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T s so wonderful to read books I love I m not sure I can adeuately express just how terrible this cover is I mean look at it Actually no sorry don t don t look at it I know this is a romance novel I didn t need the horrible cover to confirm that but with all the awkward photo shopping oing on with this one it s particularly bad Thankfully Jill Shalvis s novels are most definitely not bad I haven t picked up her Animal Magnetism Series mostly because I m a bit of an anti animal person myself I m scared of dogs and cats are justcreepy Or at least the ones in my neighborhood are I never seem to see the cute cats of tumblr in real life but the synopsis of thi LOVED this one Smart move Jill Shalvis really smart move How am I suppose to resist hot badass alpha males rescuing animalsAnd this was so much fun The food brigade lolHope this is not the last one in the series Wyatt The endOh boy I loved this book I only discovered the wonder that is Jill Shalvis a few weeks ago because I have apparently been living under a big stupid rock or something I read Simply Irresistible and fell in love I knew I d found something special and apparently thousands of other people had found her firstSo as soon as I saw Then Came You on NetGalley I reuested that puppy as fast as my finger would click When I ot the e mail saying I d been approved I actually shouted YES in my very uiet office People ave me looks It s okay they re Um Natal em Ardmore growing accustomed to my outburstsAnyway back to the book I was actually nervous Thinking Dear God What if it was a fluke What if that first book was amazing and this one stinks Please please don t let it stink IT DOES NOT STINKYouuysWYATTAlright alright I m Skeletons getting to itEmily is so much like me it s uncanny She finds comfort in lists plans organization and knowing what to expect She isoal oriented and doesn t deviate from The Plan And what is The Plan Complete this internship in the middle of Nowheresville and then move to Los Angeles to be a Vet in the city of her dreams So when she shows up the first day of her internship she s completely obsmacked to learn that the person she is shadowing is the very same Vet who she d had a torrid one night stand with at a conference in Reno The one night she d one plan less He was irresistible and she was weak they agreed on one night of fun So seeing Wyatt again much less working along side him every day for the next year was utterly unexpectedThey both acknowledge what happened agree that it was a one time occurrence and plan to have a strictly professional working relationship But what is it they say about best laid plansThey have an electric mutual attraction and suddenly saying is far easier than doing They start forming a bond and relationship that nobody including me really knows how to put a label on Whatever you d call it it puts a smile on my face for nearly the entire book Wyatt had me in a pretty constant state of mushJust as the two of them are both beginning to develop something deeper and refusing to talk about or analyze it Emily is presented with an opportunity to fast track The Plan She wants nothing than for Wyatt to ask her to stay Wyatt doesn t want to put her in a position to So Far from the Sea give up her dream Both are stubborn and unwilling toive especially for something that they ve never said was than a The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge good timeNow as readers of Romance we know that the majority of the time there isoing to be a happy ending I know it with just about every book and I knew it with this one Except when Jill the evil wench made me not know I sat with tears in my eyes reading unblinking clenching my fists to the point that my husband looked at me and asked me if I was alright I told him I didn t know yetThis book was perfectly executed The dialogue flowed effortlessly the characters were relatable and I connected to all of them and the story kept me totally engrossed and interested from start to finish It kept a smile on my face and then put tears in my eyes It made me laugh out loud and then made me hot under the collar It was beautiful I cannot wait for y all to meet Wyatt and Emily 46 starsI really love the way this author write her characters I can t help but like them they never fail to be The Draft good honest what you want in a friend types She ups that by adding animals animal rescue animal search and rescue Veterinarians Did I mention cute animals Adorable onesThis book follows a young woman on her internship Veterinarian tour She is sent to Idaho when she missed her chance toet the Los Angeles Foo Foo clinic Unhappy with this middle of nowhere place she sets her focus on her plan make it 365 days race back to LA and work with Bible Prophecy glamorous clients and earn big money She s not shallow she has family that she cares for and they are costly On her first day at work In Idaho she meets her coworkers and is floored when one of them is her one night stand from a conventions she attended Oh and it was one fabulous night her first and only one night stand They decide to keep it business like and ignore the past Well honestly do you think this isoing to be that simple Ha They will try to keep it impersonal She will try to keep herself focused on her move date She will fight the obvio. Los Angeles clinic she had always imagined Now she has to put her plans to move to LA on hold for a whole year while she fulfills the obligation of her vet school scholarshipThen Wyatt her orgeous one night stand from a Reno vet conference introduces himsel.

