Rebecca Page-Tickell: Learning and Development

R no matter how experienced It certainly broadened my knowledge and gave me some helpful tips which I was able to action uite uickly Highly recommended. Intervention and development categories to assessment and training evaluation Page Tickell provides the skills needed to implement a successful LD strategy in any type of organization.

characters Learning and Development

( FREE Learning and Development ) By Rebecca Page–Tickell –

This is a very useful book as it balances academic rigour with very practical advice In today s world it is important to demonstrate the impact of ea. Tailored to the needs of HR and earning and development LD practitioners this book offers an overview of the field that is strongly aligned to organizational strategies and objective.

Rning and development and this book explains how to align LD initiatives with strategic objectives There is useful advice here for every LD practitione. SUsing a combination of practical tools assessments scenarios and international case studies this handbook builds readers' knowledge of the area from diagnosing LD needs and types of.