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Ne day maybe just maybe It s not healthy to wish for those brutes that ca What the hell What the everloving fuck was that I just read I m feeling tricked TRICKED Here I am happily reading along thinking I m reading a clever deconstruction of the tired reluctant slave with a ind master trope when the story suddenly turns around and slaps me in the face with some of that sweet 1984 wisdom WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH RAPE IS LOVESo here s this guy right Age unspecified but I m thinking late teens or younger his siblings are said to be prepubescent and it s never inferred that he s that much older Anyhow war comes to town and our guy is thrust into slavery Since he s the prettiest thing around this means our hero is going to find himself the target of innumerable non consensual cocks all aimed in his direction Pretty standard rightWhat makes the following rapefest interesting than most is the fact that our hero stays unbroken and secretly mad as hell all the way through it When his half assed escape plan lands him in even worse circumstances than before things look Bare It All (Love Undercover, kind of grim But then Lo and behold for here s the Kind Master coming to take our hero away from the bad guys and teach him all about the joys of submission and the Healing Cock To clarify this is where I thought I was reading a deconstruction Why would I even think that you ask Well because the presentation made it pretty clear in my eyes that this particular Master was a creepy piece of shit who preyed on the weak in order to stroke his own ego So our hero is bought by this guy the leader of a travelling circus given food and clothes and much needed rest and when the guy also wants him to get naked under the covers and nicely asks him to suck his cock well there s not really any room to refuse is there Turns out this guy used to have another slave who was also rescued from circumstances similar to our hero s This poor abused fucker apparently fell in love with the sweet master out of undying gratitude and numerous sessions with the healing cock and then sadly fell off a horse and died So Master guy is out looking for a replacement to relive this little fantasy with when he stumbles on our hero Oh yes Here s another young abused thing ripe for the picking and cock healing But wait Master guy prefers his relationships to be consensual That s why he ll ask nicely for his cock to be sucked and not simply order it even if there isn t actually a difference Considering the slavery thing and all To put it simply Master guy wants a mutual relationship except he doesn t not really because then he could just get a fucking boyfriend and not buy up abused slaves who can t tell him no because of the vast power differential Anyhow I was feeling somewhat hopeful because for a while it looked like our hero wasn t buying into this emotional manipulation shit Which made Master guy allinds of confused because why didn t our hero love him The previous guy did after all There s a truly stomach turning scene where Master guy comes up with the theory that maybe what our hero truly wants is to be dominated and feel owned and that s why his gentle faux boyfriend act hasn t worked so far Uh what the fuck Isn t the problem that you bought yourself a slave and pretended you had a mutual relationship in the first place you dumb fuck Yes I m mad Because what do you Bare It All (Love Undercover, know this wasn t a deconstruction after all It s exactly as advertised In the end our hero gets an incredible opportunity but doesn t take it because he s learned how sweet it is to submit to his gentle master and he d rather stay with him thank you very much The guy could ve gotten his freedom Enough money to start his own life Maybe rescue his sisters from slavery Even the choice toeep fucking that bastard if he wanted But no I could barely read the final chapter I was too busy throwing up in my mouth Fuck everything and fuck this book I really enjoyed the story there were some really sweet scenes and it held my interest throughout However things really didn t go the way I selfishly wanted them to to go I thought Taric was a great character and I loved the first part of the book and his time with Nicholi I then spent the rest of the book waiting for him to make an appearance and when he finally did turn up I was disappointed OK could I be excited This one s blurb makes it sound similar to Bloodraven and now I cannot wait for it to be released All of you DMC ers hope this is a good on. Eatest enemy might not be foreign powers or enemy soldiers or even in the self serving machinations of his fellow slaves but himself MM For content labels and excerpt see details on publisher's siteNovel 110000 wordsGenres Gay Fantasy Slavefic.

Shallow and perfunctory Bookmark those chapters you ll want to revisit themBut there s uite a lot about Nicholi s Vengeance that I liked other than its sexy sexy sex which actually surprised me a little because on its surface there s a lot going against it on my personal list of pet peeves The whole palace harem setting is a little bland and prosaic at this point if only because there s barely ever anything different about it from one book to the next Double points off for the stock overused big dark skinned veteran slave trope The way that everything resolves if it could be called a resolution may be pretty unsatisfying Moreover there s nothing particularly memorable or notable about the narrative style in generalBut I uite liked the characters Good guys bad guys sycophants bullies soldiers performers there s uite a host of fairly notable characters in this book and I felt satisfied by them all In particular I was very fond of our protagonist Nicki and I think what ultimately made me so fond of him was thatwell he wasn t stupid For all that he d been forced into an awful situation by awful people for all that his entire raison d etre was to satisfy his fiery vendetta against his nemesis in spite of all his anxiety and desperation Nicki remains in control of his senses and rationale and is never that hotheaded or even particularly reckless about his lot thereby never making anything far worse for himself I can t tell you how sick to death I am of asinine slave boys who don t seem to have any filters whatsoever act out emotionally in ways that are completely unhelpful to themselves and can t rub two brain cells together to solve their own problems Not so for Nicki He s not exactly some ice cold unfeeling robot without an impulsive bone in his body but he s rational Even when he s acting purely on emotion particularly near the climax of the story he nonetheless remains cognizant of his actions and the conseuences thereofYes good give that to me Give me all the desperate hapless slave boys abuse them and molest them over and over again force them in way over their heads with little choice or agency about their lotand make them cunning and levelheaded instead of frustratingly harebrained about it That s all I want any other pet peeves be damnedThe thing I will say against this book is that while it does great work getting me to root for Nicki it unfortunately loses me uite a lot when it starts to get philosophical and profound about Nicki s situation particularly what slavery and freedom actually means for him Several times through the course of his story Nicki wonders if slavery is merely a state of mind a mere semantic construct that has no basis on your livelihood that some slaves could actually be freer than free men who might not be free after allI ll grant that it s an interesting thesisexcept Nicki comes to this line of thought after observing free prostitutes in the dingy back alleys of the city and it s likeum yeah sure of course some forms of slavery might not seem that bad when you compare and contrast it against the utter worst situations a free man might find himself in But that doesn t make slavery better all that means is someone else might possibly have it as bad as you What if you compare yourself against a blacksmith or a fisherman or a carpenter does your slavery still seem very free The exchange reminded me of that uirky Doctor Who scene where some bad guy asks the Doctor if slaves are truly slaves if they don t think they re slaves to which the Doctor replies instantly without hesitation a bit exasperatedly yes yes of course they are Part of the reason I considered the ending An Elusive Victorian kinda unsatisfying is because view spoilerit hinges pretty acutely on thisind of mindset Nicki s lot has becomes so good that even if he s still a slave it s only a technicality and in practice he s not actually a slave at all Okay great but that s only because he personally managed to wrangle himself into an extraordinarily fortunate circumstance in comparison with other slaves It certainly doesn t make slavery any better in this setting hide spoiler DNF Might re attempt Main character stepping all over my pet peeveI could not finish it Stuck at 20% The characters was pissing me off That MC should be wearing a skirt Oh gawd his whining is particularly nerve grating Yes unfortunately this book has triggered one of my biggest pet peeve whinny characters especially main charactersI might try to pick it up again one fi. E is thrust into He draws courage from a steadfast determination to get justice for his murdered family and he hopes peace to himself by finding and illing the man responsible for the destruction of his village Yet through it all Nicholi's gr.