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45 starsLook out Lucky Harbor this series is coming to take your belt for the contemporary romance series champion Emily is a newly raduated veterinarian who has been The Astral Codex granted an internship in Sunshine Idaho She likes things planned out and is counting the days until she cano back to LA She let herself lose control once at a veterinarian conference and had a one night stand with a hot Here There Be Witches guy I llive you three Story of the Liberty Bell guesses as to what happens next and the first two don t count Wyatt is pleasantly surprised when he realizes his hot one night stand is helping him deliver a lamb He is aenuinely Fake Mustache gooduy and you re Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog going to find him just as irresistible as Emily Emily has a specific life plan and worries about her dad alone in LA Wyatt is solidly in Sunshine and doesn t want toet his heart broken by someone who seems to have one foot out the door Due to rowing up in a situation that left him never having a say in his life choices and rootless he firmly leaves the ball in Emily s court as to how their relationship is oing to progress This doesn t mean he doesn t encourage her in fact your toes will curl at his encouragement These two together are Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories great they re sexy funny and a pleasure to read about you know your typical Jill Shalvis book Usually I describe her stories as very fluffy but this one felt a little solid It s still a light read but I think it was the best of the series Shalvis books are smooth paced stories that you suddenly find yourself devouring in one sitting this one is no exception It drags a smidgen in the middle where Emily s denial to accept and admit to her feelings for Wyattet a tad repetitive but that is a small complaint There is also what seems to be the reuired heroine mini danger moment that all Shalvis books have It was a little forced especially with the baddie I m making a ka razy call and saying the chocolate chip baddie will somehow be redeemed a la Sebastian St Vincent style but nothing that will stem your overall enjoyment This Drawing Straws genre s backbone is the hero and heroine s relationship and Emily and Wyatt will have your heart melting Don t miss this newest Animal Magnetism installment It also looks like I moing to resume my stalking of Jill Shalvis as I eagerly obsessively anticipate AJ and Darcy s story This is a uess on who the couple will be but I m oing to call it an educated one I could have spend the day with a bad boy or a duke or even demons but I choose a sweet Ethical Responsiveness and the Politics of Difference guy who love animals instead I had areat time p I choose to reread this book because Jill Shalvis is always a sure value and it s always a pleasure to see again Peanut the parrot with the potty mouth Gertie the uiet St Bernard and yeah let s not forget the sexy Connelly brothers p Sunshine Idaho was never part of the plan for vet student Emily Stevens but school is expensive and when life throw you a curve ball like a relative s illness death and other members of your family count on you to take care of the bills some people might have to put their The scarecrow goals on hold for a time For her first day of internship at Belle Haven Emily didn t think she would be assisting her one and only one night stand Dr Wyatt Stone isonna be her supervisor for a year so she wants them to Elizabeth Cady Stanton go back to being strangers He find the situation amusing but agree because he like his job and his life as it is As a kid he lived all over the World and he s ready to put down roots which is not part of Emily s plan either She wants a stress free life and need to organize everything but her heart is in the right place and she can t help rescue all the animals that cross her path Currently living with his two sisters with whom he fight like cats and dogs Wyatt may think his heart is not involve in everything he do but whether if it s with the creatures with four paws or two legs he s soft hearted and a steadyuy you can always count on But when attraction is undeniable things doesn t stay professional for too long p Sometimes the best things are unplanned he said uietly I can always count on this author to After the End give me aood romance but she always The Doll and Her Friends (1893) give me than that with interaction and relationship between the MC and other characters While Emily s sister was areat one it s really the hero s sisters and their Septiņi great but less than perfect connection that really charmed me Helared at her but she was unaffected It was hard to intimidate someone who d seem him wear a Superman cape to bed until he was eightWith Then Came You I met two caring person dedicated to the animals s health and hapiness I sighed watching them fall in love I shed a tear for a biker and his inguana and I even learned about turtles s mating habits With Jill Shalvis there s always the fun factor but there s also sweetness and emotions but it s never overwhelming Her stories leave me with a feeling of well being a temporary calmness that I treasure An amazingly awesome book I loved loved loved it One of Jill s sexiest imo and so funny but with a lot of emotion too She surprised me a few times made me rowl and laugh and smile Good stuff Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys contemporary romanceKatie McGarry is my favorite YA authorAnd Jill Shalvis is my fave contemporary romance authorI. A woman’s world is turned upside down by one night’s torrid fling in this Animal Magnetism romance from New York Times bestselling author Jill ShalvisVeterinary intern Emily can’t believe she wound up in the small town of Sunshine Idaho instead of the.

