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S maintained a status as the holy Catholic ueen untouchable and unshakable glorious and illustrious set upon an eually high or higher pedestal that we place Elizabeth I But outside the Spanish speaking world very little is known Few are familiar with the propaganda war she initiated with her then husband to be Fernando Anglicized as Ferdinand that led her to her rocky ascension to the throne A rather dirty and ruthless propaganda war that relegates contemporary election time advertising and political maneuverings to child s play I might add She institutionalized the saying Tanto monta monta tanto Isabel como Fernando which translates into One and the same Isabella the same as Ferdinand that placed her on eual standing as her husband Keep in mind that Fernando was not a pushover he was ruthless clever and ambitious Machiavelli in describing the attributes of a powerful leader once said A prince must imitate the fox and the lion for the lion cannot protect himself from traps and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves referring to Fernando in everything but name To keep in check a man like Fernando in a highly patriarchic and religious society Isabella had to be stronger and smarter that the fox and lion prince Besides that she was madly wealthy as the heir of then prosperous Castile and was considered uite the catch for any politically ambitious manIsabella was also a woman with far reaching vision Spain was not really Spain until Isabella and Fernando Rather Spain was the Iberian peninsula resembling a collection of rowdy divisive kingdoms with eons old grudges that shared a border with the powerful although dwindling Muslim kingdom of Granada While Fernando wanted to wage a vanity war against the Italian Kingdom of Naples which he considered the ancient territory of his homeland Aragon Isabella was thinking bigger She wanted to unite Spain in territory mind and religion She did this by first ousting the outsiders instigating the Granadan War and after the conuest uniting the Spanish kingdoms into one cohesive unit The rest is how they say history In describing momentous events such as the two above however Liss presents than just a timeline of important wars and dates In explaining the stages of Isabella s reign she presents her findings in a way that poses uestions than answers For example Isabella was the main impetus behind the Granadan war an almost decade long war that really put to the spotlight the root of Isabella s motivations and ambitions Was Isabella an intolerant religious fanatic who wiped out the corrupt and dwindling Muslim kingdom in a long and costly war for the sake of God Or was it a calculated political move that would establish the foundations for a unified Spain of the future uestions about the true psychology of a leader in a time of heavily politicized situations that reuired concealment and trickery emerge often in historical literature It s like choosing two puzzle pieces out of a set of one thousand Do those puzzle pieces fit together and how so If not why The beauty of Liss s writing is that she captures Isabella s mindset as well as she explains political undercurrents and she presents both perspectives simultaneously and cohesively She poses uestions and while she presents her point of view she leaves room for inuiry Much of this is due to Liss s vast knowledge on the subject frankly her research is uite impressive Liss presents in excruciating detail the political and social situation of a time lost to us long ago while maintaining the epic vision of the birth of Spain She breathes life into one of the most mysterious ueens of all time preserving her mystic status while grounding her at the same time It is a testament to Isabella s intelligence and will that she is still so very well known in our age when women too easily faded into obscurity or remain as vilified figures that are subject to revisionist history It isn t a too terrible crowd that luckily for us spawned interesting literature which includes among its ilk Agrippina Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra However even if those women have gained recognition through their infamy or popular curiosity their names do not approach the gravitas of monarchs like Isabella I Peggy Liss understands this and paints a realistic portrait of a woman who was once arguably the most powerful woman in Christendom I really wish there were English literature on Isabella But this is a good place to start to get an expansive picture of a fascinating woman especially if ou re an aspiring history author who is looking for some solid research material winkFive stars for great writing stupendous research and a fascinating subject An excellent biography of a pivotal Spanish ueen The author explores Isabel s childhood ascent to the throne of Castile and the various policies she pursued as ueen such as the Reconuista the Inuisition and funding Columbus s exp Easy to read and Los Hijos del Orden yet factually written I learned fascinating stories about Isabel s world and life that I had never known before Very helpful in my report for Spanish clas. Or the first time how her goals for Spain her piety and swelling power culminated in the remarkableear of 1492 A variety of sources documents chronicles literature art and architecture reveal Isabel's attitudes towards religion politics and royal policy And finally she shows us the older Isabel who having won the respect of Europe suffered a series of family tragedies ruining her plans and her health and bringing her unprecedented reign to an end in 1504 with her death at the age of fifty three Based on ears of research travel and reflection Isabel the ueen brings to life the people places and events that surrounded one of history's most dynamic monarchs In these pages we meet the mind of the ruler who left her country with an imperial legacy of power and glory and a vision of conuest that was to endure over the centuries.