Ug All I can say is that I wanted Niki to fall in love with Tarc dangit And it s a LONG book until u finally meet who he does fall for but it doesn t go into deep romance there eitheroh well MM slave story not for everyone There s some pretty dark and graphic non con sex scenes but it gets the point across as to how hopeless Nicholi s future is His desire for vengeance against the soldier responsible for illing his family and selling him into slavery is the only thing that Staging Tourism keeps him goingI can enjoy the occasionally well written mm romance but I much prefer something dark and angsty This definitely delivered almost getting a bit too depressing for me I simply didn t see how Nicholi would be able to improve his situation I don t like spoilers so won t say anything than that the end was satisfying Not the book for me I guessYounow there s a problem when you have a medieval esue world with lube and super advanced sex toys And antiseptics and piercingsIt basically just becomes a B rated historical themed pornoWhich is unfortunately what happened with this oneNick s a fairly obviously a Mary Sue from fairly early on I never really empathize with him and thus I don t really care what happens to them Any real sense of vengeance was fleeting at best and seemed to dissipate completely after his first cocking A lot ends up happening to him at him and while I get that there s only so much he can do it s fairly annoying There s no tension just bad sex that reads like going through the motions than anythingI never really got a sense of Nicki what ind of nickname for Nicholi is that I m sorry but I just have something against it either his personality or his supposed anger DNF about 27%I couldn t feel any deep emotions out of the characters and so I couldn t really evoke any deep emotions in me regarding this book Although there might have been something akin to pity and disappointmentI want to say there are scenes I liked but I can t recall one There were some I thought were okay but not I really liked which makes me sad since I was ind of excited about this bookshrug It might be that it s just not the book for me Other people might like it One young man whose live is dramatically altered with the murder of his family and the razing of his village goes through a series of events powered only by his need for vengeance Nicholi is a than a bit back and forth in mood and intentions as he learns to accept his slavery Sure there s pony boys piercing whippings and a never ending ueue of cocks to be serviced Even though some of these events are harsh the effect is blunted because the reader is always inside Nicholi s head and his mind wanders in circular arguments even when you think he might be to preoccupied by what s happening to his physical body you end up taking a little brain wander For my friends out there wondering this is no Bloodraven There is a sweetness to the story between harsh scenes there is succor for Nicholi firstly I m french so sorry for the mistakes I read Pathfinder and it was OK but this book is worse than worse this is horrible from start to finish This book is not credible spoiler The young man saw his family and his village burn However when the man who did it began to rape him he get hard and cum yeahfor someone who has seen everyone die he is really uiet and feels no sorrowthroughout the book Nicholi is raped and beaten betrayed by his friends Everyone told him to accept his fate it s frustrating Then he is sold to someone nicer but this man does not hesitate to abuse him too and when Nicholi is not in love with him he is not happy this man buys slaves to save them but he puts them in his bed it s not love but abuse of weakness for methroughout the book Nicholi wants to avenge himself and I can understand But when he has the opportunity it does nothing not even a cry no insult no shots but he speaks almost gently with the man responsible for the death of the whole village and at the end he returns with his new master happy This book does not have any logic to me This book is only suffering sadism and cruelty perversion I suffered from beginning to end and the end disappointed me I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall if I could I would burn this book to ash On some level I think I might recommend this book on its erotic content alone The BDSM in here is wicked and lascivious whips chains plugs gangbangs the whole nine yards and yet it always feels really fresh and engaging instead of. Nicholi's world goes up in flames when soldiers invade his country leaving chaos in their wake Captured and enslaved in a foreign land Nicholi struggles to cope with the nightmare of slavery and adapt to the terrifying and inexplicable world

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JA Jaken has been writing homoerotic fiction for than ten years She got her start in the profession writing slash fanfiction where she has published numerous stories under the pen name Rushlight Over the years she has written erotic short stories and novels in genres ranging from science fictionfantasy to gothic horror to modern detective mysteriesShe realized at a young age that she w