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To someone else they may already know The luidity was like what I ve come to expect Bloc Life from Peter Brett s Demon Cycle seriesThe writing was clean and grown up even when talking about vampires and werewolves Comingrom a recent stint reading everything I could The Indian Clerk find by Robert Crais and Lee Child I was mentally tunedor a Faith Fairies faster start to the story But not all writers or workslow the same way and it is important to recognize that sometimes a bit of time is reuired to set up the story properly I was happy that I kept an open mind and continued on because as I mentioned above I Greetings from Witness Protection! found myself not wanting the book to end Youind that you want to read about vampires werewolves Native Americans even the Catholic Church and its secrets Spot from Sam Cabot Besides offering aresh take on vampires and werewolves Sam Cabot S J Rozan and Carlos Dews tackle contemporary issues with boldness and subtlety I am trying not to get into very specific details about the story because I do not want to take away the element of discovery The Hotel New Hampshire from anyuture readers but I can say that the book revolves around a Native American mask A Dangerous Man (Women and Men, for sale and the implications of such an artifact on the world as we may know it Within that premise they approach issuesrom modern relationships to the desecration of the environment with clarity and understanding that these are current problems but they do not preach or advocate The message is subtle and simple these are issues Sizzling Seduction facing our societyThis Iound to be of importance because while I may disagree with the side some of the characters chose on these issues it came across not as promoting any agenda but as simply part of the tapestry that is humanity In so doing these served to lend credence and realism to other thoughts in the story such as shape shifting and eternals It all worked together to make Her Secret Husband (Secrets of Eden, for a very enjoyable reading and leave me wanting to read about the world of shape shifters werewolves and vampires and the mystical aspects of native American history SKIN OF THE WOLF was aascinating thriller that reunites Father Thomas Kelly Livia Pietro and Spencer George in New York where they get involved in a case that includes deeply hidden secrets ancient Native artifacts and a people who have been as hidden as the Noantri Livia is excited to be allowed to view a very rare and ancient Irouois mask of a wolf at Sotheby s as it is getting ready to go to auction However her Noantri skills lead her to believe that the mask is a Takedown fake When a young woman who is getting the artifacts ready is brutally murdered by what looks like and animal attack and Spencer and his new boyfriend Dr Michael Bonnard are attacked by a wolf in Central Park things get and complicated Michael and his brother Edward are twins and Mohawk Indians They have gone their separate ways though with Michael taking the path of science and becoming a researcher and Edwardollowing his Indian roots and beliefs Both are also shapeshifters Michael has been using science to try to understand why shapeshifting occurs and trying to identify others who might possess the gene Edward is interested in recreating the ceremony that made them shifters and making new shifters wholesale so that they can throw the white men off the continentAll parties are in a mad dash to try to Baby, Im Yours (Guys And Daughters, find the real Irouois wolf mask though each has a different agenda Michaelears that Edward s plan will set up Indian people Her Counterfeit Husband for persecution whether or not they have the shifting gene The Noantri know what it is likeor those who are different to be exposed and are eager to help keep that exposure Heart of the Night (Secret Agent from happening Edward needs the mask toulfill his vision The Greek Bosss Demand for an Indian controlledutureThe pace in this thriller was February or Forever (Tarrins Bay fast The information about Indian Art and those who collect it added richness and depth to the story And who doesn t want to believe that the Catholic Church isilled with secrets I haven t read the irst book in this series but now I really want to I need to ind out how these three characters became A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters friends and what it was that brought them together Book Review Giveaway What do you get when you mix an award winning crimeiction author with a literature professor Sam Cabot a kick butt writing duo Just when I thought no one could possibly think of another winning angle What She Saw / Operation Reunion for vampire novels along came Blood of the Lamb theirst novel we reviewed by Sam Cabot a pseudonym The Moretti Marriage for the writing team of SJ Rosen and Carlos Dews That novel was amazing so it was a no brainer to opt inor Skin of the Wolf the second novel in this genre bending series Think Dan Brown s The Da Vinci Code meets the world of the paranormal and you ve got the elevator spiel The Dark Duke for this series Skin of the Wolfeatures non stop action with our A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy favorite charactersrom Book 1 mixed with conspiracies excellent historical research and Native American shape shifting myths If you liked Blood of the Lamb hang onto your hat And I m excited to be able to offer a copy that someone will win in our giveaway Millions of lives But as they enter the search Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls for the mask the three narrowly escape becoming the Shapeshifter’s prey Will they be able to prevent catastropherom rising with the next The Soul Of A Thief full moonIn Skin of the Wolf Sam Cabot weaves riveting suspense into a world that blends historicalact with his signature all encompassing alternate reality It is a heart stopping novel in which the Noantri discover they aren't the only humans set apart by their natures there are Others.

