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Was in the mood to read a good fun children s book preferably illustrated and so Hi So Much fit this spontaneous brief that I Just as uirky and heart warming as the first book Laura Dockrill s writing is uniue and she really knows how to approximate characters flaws and sometimes crazy ideas to the readers Looking forward to the seuels Hi so much is a fab little read Perfect for 9 12 year olds I cannot recommend it highly enough After loving Darcy burdock last year I was a bit worried about this book mostly because I ve been struggling with second books series this last year or so as I ve found they ve never uite lived up to book one I am so pleased to say I idn t have that problem at all with Hi So Much and it is just as good if not better than book one This instalment of Darcy Loved this book as a 20 yr old and I m pretty sure I would have loved it even if I was a 10 yr old Darcy is a lovable character that takes you on a whimsical journey through her rather interesting life living with her family including her pet lamb in London and starting her first year at the Big School where the older and cooler kids go or so she thinks I loved watching the relationships unfold between Darcy and her family and school friends it all felt so authentic And of course this book was not without its funny moments Would recommend to audiences of all age. Head on armed only with her curious whip smart mind and eye for a storyJoyous rawings colourful characters and a high energy voice the Darcy Burdock books are packed with personality from start to fini.

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Loved it LOADS SO MUCH Darcy Burdock what an imaginative and bedazzling young girl This review was originally published on my blog on 5th March 2015 You can find it hereThis book returns us to Darcy s world as she takes an important step in her life starting secondary school This book was another fun yet emotional book from the talented Laura Dockrill It is a book that successfully looks at all the fears and worries that we face as we transition from junior to secondary school It also shows how at the core of it all things will be okay It is a uick fun read that I would highly recommend What a gorgeous idea to write books for youngsters as if you are a ten year old girl yourself That is precisely what Laura Dockrill has one producing an enchanting journal of life as it happens to Darcy Burdock Very funny and uirky in just the right amounts to appeal to a middle grade audience Hi so much is a great book and I feel certain Darcy Burdock will become a favourite of many 8 to 12 year olds I LOVED this book It s just the best and Darcy reminds me of me She s creative fun ramatic very and cool This book is probably one of my fave Darcy Burdock books and I REALLY recommend it Thank you Laura Dockrill for writing this awesome book I keep coming across books which make me convinced that British children s literature is experiencing a little Ten year old Darcy sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her This second book sees Darcy move up to Big School and all of a sudden EVERYTHING changes Her best friend.

It of a golden age right now Hi So Much the second in the Darcy Burdock series helped confirm that feeling Vivid with voice and full of a sort of spikey vibrant texture it s a gorgeous book and also one that I think may translate well to being read out loud ue to the aural loveliness of it You can t help but hear it as you read the voice is so strong in this one apologies for the slight Yoda ism but I hope you get what I meanSo who is Darcy Burdock She s a very lovely creation and in this book she s about to go to Big School Now we all know Big School is terrifying right I remember being told by my brother that all new first years got thrown into the pond so obviously I was terrified from the moment I sidled in through the Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex doorway and the realisation that thisidn t actually happen was both a relief and a slight let Graphic Design For Everyone down Darcy s firstays at Big School are full of an intense terror and wonder as she tried to figure out what s going to happen to her best friend ship with Will and what s going to happen to herselfIt s so vivid this one and I think those who are fans of the Alice Miranda at School books may find a similar sort of joy in Darcy A couple of weeks ago I couldn t shake the feeling that I needed to pick up Hi So Much I m not sure why as I hadn t even read the first book or any Laura Dockrill before It was just a feeling I had Will isn't sure he should talk to girls any her new teacher may in actual fact be a cauldron bubbling witch and horror of horrors her precious pet Lamb Beth goes missing Can Darcy face these challenges.

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