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Th So good I ve been going to Elevation for six weeks now and the only problem I have is the lack of access to the pastor I can t speak for everyone and I don t know what the protocol or policy is All I m saying is I ve never been to a church this big and I m not used to not having direct access to the man behind the podium It s weird but the church does a great job of making the campuses and extension sites feel connected This book solved a bit of that problem for me I ll get to the content in a bit but let s talk about Pastor SteveHis critics say he s a con man a narcissist a false prophet Show me a man who isn t a narcissist in some way and I have et to see anything fraudulent about what he s preaching In spite of his personal wealth the size of his congregation and his influence in Charlotte he s very normal Some days he wears a button up with slacks The next week he ll wear a Charlotte Hornets t shirt and matching Jordan s he really did wear that The way he preaches his demeanor He s not like other preachers that act like royalty in the church He has a very down to earth uality that s almost unusual And it comes across in this book He s not afraid to admit to his own sin or admit his own struggles A few stories he shared shocked me because he is a pastor and Estimating centrifugal compressor performance you don t expectour pastor to stumble or have problems You expect Falling Under (Walker Security your pastor to giveou advice and comfort ou don t expect him to understand or empathize The author isn t someone who s mastered the subject of his book but he s still learning as he goes still learning to differentiate between the voice of the Enemy and the voice of God and that s comforting not just because he is my pastor but he s a human being like me still fighting battle after battle His approach is direct unabashed and a little hilarious He is himself That much I can say But this is a modern subject perfect for a generation raised on Facebook twitter and instagram When the chatterbox says ou re not God says I am Pastor Steve reminds us what God s word says about Himself and us and the promises he has laid before us and how to hear his voice above all the others Basically this is the perfect book for those whose greatest enemy is themselves I m not big on non fiction or Christian self help but this book reads like he s sitting in front of Lords of the Press you having a conversation but at the same time it s well written It s deepet simple enough to keep my attention and feed me with new knowledge The central theme is hope How to keep it how to build it and how to use it as a weapon I came away remembering what I ve gone through and the strength and faithfulness it took to get through it For someone like me who thinks or thought their sin is too big this book teaches Lifes a Pitch you how to dig into the scripture and realize how bigour God is I gave this book five stars for two reasons 1 The content is solid and rich and the book is well written 2 I feel like I know my pastor just a little bit bette. Ons to help group members carry the message of each session into their daily lives· My Time with God· My Action Steps A leader’s help guide makes it easy for any group member to conduct the group study of Crash the Chatterbox The uestions and reflections in this guide will help Castle Barebane you see forourself why listening to God’s voice above all others is the most important habit ou can ever devel.

It was a great read definitely convicting and I believe once practiced and put into daily use will work against the chatterbox Steven Furtick is real which I appreciated he speaks of his own issues and his own struggles with the chatterbox It helped me to realize that this is a forever battle we just get stronger and better at fighting it A good reminder In a nutshell this book describes what I began to consider as I graduated high school and continued to learn while battling depressionI listened to this book on Audible read by the author and I think it s interesting that he chose to sing the lines of a few popular songs he referenced but didn t sing the line he referred to from Great Is Thy Faithfulness It s hard to talk about this book and not give away any spoilers But I m going to try Last ear I read Greater and immersed myself in a way I typically don t I took a pen took a highlighter and everywhere I felt God s voice or a reminder for me was a mark Crash the Chatterbox was no different except that it solidified what I was fighting for with my soon to be non profit organization Here is the book that talked about mental health and faith Something that seems to be so taboo in Christian families at least back in the day and covered up Something that people like to deny because if I m really of faith I shouldn t have these problems I shouldn t be suffering I must be a bad Christian or person of faith That s The Magdalen your chatterbox talking toou and it s lying This book is 5 stars because I don t get up every morning to read but with this one I did I read a chapter every day That s my mom s habit not mine This book defied everything I thought about myself and helped me operate in an elevated way Fighting my own chatterbox with gratitude and confirmation at every comeback it tried to make This is a must read if All the Devils are Here you are someone who gets lost in their own head who has trouble operating through life when their thoughts constantly say no and is ready to breakthrough the noise I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the very honest account of the Author Practical advice backed by scripture Motivational without the cringeworthy feeling common with self help books Crash the chatter box READ THIS BOOK Really So so good In SO MANY ways In it Steven gives real practical ways to get that mean voice inour head to SHUT UP Practical things I ve already used Definitely a re readYou re doing better than Miles to Go (The Walk, you thinkou areIt s less about The Wake you thanou think it isYou matter than Circus Act (Spy Pups you thinkou doMore than Daffodil Girls you could ever knowIt s working It s not in vainDon t stop A couple of my friends are major overthinkers We laugh occasionally at where their minds go over some of the simplest statements that I never give another thought Compared to them I don t struggle with a chatterboxBut that doesn t mean my enemy doesn t sometimes attack me in this area occasionally reminding me of my shortcomings poor wordings and missed opportunities Those. Focus on the promises of God to overcome the voices of insecurity fear condemnation and discouragement  This guide will helpou and The Private Lives of the Saints your small group replace negative internal chatter with the promises of God Join Pastor Steven Furtick as he walksou and our group through the issues of insecurity fear condemnation and discouragement and learn as he offers strategies for combating them  Designe.