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Us andWhat a fun ride I will reread it I laughed teared up and cheered for this sweet romantic tale Emily hasn t even started her internship but she is already counting down the days until the year is over and she can return to Los Angeles and et back to her life plan The last thing she expects is to stumble upon Wyatt her unforgettable one night stand from a vet conference but stumble upon him she does since he turns out to be her supervisorShe tries to keep things between them professional but he is not making it easy with his flirty smiles and the charisma oozing from his every pore and it s not long before the two of them end up in bed againUnfortunately Emily has a plan and staying in Sunshine isn t part of it while Wyatt has abandonment issues and isn t about to fall for a woman who already has one foot out the doorNeither of them accounts for the feelings developing between them however and eventually discover that playing it safe isn t the way to happiness after allLight and fun story with a satisfying happily ever after endingThe series continues with Still the One and Wyatt s sister Darcy s story Previous book reviews Rescue My Heart Animal Magnetism 3 24062019 Animal Attraction Animal Magnetism 2 28092017 Animal Magnetism Animal Magnetism 1 10122016 Rumor Has It Animal Magnetism 4 16112015 read out of order The fifth addition to Jill Shalvis Animal Magnetism series Emily Stevens is out of Veterinarian School and working as an intern in Sunshine Idaho She wanted Los Angeles to be closer to her father but she didn t The All New Jonah Twist get it So now she is counting the days until her year of internship is over so she can hit the road for LA She didn t count on Wyatt Stone her one night stand from a conference in Reno just three months ago Wyatt is another veterinarian and now her supervisor She doesn t want or need any distractions during her internshipI ve said it many times and I will say it again Jill Shalvis can really write some awesome heroes And Wyatt was awesome Emily wasn t bad but Iot a bit tired of her determination to leave Idaho Wyatt had a few issues of his own but I felt he dealt with them nicely Another wonderful series that I highly recommend to Contemporary Romance fans Then Came You by Jill Shalvis is a 2014 Berkley Publication What a cute story I enjoy most anything this author writes but I don t et to read as many of her novels as I would like with my review schedule However I m hoping to feature the author on my blog in the near future so I used that as an excuse to check out some titles I have missed This one was miraculously available on the Overdrive app so I uickly snatched it up Now I see why it was so popular Emily winds up in Sunshine Idaho to fulfill her internship at the veterinarian clinic which wasn t exactly where she was hoping to land To put the cherry on the cake the uy she had a one night stand with at a convention a few months back just happens to be her new supervisor Could things Legon Ascension (Legon Series get any better Wyatt is firming rooted in Sunshine while taking responsibility for his two sisters who still need a littleuidance The last person he expected to ever see again was Emily Despite all attempts to remain strictly professional to pretend they never had that one mind blowing encounter to keep their hands off one another fails spectacularly While Emily and Wyatt aren t total opposite life s hardships have shaped the way they approach challenges and change and how they deal with problems Emily is decision maker and sometimes not only for her own self but for other people as well She s also an organizer and a planner and her plans do not include Sunshine Idaho She s hot to PMS get back to LA almost to the point of having a little tunnel vision in that area Wyatt on the other hand likes toive people space to make choices for themselves without his input or influence if possible His smile faded and he stroked a stray strand of hair along her temple tucking it behind her ear wondering what it would be like if they were even halfway suited for each other For those who haven t The Two of Swords gotten around to reading this one yet I predict you ladies will fall for Wyatt who has all the ualities anyone could possibly ask for in a hero He was strong He was strong inside as well as out He was smart and funny and protective and incredibly sexy But than just about everything else he was rock solid steady and unflappable Auy you wanted at your back Emily could be one dimensional at times but she could be pretty funny too The beer loosened her tongue two beers separated it from her brain So naturally she had two At first I was a little concerned about the lack of build up between the couple since of course we know they ve already hooked up but the two can t stop Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, going at each other so there is no suspenseful will they or won t they in that regard so the uestion really is whether or not they ve built a strong enough emotional bond to make the relationship stick With pets and animals as the backdrop and Wyatt s super difficult and outspoken sister Darcy keeping him on his toes the story never had a dull moment If you like romantic comedy I think you will love this book I m solad I took time out to read this one 4 stars. F as her new boss And Emily is just as drawn to his seductive looks and uiet strength as she was on that very steamy night She soon learns that Wyatt isn’t just a laid back doctor but a delicious alpha male tempting her away from her carefully laid out pla.

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