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I ve been looking for thisEver since I started this series though horribly out of order I get goosebumps whenever someone mentions aliens Of any kind Not sure why Audible came up with such an unusual publishing plan but I don t care much Reading the series out of order just made those A ha moments that much betterWeyland Yutani Corporation is at it again Sending people in blind euesting they get the specimen back Preferably alive This time they even have a plan on how to do this which surprised me greatly Expendable as mercenaries are they need their alien samples sooner ather than laterFirst and third books are full of action But this one went all the wayFive hours of sheer terror panic age and satisfaction I don t think I can phrase it any better It has it all colonists infestation ueens betrayal fear The only thing missing was a Predator If you are a fan of the Alien franchise you ll enjoy this book immensely If you are not then I ve got nothing for you But you probably don t even exist either so it s okay Everyone needs a bit of terrifying killing machines lurking in the shadows in their lives My heart beat so fast I lost weightListening with the full cast was once again an awesome experience I just love Audible and the things they pull off Directory did a marvelous job and I ll keep splashing my cash for their books for as long as they ll keep making themOverall 15 for 3 books Impressive So Decker I think I can probably find you a little bit of armor and maybe a weapon or two Ahh I m not a weapons kind of guy You wanna survive this Um yeah Let s go find some weapons Hey this was a good landing What did you do He ead a manual Alien Sea of Sorrows Canonical Alien Trilogy 2 by James A Moore Goodreads Author Dirk Maggs John Chancer Narrator Stockard Channing Narrator Walles Hamonde Narrator Laurel Lefkow NarratorVerdict Blood sweat and tears BeautifulRuntime 0507Overall Performance Story Though this is the second in a new trilogy of novels set in the Aliens universe Sea of Sorrows only ties in with Tim Lebbon s opening novel Alien Out of the Shadows insofar as it has a common setting But the action takes place about 300 years after the events of that novel ensuring there are no epeat characters to follow along for the ide Instead we get Decker who as the blurb eveals is a descendent of Ellen Ripley This means that the Aliens harbour a particularly impressive grudge against him as they somehow know he i James A Moore best known for his horror novels Blood Red Deeper and the Serenity Falls trilogy tries his hand at writing his share into Alien cannon Unfortunately after eading Tim Lebbon s excellent book one in this new trilogy Alien Out Of The Shadows this entry was a substantial letdown and eally doesn t add anything we have not already known about the Weyland Yutani. As a deputy commissioner for the ICC Alan Decker’s job is to make sure the settlements on LV178 follow all the ules keeping the colonists safe But the planet known as New Galveston holds secrets lurking deep beneath the toxic sands dubbed the Sea of SorrowsThe Weyland Yutani Corporation.

Corporation and very little about the Alien mythos We do learn however that the Aliens have a advanced communication system among them than previously thought along with confirmation of their organic technology egarding space flight But these few minor details are few and far between in a novel with very little story or plot With the exception of our main character Decker the characters are bland with very little depth Even the atmosphere Lebbon beautifully set up in the first book is mostly wiped away This one has no twists no surprises and virtually no energy In fact although this is nearly 500 years in the future without the high tech weapons this could have taken place during the Civil War Other than terraforming the planet of LV 178 the book was shockingly void of any futuristic or science fiction concepts The story is a basic dungeon crawl in mining tunnels where paid mercs escort an empath to etrieve a live specimen for Weyland Yutani They battle here and there and as each one dies in various generic ways the human numbers dwindle down to the characters we suspected would survive in the first few chapters anyway Uninspired and not very creative this book seems like the author just went through the motions in this project for hire and I know from eading a lot of Moore s other books he can do much better This one is for diehard Alien fans only I just wish Tim Lebbon was hired to write all three books himself Hopefully Christopher Golden s final book in the series Alien River Of Pain is better Updated 532018Having now listened to the Audible Original Drama adaptation of James Moore s Sea of Sorrows I ve bumped up my ating to four stars The Dirk Maggs production was in my opinion a significant improvement over the prose novel As with the prior two Alien Audible Originals Sea of Sorrows is performed by a full cast of actors including Stockard Channing complemented by sound effects and musical score And like the prior two entries it sounds freaking incredible and makes for an intense listen that will make you feel like your surrounded by Xenomorphs worried that a facehugger might try to leap out of your speakers Story wise I appreciated the changes and shift of focus that this audio drama brought to the table Much of the original prose novel was centered around the empathic Decker and it would surely be difficult to sustain an audio drama built around stuff that occurs so much inside one guy s head Maggs has slightly shifted the focus a bit toward the mercenaries that have abducted and pressed Decker into service on behalf of Weyland Yutani While I had complained a bit in my original eview that Sea of Sorrows was ather derivative of the Aliens film I found it easier to digest during this second go ound I ll chalk that up being familiar with the story beats and the movie. Has secrets of its own as Decker discovers when he is forced to join a team of mercenaries sent to investigate an ancient excavation Somewhere in that long forgotten dig lies the thing the company wants most in the universe a living XenomorphDecker doesn’t understand why they need him

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Like minus the visuals presentation Audible has afforded it Although it s been a couple months since I ead Moore s book I feel like Maggs made some pretty big changes in the story itself trimming a lot of fat shifting scenes around slightly and giving us a stronger ending than what had been written originally in addition to tying this story a bit fully into the narrative begun in Alien Out of the Shadows Maggs also wastes no time getting us ight into the action starting immediately with Decker s abduction which occurred in the prose work after an extended introduction to Decker his abilities and his history with Weyland Yutani and LV 178 Maggs and his cast put the pedal to the metal early and often giving us another strong entry in Audible s adaptations of these Titan books I m hoping we get plenty of these suckers in the years ahead and if I may be so bold I d ecommend Alex White s ecent Alien The Cold Forge for next year s Alien Day elease Original eview followsBegin transmissionI don t eally have much to say about this one It just kind of exists within the ealm of ALIEN tie in fiction SEA OF SORROWS is certainly eadable but it doesn t add much in the way of originality or freshness Set 400 years after the first ALIEN flick Weyland Yutani still wants an alien to call their own and set loose a score of mercenaries on a defunct mining colony we visited previously in Tim Lebbon s book Forced into the mission is Decker a very distant elative to Ellen Ripley who the aliens can sense and hate and want to kill He s a low level empath and can feel the aliens in eturn Unfortunately this plot conceit feels a bit superfluous to the whole thing with the book trying to etread the familiar action of movie seuel ALIENS It s moderately satisfying if all you e looking for are alien kills soldiers taking baths in acid and occasional glimmers of evil corporate subterfuge but it s certainly not breaking any new ground on any of the franchise s previously established conceits It just is what it is and doesn t aim any higher than that While Tim Lebbon s Alien Out of the Shadows was a halfway decent stab at ecreating one of the greatest SF horror franchises on the page James A Moore s Alien Sea of Sorrows is thoroughly disappointingPerhaps the keyword lies in the word franchise it is clear that all of these authors despite their credentials as accomplished horror writers in their own ight have produced these novels to some corporate plan call it the Weyland Yutani way ather than being told to follow their writerly instincts and let ip on the Alien multiverse call that the James Cameron waySo what we end up with here is a perplexing and by the numbers ehash of Lebbon s novel only set in a much later timeframe We also see main protagonist Decker nipping from LV178 to Earth and back. Ntil his own past comes back to haunt him Centuries ago his ancestor fought the Aliens launching a bloody vendetta that was never satisfied That was when the creatures swore evenge on the DestroyerEllen Ripley Alien TM © 1979 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserv.

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