Times when I really messed up or the times when things didn t go wellThankfully Crash the Chatterbox is well designed for both my overthinking friends and meThroughout the pages Pastor Furtick opens his life to share some of the words from his own chatterbox those times when the enemy only shared partial truths and disheartening facts He also writes about those moments when he fell short of God s plan and the chatterbox spoke harsh truth Debilitating life stealing truth Then the author turns things around with tremendous grace and not only shares the whole truth of God but offers strategies for turning the tables on our enemy For ending the confrontation with God ordained victoryThis book offers a lot of truth and grace Pastor Furtick doesn t shy away from tough battles and he doesn t hide the reality of who he is or has been Instead he writes what God s taught him that can benefit us If ou struggle with disheartening thoughts this is a book that may help Read this one for what it isWhen I review I try to understand what the book was intended for and judge it based on that Steven Furtick is a solid motivator and I look to his messages for encouragement oftenSo when I picked this one up I expected to get the same genre of content from him and he deliveredPastor Steven was as transparent as one could be with his insecurities and shortcomings I appreciate his honesty and directness in this one Essentially he touches on how the enemy the flesh and the world team up to form the chatterbox that camps in our minds We all have it and we need to learn to defeat it Pastor Steven than aids us in that respect Through scriptures and personal stories he shares that we need to hear God s voice ahead of any other voice to crash the chatterboxWe will never silence the chatter but the key is to ransack the chatter with the truth of Christ Inserting Christ into the half truth of the devil and our flesh speaks louder than the chatter ever couldOverall I very much appreciate this one The reason it is 3 stars for me is that some of the content is recycled from his messages And at times it felt a bit stretched out and repetitive But perhaps that was by designI d like to thank Pastor Steven for his awesome ministry what an excellent servant to the body of Christ I think Furtick has provided us with a good strategy to drown out the lies of the Enemy that shout out from our mind The truth from the Word of God is the only answer and Furtick gives us several areas where we need to concentrate in biblical truth He is very honest in this book telling lots of stories on himself I think every Christian would benefit from reading this book Se my full review at This book is life changing If Mission New York (Scavenger Hunt Adventure you don t have Pastor Steven Furtick inour life I highly recommend ou start I needed this so much right now and this book is a book about God and faith that s relatable real and not put on in any way I will be going through and annotating it to dea. D for both individuals and groups for use with the companion DVD which consists of six video sessions  Based on the life changing book Crash the Chatterbox this participant’s guide includes a number of special features in each session· Video response  prompts· Group discussion uestions· Session closing prayers· After session activities  This guide also includes the following bonus secti.

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Steven Furtick is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte North Carolina named by Outreach magazine as one of the top 10 fastest growing churches in the nation In four years Elevation has grown to than 6000 people in regular attendance in three locations Steven holds a degree in communication from North Greenville University and a Master of Divinity degree from Sou