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Ing is dense but the story of the conuest of Spain and the inuisition is amazing My knowledge of Isabel ueen of Castile has been limited to what ou learn about her involvement in the discovery of the Americas and the Inuisition and the fictional interpretation of her life in The ueen s Vow by CW Gortner I endeavored to read this book as an assignment from class and selected it from the class syllabus but I was very pleased to find out that this book was referenced as one of Gortner s sources in his novel Isabel the ueen brings the reader into the world of Isabel by introducing the rule and times of her father Juan and half brother Enriue The author includes this information as a means of establishing what Isabel had as her professional examples and to show the differences when Isabel became the ueen I think that this worked well but I did get a little tired reading statements like and it proved a costly mistake whose lessons would not be lost on Isabel Kindle loc 757 The author makes it VERY clear with these kinds of statements to draw the divisions between Isabel and her brother especiallyThis book was chock full of information on not just Isabel as a person but also the world of Spain and Europe around her It was very dense and not a book that To Rabbittown you finish in a short period of time believe me it will takeou awhile to read it all this is certainly of a research book than a fun reading book However Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization, 2009-2010 Statutory Supplement you will come away from it with a new knowledge and appreciation of the timeAny discussion of Isabel inevitably wades in the water of controversy with the portrayal of the Columbus expedition as well as the handling of the Spanish Inuisition and persecution of the Jews and Muslims Liss doesn t shy away from these controversial subject and does lay out the information both positive and negative but she doesn t take a firm stance in either direction As the book was originally published around the 500th anniversary of Columbus expedition and then was republished around the 500th anniversary of the death of Isabel it makes sense that she treads carefully around these subjects in order to take advantage of these datesI came away from this book with a much concrete sense of who Isabel was as a person and as a ueen I would recommend this book but just know it might be a little denser thanou are looking for This review was previously featured on The Maiden s Court blog A nice book if a bit hagiographical The author spends a bit too much time on what I think are rather trivial concerns like the 4 pages of a speech given to Isabella by Talavera but it s an excellent introduction to Isabella s personality Link to my review of this book A few things to note before reading this review1 I am a major history buff I read all sorts of history books from non fiction to fiction and first source documents I usually dislike heavily revisionist history but I still read them all the same This is an academic book and extremely research heavy The writing can be dense at times and simply unbearable for the action driven readers If Stygiophilia you re a fan of only fiction or streamline popular non fictionou may not enjoy this book as much 2 This is a non fiction book that details surprise the life and times of Isabella This means that while there is intrigue war and politicking it is still historical non fiction not heavily researched historical fiction for an excellent example of one such book see Legacy The tone of the novel is academic and omnipotent the author knows what will happen and wants us to know what she has in mind3 Full disclosure I wrote a mini thesis on the rise and fall of the kingdom of Granada which heavily involved Isabella and Fernando I will try to be as objective as possible though my previous research experience will undoubtedly color my view of Liss and Isabella4 Upon re reading my review is definitely Isabella heavy than Liss heavy In fact I created my BAMF shelf because of Isabella s awesomeness You have been warned But in all seriousness Liss is really good and if any of what I say interests The Moth Diaries you keeping in mind the notes aboveou really can t go wrong with Liss5 Apologies in advance for tangents and the occasional satiation of my inner actually outer too nerd Now please proceed onto the gush fest for the ueen of late medieval ueens Isabella I Not many people know about Isabella in the English speaking world Those who do know of her recognize her as the woman who helped Columbus discover the Americas It s understandable in some ways My reading peers being mostly English speakers and readers we are granted a wealth of literature on similarly strong willed and powerful ueens such as Elizabeth I and Victoria and oddly the French Eleanor of Auitaine though it makes sense since her husband Henry II was King of England and her son was Richard the Lionheart In light of the number of authors who specialize in the above figures is the pity that we hardly have any uality English literature on one of the most overlooked Misconduct (Birmingham Rebels, yet fascinating ueens of all Isabella of Castile Don t get me wrong in Spain Isabella ha. L has remained a mystery Now in Isabel the ueen Peggy K Liss proposes answers and provides both a sweeping biography of a ueen who had a profound impact on history and a vivid portrait of a vanished turbulent world We seeoung Isabel as a poor relation at the corrupt court of her half brother Enriue IV known as The Impotent where she became a pawn in a civil war between the king and the great nobles We learn how Isabel survived plots to disinherit her how she won her way to succession and why she secretly married Fernando Prince of Aragon And we witness the unprecedented ceremony in which Isabel assumed the crown alone without Fernando thereby paving the way for her daughter and other women to rule in their own right Peggy Liss works through the fact and fiction legend and opinion that have swirled around Isabel to reveal

