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M BDSM Club because in Tag Team if you are looking for a kink fix you will get mild spanking and that is it the sex between them however is just smouldering my heart was pounding in anticipation and the build up intense and oh boy was it good This book is about the healing process of these three men and watching the characters grow together seeing how Mason had such a profound effect on what had always been an inherent part of Bobby and Rigs nature Rig the growly papa bear and protector and Bobby the soothing mama bear and nurturer how they had always been a perfect fit shifted and changed to accommodate Mason and it brought a ifferent aspect not only to their relationship but to the three of them together In return they were giving Mason what he needed not of what he had shared with Gregory and Charles but something new and that was what I loved they morphed into this unit that together was beautiful complimenting each other perfectly The silence that followed wasn t uncomfortable It was peaceful He had no Katerina doubt that whatever barrier or obstacle they had just crossed Rig and Bobby were feeling it too Mason could feel it in their touch had seen it in their eyes and it was as if none of them wanted to speak and break theelicate bubble that surrounded them in this perfect little worldI The Sisters Brothers didn t want this book to endon t get me wrong it came to a satisfying conclusion but as with Pup I just Vapor Trail (Phil Broker, don t want to let go of the characters If only I could tap into the mind of Ms Peterson so I too could live in their world because already Pony cannot come soon enough I could wax lyrical for pages and tell you all about the wonderful writing and how the characters touched me and how Jo Peterson is just one of those authors that I connect with but it s all a given I love this author and she never ceases to amaze me and continues to give me everything I want from a book and I will uite happily shout it from the roof tops without the slightest apology for my over enthusiastic behaviourEXCELLENT Highly recommended and if you haven t read Pup get a wriggle on as this series and characters are not to be missedClick the link and enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win a copy of Tag Team giveaway open until midnightGMT Monday 7th Oct I enjoyed the first book in this series and I have been waiting for this one and i was notisappointed This book opens with Rig and Bobby two Doms who have been together many years They had recently sold their BDSM club and are now vacationing in Florida And as the blurb states they are still mourning their sub Stephan What I enjoyed right off the bat with this book is the relationship between Rig and Bobby their Endgame (Jani Kilian Chronicles, dialogue and humor with one another was wonderfully entertaining I could really feel the ease from being together and loving each other for years between these two And I liked these two guys were notescribed as muscled hotness and physical perfection either Both could stand to lose a few and they idn t like to workout it made them seem that much real What I saw in my minds eye was two big teddy bears So while vacationing in Florida Bobby complaining about the heat ecides to take a walk to cool off And he stumbles upon MasonMason is a sub and is Digger the Dinosaur devastated lost and mourning the accidentaleath of his two Doms is sinking fast into epression Mason also has a social isorder and can barely handle being outside among other people Mason is a tender broken soul and my heart ached for this sweet guy Just when Mason hits his low point Bobby and Rig stumble upon him The two men set out to help this lost and broken soul This book is about loss and healing and while the all the characters are into the BDSM lifestyle Die Sommer der Porters don t expect to see any of it in this story I kept waiting for it to start actually Did I miss it Well yes actually IidI wanted my kinky sex Well there was a little spank me Mercury Retrograde (Dark Alchemy, daddy but my kinky side wanted HEHEHEI also enjoyed seeing the characters from Pup and Ty and Blake from the Whispering Pines series I love these guysOverall a wonderful and feel good story This storyid miss the mark on a few things for me For one it would have been good to see Mason get back into his sub role I would have considered that part of his healing journey Calling the two Doms sir for the first time was glossed over And I wanted to see of the Dom side of Rig and Bobby I felt like we got their caring and nurturing side although necessary of course I wanted to see the Big Dom side as well What I The Cattle Baron did love was witnessing another happy Menage coupleI am turning into a kink loving woman it would appearhehehehe Rating 2550GenreEroticaThis was a lot slower than the first book and at times especially the beginning of the book I thought that it had an element of fantasy when Mason was able to see his own body in a neareath experience as we got into his head while he talked about himself or something like that The writing was OK overall But the story is not something that will get you engaged a lot I would say it is pretty below average Big Ol Hurt Comfort going on here Mason is Desire Me More (Desire Me, drowning inespair when Bobby and Rig find him It s a slow journey for the trio as they guide Mason back to here and now It s sad but optimistic and asks the one uestion relevant to us all You have to ask yourself is finding someone who is willing to bring you a little happiness no matter for how long or how brief really such a bad thing Overall the sweet and nurturing side of kinky as two Doms find their sub. G and Bobby find him he’s hit rock bottom believing life is no longer worth living Bobby and Rig set out to prove the younger man wrong Fate has brought the three men together but they’ll have to face fear and loss head on before they can all truly live aga.

