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D by Geoff Mulgan 199. Is how the tension between these two can be resolved and a new order established Mulgan presents his own powerful solution to this crisis It is based around the notion of 'connexity' breaking down our rigid sense of ourselves as isolated units and seeing our ives as part of a system a positive network of co responsibilit.

Connexity How to Liv. CONNEXITY is the philosophical counterpart to Will Hutton's essentially political book It I Curse the River of Time looks at the profound tension that exists between two recent achievements of humanity greater freedom over how toive who to ove what to believe and say where to trade and greater interdependence or 'connexity' through the financia.

E in a Connected Worl. L markets military structures the internet the ecosystem This tension has ed to crisis institutions including governments sense themselves to be inadeuate; individuals are faced with a mass of conflicting information and values The issue we face which will ultimately determine human survival in our densely packed planet.

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Geoff Mulgan is director of the Young Foundation Between 1997 and 2004 he worked in the UK Prime Minister’s office and Cabinet Office and before that was the founding director of the thinktank Demos He is a Visiting Professor at LSE UCL Melbourne University and the China Executive Leadership Academy He also works as a part time adviser to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Australia His latest boo