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Ook And NathanSigh Just fantastic This series just keeps getting better and better I can t wait for the next bookIf you have read the previous books you know that Nathan and Audrey seemed to have had a rocky past with a very not good break up Well now Nate s on his se Blind Faith continues the story of the Dean Brother s who were raised to be super soldiers but escaped to lead a normal life Unfortunately the cruel commander that oversaw the program n which they were born doesn t want to let them go and had chips mplanted Guys Like Girls Who . . . in them scheduled to detonaten weeks O Mistério do Lago (Inspetor Erlendur, if they don t return to service Blind Faiths Nate s story the brother who sacrificed to give little bits of normal to his younger brothers so they would know what t felt like to be loved and part of a family Something each one of them desperately craved Nate s brothers are everything to him but there s one woman he left behind that he can t forget Audrey Madison the daughter of one of the doctors working at the base Audrey broke up with Nate and he s angry with her for giving up But years later he needs her help to disable the deadly chips because they re running out of time If you enjoy romantic suspense you definitely need to try the Sin Brothers series All of the books are filled with twists thrills and action while not sacrificing the romance portion of the story Sometimes with actionsuspense stories the romance Tristes trópicos is light or not well fleshed out but thats not the case here Nate and Audrey have a history and still have delicious chemistry Pax Indica in spite of their attempts to resist each other I lovet when a couple work through the hurts of the past and let them go Once Nate and Audrey lay eyes on each other after spending years apart there s no going back While the danger with the commander and the chips has not past Nate and Audrey s romance wraps up nicely and I just know the Dean Brothers will find a solution A Modest Independence (Parish Orphans of Devon, in the concluding book of the series Total Surrender whichs already out I ll be picking that up very soon A copy was kindly provided by Forever via Netgalley The Broken Sword (Forever King, in exchange for an honest review Patiently I sat and waited for Nate Dean s story to unravelI hopedt was going to be good but Büyücü ve Cam Küre (Kara Kule, it wasn tit was GREAT Rebecca Zanetti did not disappoint adrenalin suspense and even alpha male perfectionNate DeanGenetically created senses heightened skills to kill with his bare hands but a heart that feels and beatsa machine with a soulThe Dean brothers are still living off the gridMatt and Shane are holding down the operation while Nates on a mission to find the code to save their lives His mission has taken him to the one person who got past his genetically created mind and The Witches of Eastwick (Eastwick into his heart A young girl who only touched him and smiled once and he was goneEverything changedn an Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Study Guide instant and she was gone Now hes a man on a mission fueled by anger feeling betrayed by Audrey He Gospođa (Suzana is not prepared for her to be than what shesa damaged survivor who too was a pawn EGGcellent Joke Book in the commander s game Her life has been no less stellar than his Neither have moved on andn all the chaos the lies and the hurtmaybe just one night they can forget and connectIn a story of deceit conspiracy and who Stealing Midnight (Beneath the Veil, is on who s sideNate and Audrey come together for the fight of their lives This story has so many twists and turns that the adrenalin never stops pumping Its amplified whe Nate has to let down his guard and let Audrey go The Poison Squad into danger But throught all there Dragons Oath (Northbane Shifters, is not mistaken that shes his and they are stronger togetherafter all they have something to fight fora real chance at a futurea family Whether t s Nate or Audrey who has to fight who has to pull the trigger who has to stop the monster one thing Hatch Bright! is sureI will say that March 2015 cannot come soon enoughas for that little Jory tease 45 It only keeps getting better and better Stars He was an experiment createdn a test tube maybe without a soul perhaps without any hope But for a brief time with this woman he d felt whole Real Good Even Heaven (Heaven Sent, if they just had the night he wanted that feeling again You know what I love most about this series The fact that each book only seems to get better and better I ve been looking forward to reading about Nate s story ever since the teasern book 2 And by looking forward I mean I ve been dying to get my pervy little hands on him I always have a fear about books that I m really anticipating not living up to my expectations but Miss Zanetti has yet to let me downThis was my favorite book Monster, Vol. 3: The Perfect Edition in the series so far Everything I love about Romantic Suspense Pulse pounding action nail biting suspense and sizzling hot romance you havet n spades n Blind FaithThe one thing that I ve really come to enjoy Dancing With The Devil in these books are the heroines They re not dam. Lroom she can barely breathe He's just as undeniably sexy as she remembers yet there's an edge to him now that's asrresistible as t s dangerous When he asks for her help Audrey can't refuse But she has secrets of her own secrets that f Nate ever discovers them may cost them both their lives 90000 wor.