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So to be totally honest I was a bit A Teachers Guide to American Tapestry disappointed with this one It s my first SJD Peterson and I was hoping for some inepth emotionally poignant BDSMMenage relationship What Happens to Our Trash? dynamics Sadly this one just fell short of the mark for me I ve read some really interesting BDSM het and gay and when they re really wellone they stick in your mind Axel s Pup for example is one that was just bizarre enough to leave a mark on my psyche Tag Team was unfortunately rather pedestrian in terms of emotional The Pursuit of Mary Bennet depth kink and menage and it left me fairly unfulfilled The whipped topping on this Sundae of Sadness is that the writing is pretty sloppy in a few places I ll just use this sentence as an example and Iid some pretty nasty things and hurt some good people that I m not too proud of The character just intimated he s not proud of the people he hurt Soyeah This is a Dreamspinner Press release I kinda expected in terms of editing especially since I paid over 6 to read this I ve read self published ninety nine centers that were edited better Ah well you can t win em all I know there are a lot of people out there who enjoy Peterson s writing and hey power to you I m glad you enjoy it I just Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, don t think her writing is my cuppa DNF 70%I refrain from tagging this as BDSMTwo Doms and a subNo two mama bears and their slightly schizophrenic cub playing strip MonopolyAnd the winner gets Honey of courseThis is not a DNF this is selfefense Pup wasn t for me so I wasn t sure about reading of the Guards of Folsom series but the blurb for this book sounded like a better fit with some nice opportunities for hurtcomfort thrown in The beginning showed a lot of promise I love the characters and the initial angst was well Shooting for a Century done I cried And my throat hurt Unfortunately my positive feelingsidn t extend to the romance For the first 67% I I, Partridge didn t feel any chemistry between the MCs and there was little sexual tension So a lovely story of grief and healing but a bit boring on the romance side By the time the first sex scene happened I was almost uninterested but the scene was steamy hot and the MCs found some nice chemistry after that Still I wasn t happy with all the telling going on especially with all the inner thoughts and explanations of what was happening A lot happened off page too sometimes with time jumps where major things happened view spoilerMason agreeing to go to NY Mason calling theoms sir hide spoiler 45 I m writing this review with a much lighter heart than when I wrote my review for Pup the first in the Guards Of Folsom series Unfortunately I was sadly Shadow of the Templar disappointed with that my feelingson t let that put you off but I really wanted to read the next in the series because I still loved the idea of the club and the stories of couples who are members there so I started Tag Team with a little trepidation but within a couple of pages I knew I could just settle back and enjoy the story So I Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light did and I finished with a big smile on my face Bobby and Rig are absolute sweethearts which seems a strange thing to be saying about two big strong and experienced Doms but they are So caring so loving and so likeable they had suffered their own pain when seven years before they lost their own beloved sub in a terrible accident At the start of the book they are at a stage in their lives when they both feel that as much as they love each other as Doms they need to complete their family once with a sub who they can once again love and cherish instead of justoing the odd scene at the club with Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, different ones So they take a well earned break together in Florida to recharge their batteries and whilst there they come across poor broken Mason who has just lost both his Doms in a car accident In aeep state of emotional Six Days in Leningrad distress Mason has reached rock bottom and not having any other friends or family he makes arastic The Darkness decision which thankfully backfires allowing Bobby and Rig to step in and take the grieving sub under their wing and from then on we see the journey the three of them take as they heal not just Mason s but ultimately each other s losses Its a lovely journey and a very satisfying one which is why I finished with a huge smile Very poignant and tender at times it s also sensual and hot when the three of them finally take their relationship further but I loved that in this Bobby and Rig respected that Mason wouldn t be open to a sexual relationship straight away and at the beginning just cuddled him and cared for him in a way that made him slowly grow to trust them This made the love scenes all the special when they arrived I never thought I be saying this but I Flyboy did feel that seeing as this is a Ds and BDSM based series there could have been a few scenes included and like some other reviewers I was a bit surprised that weidn t get to see Mason and the guys using that magnificent playroom view spoiler and I think it would have been special to see Mason first call them Sir hide spoiler My name is Will Parkinson and I A Dark Sicilian Secret do NOT read menagethreesome books Seriously Why thenid I read this one One SJD Peterson wrote it Two See oneShe taunted me with bits of the story about Mason Even though I only caught a glimpse of the young man I felt his pain like a knife So I Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek decided to read it with the thought that I wouldn t like it Sigh Yeah I was wrongI m not a fan of threesomes but SJD made this story work so beautifully as Bobby and Rig pulled Mason out of his bitterescent into oblivion They needed to find one another because witho. Following the eath of their sub the former owners of the Guards of Folsom Robert “Bobby” Alcott and Rig Beckworth were left to pick up the pieces as best they could After seven years these two Doms are ready to move on and find the boy who will complete th.