L combined I would recommend it to those who like solving mysteries This is the second book I have read by Sam Cabot the Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights first being Blood of the Lamb a book Iound refreshing in its take on vampires It reminds me a little of Dan Brown mixed with paranormal elementsThe second book Skin of the Wolf is no exception I love how in this book history is mixed with the supernatural to create an engaging story This one Secret Baby, Surprise Parents focuses on Native American culture and tradition a topic Iind interesting and want to know about The characters are not given a lot of back story in this book as it is a seuel but I did enjoy seeing things Mystify (Mystyx, from multiple characters points of view to complete the picture The writing is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed itVery well done Paranormal is not usually NOT my preferred area of reading Vampires and werewolves I left that kind of stuff behind with the Creature Feature B movies of my distant youth In life and iniction I usually The New Baby find Real Life scary enough But I love good thrillers whichor me means well developed characters interesting settings that are Wild Streak filled with life and not just death and violence as well asast paced plotting with surprises and depth of experience About a year ago one of my P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, favorite authors in any genre crimeiction writer S J Rozan published a new novel she d co written with Professor Carlos Dews under the pseudonym Sam Cabot So that publishing event gave me something to stretch with as a reader a literary walk on the wild side and I am glad I did That book is Blood of the Lamb which is just out in paperback Cabot writes of an amazing society of vampires that are believable interesting characters with history What makes us who we are Is it our heritage our DNA or something else These are uestions that mankind has struggled with Say Youll Stay And Marry Me for centuries uestions that are only complicated when one isOther When an extremely rare Native American artifact goes upor auction it s big news Big enough to draw the interest of bidders Rafaellos Mistress from around the world and big enough to draw the interest 4 StarsA werewolf a vampire and a priest walk into a barOkay not really This was different than I expected and I enjoyed the story uite a bit It was a very interesting twist on the VampireWerewolf lore and throw in a Jesuit Priest and a murder over a priceless artifact that may or may not have the ability to unlock an ancient power justor good measure The cast of characters also includes a police duo investigating the crime that are similar to a Mulder and Scully combo if Mulder was British and Skully was IndianWith jumping PoVs the story progresses pretty ast and it is much like a Criminal Intent episode in so much as you know everyone s motivations in the story and they alternate so uickly at the end that it becomes very intense until the resolution of the storyI really would consider this Paranormal Lite Sure there are Vampires and Werewolves but that is secondary to the rest of the story and mostly glossed over I m usually not a huge an of Native American lore but what was incorporated into the story was interesting and engaging and I enjoyed the tie in with the Werewolf characters This reads a lot like a Dan Brown novel with a side of paranormality added to it Good if you like mysterysuspense and less sexy vampires lusting after blood This was very well written without a lot of extras that don t pertain to the actual story I have not read the Rascal first book Blood of the Lamb that included aew of the characters and backstory to the Vampire and Catholic Church connections and probably a little sexual tension between a Another Day of Life few characters but I think I will in the nearuture There was enough recap that you didn t need to have read the What Would You Like? first book to enjoy this one as a stand alone novelRecommended toans of Criminal Intent X Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, files The Davin Chi Code ARC provided by Penguin Books and Blue Rider Pres Iinished reading my Goodreads copy of Sam Cabot s Skin of the Wolf and something unexpected happened It had ended too soon I wanted to read I had anticipated liking and enjoying the book because I am Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, familiar with some of S J Rozan s work one half of the Sam Cabot team well written and researched books like Shanghai Moon and Ghost Hero But up until now I have only been left searchingor to read Friend Foe from a book when reading a selectionrom Robert Crais s Elvis Cole seriesIt was also surprising because the reason was not the same as what I have experienced with Elvis Cole books The Elvis Cole series while very entertaining appeals to my sense of team heroes and payback think Eualizer This was different It was because of the engaging storytelling and interesting handling of issues by the writers through the characters Visually the writing kept me interested like a good Michael Connelly Harry Bosch or Jim Butcher Dresden Files novel I hesitate to make comparisons because a good writer is hisher own person but The Longevity Diet for those of us notamiliar with Sam Cabot it may be useful to hear how this team compares. T Livia and Spencer were among them Now a year later all three are together again in New York City where Livia is attending a conference on Native American art But when Spencer is attacked in Central Park by a wolf the trio are thrown deep into a world where money Native American lore and the doctrines of the Catholic Church collide revealing an alarming secret the wolf is a Shapeshifter He is searching or a sacred Irouois mask with power that badly wielded could destroy.