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4 Stars Fear had no place between them and yet t nearly choked him She was the one person he d truly been himself with and she had to keep a thought of him alive He had to matter to somebody Oh Nate I wanted to jump through my kindle and hug you at least a dozen times This third Die Zeit, die uns bleibt installmentn the Sin Brothers focuses on the second oldest brother Nate The brothers are The 3rd book The Complete Adventures of the Borrowers in Sin Brothers Series and I can t believetThis series just keeps getting better and better It s grabbed me from the first book and I can t get enough of the Dean BrothersI was dying for Nate s book What had happened to him Claiming Cullen in the past and who was responsible for the sadness and betrayal he carried around with himWell now we knowThe evil and crazy Commander s side kick scientist Dr Madison s daughter AudreyNate and Audrey met whilst he was held prisoner at the Commander s compound They had fallenn love but Nate discovered that she had been working for her mother and had betrayed him and when he and his brothers had destroyed the compound and fled to freedom he had never wanted to see her againBut now time The Castlemaine Murders (Phryne Fisher, is running out for the Dean Brothers with just weeks until theirmplanted chips explode and kill them and he needs Audrey to find the codes and password to unlock themRomance action ntrigue suspense love loyalty twists surprisespacked with all of that and We keep learning about the experiments and the people nvolved The Daughters of Cain (Inspector Morse, in the genetic experiments that are being carried out by the Commander and how far the Protect Group will go to eradicate the people who are part of the experiments I loved these two characters together They have a special chemistry together and I was over the moon when they find their HEAThey have never forgotten the love for each otherThe development of the Dean s brothers and their historys so well developedit s like I have become part of that familyI can t wait for Jory s bookand San Angelo Showdown (Blood Bond, in some way a bit sad that will be the last bookn these series Nate Dean and his brothers were genetically engineered turned nto ruthless soldiers who weren t supposed to have any loyalty but to their creators But the brothers are fiercely loyal only to each other the bond they have formed unbreakable But their creators decided they had to have an expiration date a chip nserted that Elvis and the Blue Christmas Corpse is timed to gon three weeks And the only way for Nate to save his only family The Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf (Giovanni Family, is to find the daughter of the scientist who created them the woman who broke his heart five years ago when the brothers finally broke free from their prison Five years ago Audrey Madison chose to stay with her mothern order to save the only man she has every loved Nate Dean And Isabel (Families of Dorset in the five years since then she s endured a painful loss andnjuries that took years to recover from She never thought she d see Nate again hoping that he had found happiness but when she sees him across a crowded ballroom the feelings she felt back comes rushing back just as strong She knows that he hates her for what she did but she s unable to resist him even when helping him could expose the secrets she keeps Secrets that could get them both killed She needed him alive even Forbidden Ecstasy (Gray Eagle, if he hated her The world had to keep himn Jesus it I have been waiting for Nate and Audrey s book for a while now hoping they would get their second chance at happiness And the author didn t disappoint with thisnstallment For the briefest of times she d belonged From the Highest Mountain in the safe circle of his arms The only timen her life she d been truly happy and not alone Ah the dreams she d spun even though she d known betterHappily ever after didn t exist for her Hell Enchanted Heart it didn t exist for anybody Audrey was a great heroine strong and fierce Her only weaknesss her love for her mother and for Nate The mother who had never shown her any love or any approval and the man she had to send away n order to save him I loved how protective Audrey was over Nate how much she loved him And even though I couldn t understand at all why she was so loyal to her mother t was admirable that she wanted to safe the only family she had She d broken his heart once and once was enough He had never believed Of Grave Concern (An Ophelia Wylde Paranormal Mystery, in second chances for himself or for anybody else I loved Nate He s the perfect alpha broken because of all the things he was forced to do because of the Commander and so fiercely loyal to his brothers I loved how dominant he was and how protective he was over Audrey even when he thought he couldn t trust her And that no matter how hard he tried tognore his feelings for her Darkness Avenged (Guardians of Eternity, it was so obvious that he still loved her Emotion filled his eyes I ve loved you since the first second you smiled at me on that dismal training field so long ago Thiss the perfect second chance romance how both was so heartbr. A betrayal he couldn't forget For Nate Dean love s a four letter word As part of a secret black ops military unit he and his brothers were genetically engineered by the government to be ruthless soldiers with an expiration date They were loyal only to one another until Nate laid eyes on the woman who sto.