Mention ueen Isabel of Spain and where do people s minds jump Christopher Columbus Inuisition ReconuistaWhere did this strong minded ueen who grew up in an extreme patriarchy gain her determination to act as she did Events which took place during her early life may well have taught Hollywood Education young Princess Isabel that a monarch must be strong When her father the king died her half brother Enriue took the crown Princess Isabel lived with her mother also Isabel in a small out of the way castle She was very much aware that she and her mother had been shunted aside by the new king On the other hand the former ueen and the Princess were hardly moldering in obscurity The castle lay at the crossroad of several trade routes and an enormousearly faire attracted merchants from all overKing Enriue was a weak king easily swayed by his favorite courtiers In fact he seemed content to let them rule while he hunted and enjoyed his menagerie of exotic animals When he conducted war the king seemed to make a mockery of it all reminding his fiery knights of the value of each human life and ordering them not to cut down fruit trees King Enriue didn t show the moral courage a Catholic Majesty should by passing laws against Jews and Muslims in his territory Instead he allowed them to live in the royal city and even gave them prestigious posts In Granada the Muslim rulers often had Jewish advisors Most embarrassing of all he seemed incapable of siring an heir on his wife and rumors abounded that he allowed his favorites to engender a daughter on his wife King Enriue had to produce medical proof that he was capable of siring children but his daughter was called by someone else s nameIsabella learned from her half brother that a king a monarch must listen to advisors but hold royal opinion above all must conduct war with vim and vigor and viciousness must hold moral war against infidels within the kingdom a powerful trifecta which led her to a reign filled with powerful actsContrasting with King Enriue of Castile was Prince Henriue the Navigator of Portugal His bold and daring voyages no doubt influenced the future ueen s opinion of one Genoese sailor Cristoforo ColomboKing Enriue changed his mind several times about who his half sister would marry and whether she or his his daughter would inherit Castile Perhaps that too influenced the princess A monarch must never change her mind Ever Even if she s wrong Not that Divine Will would allow a moral monarch to be wrong therefore a monarch must remain forever moral and keep divine favorBehind every great man is a great woman and behind this great ueen was another great ueen Princess Isabel s mother Isabel was a strong character daughter of a strong character She taught Steps Through the Mist young Isabella of strong ueens from Castile and Portugal and of Joan of Arc who heard divine voices and fought and led armies Also she and the local priests taught the princess that a woman must be modest and chaste and not bold in her speechThe princess must have snickered behind her pious agreement On the other hand Isabel the ueen balanced the two She was ueen regnant of Castile a ruler in her own right but she was a dutiful wife to her husband Ferdinand of Aragon She was a good mother to heroung daughter Isabel but she rode her horse all around Spain while in her ninth month and her son was still bornAs to Inuisition they never killed Jews only heretic Christians Once ueen Isabel and King Ferdinand had conuered the land that once belonged to their Visigoth ancestors which centuries ago the Muslims had dared to conuer no treacherously steal How dare someone take someone else s land by conuest they turned their cleansing sword on the unbelievers within their own borders Convert leave or die Many converted and no one believed that it was legitimate religious zeal The new conversos were watched for Judaizing tendenciesWith the estates of heretic split between the Crown and the Church no wonder ueen Isabel insisted that accusations be kept anonymous lest accusers be afraid to come forthWhat effect did the Inuisition have on children The chapter on Inuisition tells us that several ears after the inuisition started but before the expulsion the prince and his friends were playing Inuisition They drew lots as to who would be the judge and who the accused The junior judges read the sentences stripped the condemned and were tying them to the stake when an older page Ran to the ueen s apartments Isabella hiked her skirts and hurried out to find the boys at the point of garroting their victims Isabella smacked the prince then had the children untied and wrapped in cloaks It seems that children really do play in imitation of their eldersIsabel Powerful ueen sponsor of burning people alive sponsor of the Nina Pinta and Santa Maria Her life makes an interesting story I m glad I didn t live through it5 stars Thoroughly enjoyed but struggled rather a lot although it did get better towards the end with the way the book was written because really there were just so many commas Women can rule as ruthlessly as men The writ. Isabel of Castile was one of the most influential monarchs ever known the central figure in some of the most potent and far reaching events in world history She supported the Spanish Inuisition which tortured and punished or had executed thousands of baptized Christians accused of practicing Judaism She waged a successful war against Muslim Granada And bent upon overseas expansion she was after all the grand niece of Prince Henry the Navigator Isabel sponsored Christopher Columbus Yet uestions remain as to her actual role in these and other events Why did she introduce the Inuisition Why did she expel the Jews from Spain and the Muslims from Castile Was it bigotry or piety or something else And how aware was she of the injustices committed against New World peoples For such a notable and controversial figure much about Isabe.

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