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Nuion Frank s family and him die that very dayOh forgot to mention all his other sibilingsDEAD Then late on that day he and his family are rushed to the hosiptal and only Frank s live is savedT reason why all of his other family mambers are not alive is when he uit the FBISOme reason this guy named Saint s and a couple of jhis budsKill them Later o in the book its talking about Frank joining back in the FBI and getting his revenge on Saints of what he DoneFranks not alons he is with his dad former FBI agent himself So this book is the definition of why I actively seek out novelizations No one really just wants a written version of the movie God Is in the Crowd especially and adaptation of an adaptation that s silly What I m looking for is something that adds context Additional internal dialogue additional scenes additional anglesYou definitely get that with this book and that would ve given it 5 starsasily Especially consideri. Im famous and whose multimillion dollar money laundering business has made him as rich and as ruthless as any of his gangster clients Saint wants payback with interest for his boy's death And he gets it by orchestrating a massacre that claims the lives of Frank Castle's beloved wife and son and.

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It changed the whole writing style on the last fourth of the book Did he get tired of working on it Weird This is a fairly faithful adaptation of the movie with details and back stories thrown in The story starts very slowly and I had to struggle to continue reading In fact I put this book down a couple of times to read other books But towards the middle the story picked up and I finally got to finish thisNow I m sure this wasn t the fault of the author as he was just following the pace of the screenplay but I would have appreciated some Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard editing insofar as to reduce the lag and get right onto the action When I started to read the bookI thought it was not gonna be a really good bookMore and into the book Intrestings things happenI will only say 2 things since the book is just so greatOne is that this a guy named Frank castle retires from the FBI and his family is having a family renuion On that day of the re. MAKE THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME FBI agent Frank Castle's final casends with a literal bang when a wannabe weapons smuggler is gunned down during a sting operation But the dead man isn't just any punk He's the son of Howard Saint the powerful Florida tycoon whose hot spot nightclub has made

Ng I m a comic book nerd and love the Punisher and thought this movie did the character justiceI ll tell you why I docked it an The Matriarchs (The Family entire star thoughGeographyI live in Tampa This story takes place in Tampa But the author doesn t so any homework as to where other notable places in Florida are in relation to Tampa This guy says down to Orlando Nope This guy implies that Joan moves upwards in the state from Ft Lauderdale accurate to Daytona finally landing in Tampa Daytona Beach is 2 and a half hours northeast of Tampa And while he couldasily mean she backtracked he makes no Notes for the Everlost effort to get that point across and it sticks out like a sore thumbOrlando is an hour and half northeast of Tampa Neither would be below our setting on a map The author and anyditor should ve caught thisNow I realize it s kind of a picky thing to dock an When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) entire star for but it feels likeasy homework and a mistake that could ve been avoided. Almost kills Castle But almost doesn't count Now Frank Castle No Biggy! ex FBI agentx Special Forces commando Crush It! ex husband and father is canceling his retirement and starting a new career One that begins with teaching Howard Saint the ultimate lesson Novil deed goes unpunished From the Paperback dition.

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