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How I ended up reading a vampire novel The author Sam Cabot is a team and I knew I liked SJ Rozan one half the team so when she said Buy the book in my new series I bought it I didn t realize what it was until I started readingAt irst I thought What the hey this could be unIt wasn t Fantasy should have a strong internal logic and this book had none Nobody human or changed would act the way these characters act Also there was way too much exposition about how the vampire world works the rules of that world the conseuences of actions Too much exposition or the Indian Native American world too whose shapeshifters interact with the vampires in the book There were endless conversations in which some people are trying to persuade other people of something and the latter people always give in by the end of the conversation Murders are s The Otahyohnee mask a highly coveted Native American ceremonial mask is about to be auctioned Architecture and Utopia for millions of dollars at Sotheby s in New York except it s aake No one knows it s not the original except Perfect Cities for those who have special abilities and can tell the difference On the night before the bidding a werewolf sneaks inside to steal it only to leave the murdered body of a museum assistant who had the grave misfortune of discovering the intruder While police investigate the murder the huntor the real mask is set in motion by those who either want to possess it Prometheus Wired for its power or others who want to prevent that powerrom being unleashed In Sam Cabot s Skin of the Wolf a second novel that began with Blood of the Lamb the story continues beginning rom the perspective of a werewolf Edward Bonnard or Tahkweso an Abenaki Indian of the Mohawk tribe and wolf clan who recounts how he and his raternal twin Michael were both born with a prophesy and the power to shift Yet despite being twins and possessing the same ability Edward and Michael are different in most everything except Special Topics in Calamity Physics for their loveor their people The authors Carlos Dews and SJ Rozan who write under the pseudonym of Sam Cabot alternate the narrator Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks from character to character in an effort to afford the reader a variety of perspectives Thus we are introduced to the unchanged characters of art historian Father Thomas and NYPD detectives Charlotte Hamilton a Lenape Indian and her sidekick Framingham Moreover we are introduced to the eternally changed Noantri or vampires art historian Livia Pietro and aristocrat Spencer George Together the Noantri with Shifter Michael Bonnard a scientist tracking the Shifter gene under the guise of small pox research joinorces to attempt to prevent Edward Scenes from a Revolution from obtaining the real mask This thriller was also an unconventional love story between werewolf Shifter Michael Bonnard and Noantri vampire Spencer George Both are ignorant of what the other s true identity is but must suddenly reveal themselves to each other knowing that they are breaking the rules of their respective communities by unveiling secrets However it is a necessary risk needed to understand what they are dealing with and how they agree to tackle the impending disaster that threatens everyone s ability to live openly but with their natures still hiddenAt times the story was slow going and dragged a bit but once connections started being made and the truthinally comes out the story really shines I enjoyed it It was a nice blend of history science and mystery all combined in one interesting story I would recommend it to those who like solving mysteries I received an ARC rom the publisher through NetGalley or a review I received an ARC Microsoft Visual C from the publisher through NetGalleyor a reviewI have to say that I really enjoyed Skin of the Wolf It captured my attention Soulprint from the very beginning when Edward Bonnard or Tahkweso an Abenaki Indian of the Mohawk tribe and wolf clan who recounts how he and hisraternal twin Michael were both born with a prophesy and the power to shift We soon realize the two brothers are polar opposites and not just in the looks department either When Edward was basically explaining the prophecy I thought since Edward was born late and his Blah Blah Black Sheep father wanted nothing to do with him he s going to turn out good and Michael was going to be bad Nope I was completely wrong and I couldn t help but say Really Edward Livia Father Thomas and Spencer thought that the Nonatri were the only supernatural beings out there but when Spencer is attacked by a wolf in the park then soon realize they re not The love story between Spencer a Noantri and Michael yes the same Michael is an unconventional one Theact that they revealed who they truly are because of a crazy power driven brother seeks to kill millions I loved those two together and can t wait to read about them The last page was wow no words in a good way I can t wait to see how that plays outIn the irst ew chapters it was a bit slow and boring I wanted to put it down but I pushed through and continuedI enjoyed it it has a nice blend of history science and mystery al. In Sam Cabot’s exhilarating new novel a vicious murder in Sotheby’s begins a series of inexplicable events surrounding an Irouois ritual mask and a secret that could unleash the most terrifying chaos and destruction the world has ever seenFather Thomas Kelly art historian Livia Pietro and scholar Spencer George shared shocking life changing events in Blood of the Lamb; in that thriller Father Kelly learned of the existence of the Noantri a community of vampires and tha.

Sam Cabot is the author of the novel Blood of the Lamb and Skin of the WolfSam Cabot is a pseudonym forSJ Rozan is the author of many critically acclaimed novels and short stories which have won crime fiction's greatest honors including the Edgar Shamus Anthony Macavity and Nero awards Born and raised in the Bronx Rozan now lives in lower ManhattanCarlos Dews is Professor and