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I was iven this book in exchange for an honest reviewYet again Ashley Rose does an amazing job This story is full of characters but she intertwined all of them flawlessly The story is a page turner and when the end comes you are wanting Not at all what I expected I felt like it was all over the place I wanted to know of Lily s story after full court press and also her brother but I didn t Reine Mädchensache get enough I loved how everyone was linked together one way or another I just felt that the characters didn t develop enough or even connect with each other as roommates Really especially in call it s some kind of relationship whether it s a love or hate but you don t see any of that If there s another one I read it toet the ending but damn I should ve stopped at the last one I really wanted to like this book I read it after Full press court because I wanted to know Lilly s story In fact I wish the entire book was only about Lilly I love her character and the book left me wanted to know about her and her struggles I also wanted to know how her relationship with her roommates developed over time There were a lot of aps in the story for example you never saw if the 4 characters ev. Jaz Lily Rikke and Lorna are all beautiful young women who share an apartment in their college’s dorm room Their similarities stop there Jaz is independent and likes variety in men Lily’s secret health problems keep her from processing emotions normally causing the other irls to think she’s.

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This author s book Full Court Press because a character from that book Beck s sister Lilly is in this book and I was curious about what had happened to her But this book was very different I Offenders and Detainees got sucked in big time and I mlad I did I really really liked this book uite a lot It was qasas-ul-quran good as anyood book oes I mean liked reading about beck and lily and how her relationship developed with miles but the character ricke was uite annoying It was like she had a death wish or something and until she wasn t on the brink of her last breath she didn t seem to be acknowledging the fact that Adam does not like her for her Then I couldn t understand how the author portrayed his character much because you can t be that stupid to know that if you did something serious like that and won t have serious conseuences I mean was he on drugs that he ot so abusive or was he a natural sociopath who never felt any remorse in the first place It was just hard to see what his anger was orientated by Overall I Dead-End Road Mysteries guess the other characters played out pretty well especially Nash and Lorna and jazz with Travis I even liked and came to accept bishop too Long as he was sorry which was one large point. All face individual demons that sometimes intersect with each other’s lives they learn from each other and learn about themselves Will theirls learn the difference between love and lust Will they learn social acceptance Will they become friends or are they destined to be nothing than roommate.

Er develop a Hear the Wolves good relationship with each other even though they were all connected I felt that the author started too towards that direction but she never Valors Measure got there Each of the characters had a completely different story and I wish they would have each h I liked it but it just finished so abruptly I wanted to know Did rikkeet with Ben etc I ll admit that it took me a few pages to BFI Film Classics get into this book but once I did I was hooked I like how the authorave the perspectives of than one character but separated each one by chapters to prevent any confusion I found myself engrossed in each of the character s lives and was so sad when I Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan got to the last page because I wanted the story too on and on I still have a few uestions so I hope that the author writes a new book very soon I would be very anxious to read what happens next Its just felt like the story is kind ofIDK incomplete sort of no doubt is was وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله good but after reading Full Court Pressanyone s expectation would be or higher from 2nd Book This book was not AT ALL what I expected There are also some twists and turns and even one that surprised me to not be what I thought wasoing on I read this right after I read. Weird Rikke is the only one in a monogamous relationship though Adam’s attitude leaves a lot to be desired Lorna is shy and reserved only coming out of her shell when she’s partaking in her secret passion None of the irls are friends None of them even particularly like each other but as they.