Oken because of how things ended with them knowing they could never love anyone else and how they couldn t deny their feelings once they reunited even though Nate tried really hard I loved the way their romance happened n this book especially Red Wine Technology in view of what they had lost before I loved how Audrey stood up to the domineering Nate and how hot the sexy times were The plot continues to be excellent with the brothers trying to find the codes to deactivate the kill chipsn their spines and trying to find out whether their brother Jory was really dead or alive Rebecca Zanetti Its Hotter In Hawaii (Men of Hawaii is excellent at writing action packed suspense and this series hast Cataclysm in spades I can t wait to read the next book to see what happens next This seriess a definite must read for all RS fans Wow I freakin love this series Rebecca Zanetti Ultima Rumba En La Habana is one of my favorites Total fan girl This book was Awesome I couldn t wait for Nate s story and It was everything I wanted and Nate was sexy Strong and all alpha but there was a sweetness to his love for Audrey however he still kicked major ass You fucking touch her and I ll rip you apart tendon by tendon Trust me I Will End You We re going to watch a movie I haven t seen the new Disney one I love monsters that talkThe commander glanced over his shoulder You re under thenfluence of potent truth Return To Me inducing drugs You really do love Disney moviesNate tried to shrug Disney movies rockedAudrey was strong and a total fighter but she has a blind love for her mother and drove me crazy but at the same time you can kinda understand cuzzt s her mom My boyfriend can beat up yours she whispered to her mother Get out of my way or I swear I ll shove your ba 35 Faithful Stars Hmm well this kinda sucks I am so Le Collectionneur in love with these Dean brothers and their story but this one fell a bit short for me I f loved the first 50% The book totally hit the ground running with Audrey and Nate seeing each other after years apart The sexual tension was thick and you could tell that the feelings hadn t gone anywhere for either one of them You re beautiful She glanced down at her leg lying at an odd angle I m damaged He grinned We re all damaged baby You re still the most beautiful woman I ve ever seen Regret twisted her lip Don t be kind Nate No problem Kindness lived nowheren him But somewhere after the halfway point this one just lost Snapped 2 its steam for me Too much of the big explosive type storyline stuff and not enough meat So much so that I lost my connection to Audrey and Nate until the very end I was also frustrated that by the end of this one they hadn t made progress with view spoiler the commander the kill chips or finding Jory hide spoiler Smacking lipsThese coversoh boy these coversThiss my third book by Zanetti and t s apparent that she writes a solid romantic suspense story What makes this series uniue s the sci fi bent that adds that little extra punch to the plotI was afraid that Nate and Audrey s story would be littered with tropes and big misunderstandings Being that they had been together and Diana Ross in love previously and Audrey left him for some reason I expected the entire plotline to revolve around Nate snability to trust her NOT the case thank goodness WhewWe don t spend ninety percent of the book frustrated about a lack of communication There A Killers Touch is an actual story here and granted no small part oft s reminiscing about their old love and attempting to see f they still have that spark Lemme tell youdo they ever There Rough Sex In Her Lonely Cabin is a great balance of chemistry and sizzle angst and action and storyOne thing that I don t really seem to love about this series and this book was not exceptions that each book doesn t seem to have much of a decisive plot Evas Deadline in and oftself It seems to get lost Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy, in the series story arc that of the brothers all trying to obtain the code to disable the chipsn their spines So each book does move the series forward but they all kind of run together for me nto one long story That s one reason that none have earned five stars from me Maybe that will change with the last book I expect to love t beyond reason because so much will culminate The Ocean Inside in that book s endingTheres a lot of the previous couples Idiot! in thisnstallment as well and I love when a series does that The Gray brothers are becoming a family It s what they ve always wanted what they always rebelled against their lot The Last Confessions of Mara Dyer and Noah Shaw (The Shaw Confessions, in life to get and their wishes are slowly becoming reality It s that tender side to these men thats so compellingafter all the bad that they ve had to endure look how their life has turned out If only they had Jorythe lost brotherwith them Hmmmm D Advance copy provided by Forever via Net Galley 475 Stars No way Awaken, My Love in hell I m letting you go this time he whispered I freaking loved this Le his heart and blew his world apart Now years later his familys still paying the price for his mistake But as time runs out there's only one person who can save his family the very woman Nate swore he'd never trust againA love she couldn't deny The moment Audrey Madison spies Nate across a crowded bal.

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator Senate aide lawyer college professor and a hearing examiner only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them She writes dark paranormals romantic suspense and sexy contemporary romances