Ut each other they weren t completeThis story is a hard read in I enjoyed this a whole bunch Peterson grabbed me by the tear ucts on the first page and At the Italians Command didn t let go until half way through The BDSM is sugar kink and fluffy and willelight fans of Sean Michael I was happy to roll with it because Mason Everything about this book was OK with me because Mason and his pain Delicate pretty Mason and his older bears YUMMMMMI still maintain that Peterson is not a good writer and tends to tell and not show There were several big chunks of relationship Oh Baby! developmentropped into this story in a few sentences and these as always annoyed me The end of the book is also stretched out purely so we can preview other couples whose stories might comprise future volumes in the series There is also the strangest sentence in this bookThere is no mention of children in the preceding text Serious uestion Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, does Peterson think that the kid in kid gloves is from the slang for children That kid gloves are gloves that are soft with which to handle children Because hahahahahahaha No 5 HUGE Stars I totally LOVE this series SJD Petersonoes not write books where it takes you a couple of chapters to start connecting with the characters what she The Maid of Lorne does so well and uite frankly excels at is engaging you instantly I was totally hooked right from the start with the gut wrenching prologue to Tag Team I just sat back and thought WOW Because from the very first page my heart was bleeding the impact took my breath away and I wasn t putting my bookown for anything What I love about Jo s writing is that she not only hits the right note with raw emotion but also gives us a sprinkling of humour and blends them perfectly Throughout this book I laughed proper belly laughs cried ugly tears felt an inner peace and happiness that all was right in their world with the kind of pride one would normally reserve for family because my big burly bears Rig and Bobby id right by Mason such was my connection to these charactersMason s Dom s are both killed in a tragic car accident and we meet him at the funeral of Charles ostracised from the family ignored as the irty little secret not to be acknowledged bearing his sorrow alone Having been How to Become a Virgin disowned by his parents and suffering from panic attacks Gregory and Charles had been his haven only now he is overwhelmed by grief a fragile and broken man and needy sub engulfed in the blanket of sorrow the surrounds himMeanwhile Bobby and Rig are living the life of retirement holidaying in the Florida heat and the pair of them had me in hysterics There is a reason Floridaoesn t have bears Rig It s too hot and we have too much fur Folsom the Club and the lifestyle had been Bobby and Rig s life it was where they had met and where they had enjoyed their life together with Stephen their sub who they also tragically lost to a car accident seven years prior and although they were happy to let the club go there was still something missing both Bobby and Rig were Dom s and as much as they loved each other they needed a third a sub to complete themMason s need to be cared for went soul Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, deep without his Dom s he was adrift with no purpose and unable to cope with the grief he needed to focus only he was alone with no one to guide him living in a constant loop of of nightmares and with his social anxietyisorder he was completely isolated his only thought was of oblivion to be with his Dom s and no longer have the gapping hole in his heart Unable to function properly without sleep and food he thought he was losing his mindMy heart was singing that in some way call it what you may The Bosss Baby Surprise destiny fate or other forces at work had a hand in bringing these men together yes I know it s only a story but these characters are living in my head Seeing the sadness in Mason s eyes brought back Bobby and Rigs own memories of their loss andevastation at losing Stephen only they had had each other for support and Mason was alone They had all shared that ark place where you feel you may rown in the burden of grief and sorrow and watching these two men in full Dom mode caring for Mason was beautiful they maybe two big growly bears but inside they were teddy bears and Mason was their baby bear and they were going to pull out all the stops to get him the help he needed something his previous Dom s had failed him in Normally I want to jump right in there myself with hugs and comfort but with Mason I wanted it to be Bobby and Rig I wanted them to make it all better and when Max OMG I can t wait for his book just Command Performance delicious volunteers to make the flight to Florida wellamn good friends are worth their weight in gold and I was happy that Mason was getting the support system he needed Mason couldn t remember the last time he Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, d seen or felt anything so beautiful Once again Mason was struckumb by how these two men had come into his life put his needs above all other things and asked for nothing in returnFor Mason somehow the trust he had in these two men was there from the start he felt at ease and for someone with a phobia of being with strangers it was something he couldn t uite fathom himself but the care and compassion as well as the knowledge that they understood his grief put him at ease and watching him let go of that emotion and finally sharing in the somewhat unconventional humour and snarky banter just made my insides smileThis is only a BDSM novel in that the characters are into the lifestyle and the series revolves around the Folso. Em Their painful past comes crashing back when they meet Mason Howard a submissive who just weeks ago lost his Doms in a car accidentReeling from overwhelming grief that’s complicated by a severe social anxiety isorder Mason can barely leave his home When Ri.

It's been an amazing journey since DSP first contracted Lorcan's Desire in January 2011 I've published 2 free reads with the MM Romance group my back list is growing met some great people and have made some amazing friendsI'm still in shock that I'm listed among the many talented authors at Dreamspinner Press The little voice in the back of my head is screaming You are so out of your leagu