars I rather seldom read real They Shall Be One Flesh life stories however chose this one as it was on a GR Friend sist The book written by a foreign correspondent The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning living in Japan is an account of a tragedy that took place in 2000 and gives all details of it but also provides the reader with a good insight into a Japanese society including court procedures ALL SPOILERS HIDDENParry s People Who Eat Darkness stands out for an almost otherworldly uality as it exposes the darker side of Tokyo while detailing the disappearance and murder of 20 something British woman Lucie Blackman This uality true crime novel is expertly written and its subject meticulously researched and treated with a sensitive touchThe book shines when describing various things uniue to Japan things many Westerners might find exceedingly strange Here is an intimate portrait of Lucie s Tokyo and it s an unreal kooky place Lucie s job there sends red flags flyingike crazy to the Western reader to the Japanese Lucie s job is merely another job just on the seedy sideFor the book s other big focus Parry s handling of Lucie s family members and exactly how Lucie s murder affected each of them is Hereward (Hereward, laudable He truly brought toife her sister Sophie and mother and father especially He even focused generously on the effect her murder had on some of her closest friends including an ex boyfriend The book is uite moving at these points though Parry recounted Blackman s murder with journalistic accuracy he never did so with journalistic stoicism At times tangents slow the book s pace At about the halfway point the reader Under One Sky learns about the killer s family which is standard for true crime books however view spoilerParry delved into the finer details about the killer s brother and the kind of relationship the killer had with his brother with the focus remaining on the brother throughout As it turns out the brother ends up having no relevance whatsoever to the killer s crimes or motives Another misstep is some author intrusion toward the conclusion Parry suddenly inserted himself into the story by relating an incident in which he was sent a suspicious missive containing among other items photos of himself that had been taken without his knowledge The missive may or may not have been from the killer The point of this anecdote is unclear Later Parry forcefully voiced his opinion about Lucie Blackman s father Tim accepting payment from the killer It seems Parry fumbled when it was time to tie up his recounting up until these points People Who Eat Darkness remains journalistically objective hide spoiler Lucie Blackman was deep in debt and her poorly paid job as a British Airways stewardess wasn t going to get her out of it And then the 21 year old heard about making big money in Japan as a hostess to Japanese salarymen paid bar companions to talk to menight their cigarettes pour their drinks and sing karaoke there is no sexual component to hostessing as touching is forbidden Attractive foreign women ike Lucie are seen as exotic in Japan and even in the seedy Tokyo district of Roppongi you were safe the Japanese crime rate is remarkably ow It sounded Groom and Doom like a good plan so she joined her friend Louise Phillips and set off from England in May 2000 she would never return Lucie went missing in July 2000 and her dismembered body was found in a cave on the coast 30 miles south of Tokyo in February 2001 How did things go so badlyReporter Richard Lloyd Parry who covered the Lucie Blackman case as it unfolded recounts her abduction and the ensuing investigation and trial in his superb book People Who Eat Darkness On the face of it her murder was fairly banal by true crime standards a random rapekilling by aoner murderer with a warped view of women Lucie just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time pure bad Eroarea lui Descartes luck But Parry tells the story so expertly not just in terms of pacing and writing skill but also informatively that the book becomes as clich d as it sounds an unputdownable page turner I had three other books on the go before I picked this one up and all three got put to the side while I blew through it over a weekendTold chronologically the book highlights several fascinating things alongside the murder the complex underworld of hostessing the storied racism towards Koreans in Japanese society the very real and systemic flaws in Japanese policing and how Lucie s father Tim himself uite the character waged a calculating campaign to raise awareness of his daughter s disappearance Parry goes through each subject as they arise always concisely and clearly explaining them fully never dwelling tooong on them and effortlessly weaving it into the increasingly compelling narrative It helped that while I read the wiki article on this case a while back I d forgotten almost all the details so I was constantly surprised at the many twists and turns events tookParry does his best to earn as much as he could about Lucie s killer Joji Obara but Obara was an extremely secretive person who nobody really knew and continued to give up nothing of himself while imprisoned so there s scant information to be gleaned and Parry can only speculate on his psychology Obara doesn t appear to be insane just an extremely sick individual His wealthy family appears to be uite strange though Parry only encounters one of Obara s brothers who turns out to be an actual raving unatic while Obara s father was killed in the 60s in mysterious circumstances the implication being it was mob relatedIt was especially interesting to 22 Britannia Road learn about the criminal justice system in Japan particularly the absurdly slow trial process I had no idea that it took nearly ten years to convict Obara most high profile trials in the UK ateast take a handful of weeks or a few months at most I was also stunned to discover the conviction rate in Japan is close to 100% which is just insane As farcically incompetent as the Tokyo Metropolitan Police come off as Parry s observation that they re simply inexperienced at such serious cases due to the rarity of them in Japanese society is a pertinent one His summation at the end that includes the point that Japanese society is a safe one in spite of the police not because of them is a brilliant one the culture over there is just so radically different from the west sStill it doesn t excuse how poorly the investigation was handled The police combed the area where Lucie was eventually found before but didn t find the shallow grave they gave bad advice in telling Lucie s friend Louise to not speak to Lucie s parents for no reason which Gabe Izzy led to severe psychological and addiction problems for Louiseater in Nigella Bijt life and perhaps most egregiously they had received reports of Obara s drugrape crimes before from previous victims and had ignored them theyiterally could ve stopped him years before he even met Lucie if they had done their jobsPeople Who Eat Darkness is a morbidly fascinating but undeniably enthralling read astonishing information wrapped up in an unpredictable and constantly shifting narrative I hesitate to even call it true crime as its scope is broader and incorporates sociological angles but whether or not you re a fan of true crime I highly recommend this book In 2000 a 21 year old English girl named Lucie Blackman unhappy with her job as an airline hostess deeply in debt and wanting an adventure moved to Japan with her friend Louise PhillipsLucie BlackmanLucie and Louise rented a cheap apartment and took jobs as hostesses in the Casablanca nightclub in Roppongi a district of Tokyo teeming with nightspots and night Seventh Circle (Vampires Realm, life The Roppongi district in Japan is teeming with nightspotsThe job of a hostess was to chat up Japanese businessmen and get them to buy pricey drinks and expensive bottles of champagne Hostesses get Japanese businessmen to buy drinksHostesses entertaining Japanese businessmenBusinessmen are encouraged to purchase bottles of champagneThe hostesses were also encouraged to go on dinner dates with the clients which would encourage return visits to the club The nightspots made handsome profits by employing these female companions many of whom were tall English speaking blondesike Lucie and Louise The girls in turn could make a Bloodlust Denied lot of money in salary and bonusesTall blonded hostessesike Lucie Blackman are popular in JapanHostesses can make a LoveSick lot of moneyLong conversati. R snatched by human traffickers Who was the mysterious man she had gone to meet And what did her work as a hostess in the notorious Roppongi district of Tokyo really involveRichard Lloyd Parry an award winning foreign correspondent followed the case since Lucie's disappearance Over the course of a decade he traveled to four continents to interview those caught up in the story fought off aegal attack in the Japanese courts and worked undercover as a bartender in a Roppongi strip club He talked exhaustively with Lucie's friends and family and won uniue access to the Japanese detectives who investigated the case And he delved into.

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Richard Lloyd Parry was born in north west England and has lived since 1995 in Tokyo where he is the Asia Editor of The Times newspaper of London He has reported from twenty eight countries including Afghanistan Ira and North Korea In 2005 he was named the UK's foreign correspondent of the year He has also written for Granta the New York Times and the London Review of Books