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Ers who view themselves as participants in a rigidly codified yet freewheeling countercultural lifestyle that isn t inherently criminal with the real focus being planning and executing semi annual runs that amount to group camping with all night parties2 That of journalists for whom the nuanced and long form in their writing they are the sympathetic towards bikers and understanding of their ethos they tend to be3 That of sociologists anthropologists and other experts who seem to fixate on thoroughly debunked accusations of normalized gang rape and a fanciful notion that every biker as several prostitutes in ABC his employ4 That of the law enforcement community particularly the RCMP of Canada who seem to feel that the cultural euivalent of Ghengis Khan s entireorde of mounted barbarians being sworn into the Sicilian mafia as occurred in OntarioSeveral of the essays were so sensationalist that it was difficult to finish them while others were less self serious and conseuently believable chronicles of an alternative lifestyle that were fun to read The strongest writing belongs to Hunter S Thompson William Murray Bob Bitchin Lipkin and Ralph Sonny Barger who ad elpAn interesting pattern I recognized was regarding the apparent wave of violence that occurs when the big four clubs spread to new counties as native clubs fight with each other to prove their right to a major charter and then to delineate new territorial boundaries once those charters. S Hells Angels Henchmen MC the Outlaws the Mongols Annihilators the Diablos Gypsy Jokers the Rebels the Straight Satans and the Vagos Contributors include Freewheelin' Frank one time secretary of Hells Angels Edward Winterhalder among the most powerful members of the Bandidos and Sonny Barger founder of the Hells Angels Also include.

Are granted and ow it s actually very much against the interests of the major clubs for inter club wars between newly adopted charters to last for very long as the only circumstance under which the clubs can exist is one in which they aren t literally outlawed entirely by a politically goosed authority with the full mandate of a terrorized local citizenryIn all I could Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children have done with a lot less Canada centrism no than one article from the trade journal of Canadian Mounties the RCMP Gazette andalf as many essays from PhDs who you can tell were drooling at their typewriters The evenhanded journalists and insider accounts made the journey worthwhile but anyone who stands to benefit professionally from exaggerating a perceived threat should be read with suspicion particularly when they re writing about a subculture as secluded sensationalized and popularly misunderstood as that of the outlaw motorcyclists If there s one meta takeaway from these 40 essays it s that perhaps no other subculture in the world Carlyle Marney has been so thoroughly overanalyzed scapegoated rendered larger than life and generally bullshitted about as outlaw bikers and the Hells Angels in particular so tread lightly and carry a skeptical attitude You ll need it Loved this book You dont need to read every page to get the jist because every chapter is someone new talking about another subject Skimmingelps Also reading other OMC material Shameful helps to understand what theell is going on. D are those rare accounts by outsiders who ave managed successfully to look in on the gangs including Hunter S Thompson in is Hell's Angels A Strange and Terrible Modern Saga; William ueen the undercover agent who infiltrated America's violent outlaw motorcycle gang the Mongols; and Daniel R Wolf's account of riding with the Rebel.

Ignore the corny title Edited by Arthur Veno this is a collection of over 40 accounts of bikers and the outlaw lifestyle divided into sections covering the birth of the phenomenon through the lifestyle including women s perspectives crime biker wars and finally police infiltration and snitches It gives an admirably balanced anthology and makes for a good primer and pointer to other literature on the subjectFor biker book reviews visit I enjoyed this book it was purely a pleasure read and that s exactly what I got out of it There were some very intriguing and often Sacred Landscapes harrowing stories contained within It was good to actually learnow biker club culture began and became what it is today as well as the Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, histories of some of the notorious of the outlaw motorcycle clubs Recommended for those whoave an interest on the subject I guess I finally got tired of reading about bikers They don t seem so interesting any Time to read something else I did find the essay by the Martha Stewart of Biker Chicks to be both entertaining and depressing With a wide superficial variety and an evident lack of proofreading this collection of essays tries not to pick sides and ends up being far too inclusive in terms of both uality and theme Four primary viewpoints on outlaw motorcycle culture emerge from the rabble of disparate voices on a spectrum ranging from club leaders memoirs to second Gold Rush hand warnings passed on by the most credulous of police1 That of outlaw bik. Drawing on 17 years of studying and participating in biker culture Arthur Venoas compiled the ultimate collection of original biker writing Here are insider accounts of landmark incidents in bike folklore plus reprints of classic writing from biker originated magazines andouts websites and books Gangs featured include the Bandido.