Devery S. Anderson: The Nauvoo Endowment Companies 1845 1846 A Documentary History

Brought up uestions regarding the 2nd part of the 2nd anointing recently Essential The Editors did a thorough job at documenting an intriguing time This one was just interesting than Joseph s uorum of the Anoint.  For the two months the Nauvoo temple was in operation December 1845 February 1846 scribes carefully documented all activities and events taking place inside including lectures on the endowment ceremony drama and sealing rituals Their narratives begin with the lighting of fires and hauling of water each morning at 300 am many ordinance workers slept overnight in the temple to late night celebratory dancing “We danced unto the Lord” Brigham Young explained and Sunday sermons delivered to the recently endowedHistorians biographers and enealogists will find the names and dates of the initia.

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Ed so it ot one starI am just not sold on the primary sources with no explanation writing styleAll around a solid read and highly recommended to those who are interested in Mormon history and evolution Then agai. Tes and documentation of sealings including polygamous unions to be of significance Others will turn to the narrative portions of the records including first person accounts and minutes of meetings For instance as women cleaned the ceremonial robes for the next day’s endowment “companies” or sessions church officials would read from John C Fremont’s published journal anticipating their imminent exodus from Nauvoo for the Great BasinThe sources extracted in this companion volume to  Joseph Smith’s uorum of the Anointed and  The Development of LDS Temple Worship include original te.

N I m predisposed to like this book It s been interesting I did the experiment that I would read the events in the book along with the corresponding days this last 2 months or s Great compilation of information. Mple ledger books and summaries of data compiled by early church scribes including the “Book of Anointings”; “Book of Adoptions”; “Book of Proxey sic”; “General Record of the Seventies Book B”; and William Clayton’s diary kept for Heber C Kimball; as well as diary entries from Thomas Bullock William Hyde George Laub Newel Knight Franklin D Richards Abraham Owen Smoot Erastus Snow Hosea Stout and others; and the autobiographies of Harrison Burgess Rhoda Ann Fullmer Joseph Holbrook Joseph Hovey Norton Jacob Noah Packard George Albert Smith John Spiers Nancy Ann Wilson and other.

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Devery S Anderson Salt Lake City Utah is a graduate of the University of Utah and is an editor at Signature Books in Salt Lake City He has authored or coauthored several books on Mormon history two of which won the Steven F Christensen Award for Best Documentary from the Mormon History Association