Roy Lisman: The Jackal ueen

Anges from sweetly prosaic to well explicitly erotic Please You were warned n the subtitle However there The Best-Case Scenario Handbook is a difference between eroticism or even explicit eroticism and for lack of a word smut Kadath knows how not to cross over that line Evenn the most graphic of the The Last Days of the Romanovs illustrations theres a certain sense of playfulness and joy that allows an The Fate of the Romanovs indulgence of the senses without a descentnto mere pornography This balance Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, in both the written and visual art of the books what makes this worthy of being kept openly on one s bookshelf rather than hidden LOSER in the sock drawer ast wereIt s ndeed a good read To uote Stan Lee nuff said. Hout changing history But the locals think they are deities which has caught the attention of the temptress pharaoh the Jackal ue.

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I should preface this review by saying that both artist and author are known to me personally however I ll back up the five star rating with the solid evidence that both are Exterminating Angel in their usual fine formThe subtitle of the works An Erotic Historical Tale What makes Culture and Customs of Norway it rise above other erotic works no punsntended The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, is that both the eroticism and the history are shall we say well rendered and eually appealing If the only thing thatnterests you s the eroticism you re likely to be a bit disappointed our good Mr Lisman knows his history and mythology well and we get a perfectly healthy and appropriate dose of t n this work Better sti. Out of Time On the RunIsaac was none too pleased when his vacation was cut short by a call from his friend Raziel His mood only

Ll the facts are woven uite nicely nto a story of eual parts time travel adventure and bedroom farce that satisfy uite nicely on several levels Lisman s Afterword notes that he began the tale as a series and The Weavers Idea Book it s good to see that he maintains continuity flow and a nice sense of familiarity throughout as though thiss one of those famous tales told over brandy and cigars at some exclusive club with the details becoming perhaps enhanced over time but never any less The Mission of Mooney Rooney interesting and always worth a smile and another snifterKadaths an artist of some repute The Road to There in the world of anthorpomorphic or furry art and his work here and elsewhere Rew worse when Raziel magically transported them backn time to ancient EgyptNow they have to find a way back home hopefully wit.

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