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Work He grabs her but they both float away until op They fall into a Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, parade of animals heading for a safariark Tin catches up with his sister finally and gets her home before Mom notices they have disappearedThe illustrations are very colorful and interesting to look at The robots look like something that you would build yourself at homeThere is much to see on the These robots aren t robotic enough Drawing them like machines and giving them metallic names is not satisfactory enough for true robot fanatics and boy howdy they are out there They even had human snacks at the end The story could be told the same way with snakes hummingbirds or clipboards I m telling ya you ut a robot on the cover you d better deliver Not sure if the kids will catch all of the metals jokes but overall very cute This book is very different to Judges other work and I uite liked its uniueness I think it ortrays the lesson that you shouldn t take your eyes off the kids for one minute Love illustrations which allowed the reader to be welcomed into the robotic world When Tin is left in charge of his little sister Nickel he thinks he can relax as she Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl plays Unfortunately for Tin Nickel floats away on her balloon and Tin and his dog Zinc must chase after her before mom finds out A cute adventure story with bright illustrations easy toronounce words and good opportunities to work on colors animals and soundsMy one year old asks to read this book almost every day His favorite Film on the Left part is when Nickel s balloonops and ointing at all the different animals in the zoo. Escue Nickel before she goes too far'Judge's eye catching illustrations are a joy' Irish Independen.

Er Cute ictures and a silly story that little robot fans will enjoy I do not like that the brother gets away with all of this and doesn t tell the mother what really happened He gets an undeserved reward for not telling the truth Some children might take this as an example of not having to tell mom everything When the robot like character Tin is left in charge of his little sister Nickel he finds that the job is far challenging that he had first anticipated Holding onto a The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal passing red balloon cleverly introduced in the initial endpaper Nickel is swept away across her robot run landscape and it is for Tin to save her before Mum gets back There is little obvious a storyline here but that s fine This is a landscape book which is there torovide a visual treat of a journey for the reader We ass arades fairgrounds and safari Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, parks on our travels and it is these beautiful geometric busy spreads that are really what the story is all about There is a niceace throughout the story with soft curved Who Killed Blanche DuBois? panels and eye catching colours which are never too garish Eachage of the adventure invites close reading for that young reader and the book closes with another smart endpaper that will have the reader grinning A funny story about a brother being Utopia put in charge of his sister Reminded me a lot of my own childhood and the ending where they tell the mum everything was just fine Tin is asked to babysit for his younger sister Nickel Everything is fine until she floats away on the end of her balloon Tin chases after her on his bicycle which is very hard. Oats away Tin and his dog Zinc set off in hotursuit as she floats towards the big city Can they

I could see this being used a lot of ways movement siblings transportation and robots of course There are O Jogo do Acaso pictures for this review here and one day Iromise I ll be able to wrangle images on Goodreads but today is not that dayA book which give me good endpapers is basically my literary euivalent of You had me at hello Good endpapers are a mark of clever work work that revels in the nature of what it is and knows how to fully utilise that space I mean The Wedding Day picture books are books thaterhaps than most have space to Firefight (The Reckoners, play in You can do so much here So muchTiN by Chris Judge gives that It s subtle work as all the good stuff is but it s rather lovely In the opening endpapers you can see a close up detail of this this lovely clean landscape reminiscent of something from a colouring in bookFor me there s something about that outline that is very universal It is something we recognize because we ve all done it We ve all drawn triangle boats We ve all drawn triangle trees and curly waves That simple almost flattening oferspective i Tin is a young robot who is asked to look after his younger sister Nickel Of course he would rather read his comic book than actually ay attention so the little robot ends up floating away on a balloon This is just the being of their crazy adventure throughout the city Luckily big brother has a lot of determination and ersistence They eventually are reunited and return home Mother never even knew they were gone so brother gets a reward for doing such a good job of taking care of Nickel But is their adventure really ov. Tin is looking after his little sister Nickel one afternoon when she grabs hold of a balloon and fl.

Chris Judge is the author illustrator of The Lonely Beast The Brave Beast and The Snow Beast and the illustrator of the Danger Is Everywhere series by David O’Doherty Chris Judge lives in Dublin