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S of the world When you set aside puny things ike human rights or ethical dilemma in the name of greater good any thing is possibleAll in all I couldn t have ask for a better breakneck speeding shot Silent Confessions like a bullet and neveret up mindblowing thrillride from Patrick Lee I A Texas Holiday Miracle loved his earlier Breach Trilogy and since then to me he was one of the new thriller authors toook out for and after Runner he certainly became one of my new favorite thriller authors The innovative plot The smooth writing the brisk pacing the no nonsense attitude in storytelling is so refreshing and addictive that each of he novels as of now I read all of them The Breach Ghost Country Deep Sky Runner grabbed me from the very first page and never 74 Seaside Avenue let go until the very end And speaking of end I did have some major dissatisfaction with the ending of hisast novel Deep Sky but here the finishing was immensely satisfying with some touches of heartfelt sadness Although I think there are some minor The Note loose ends as I found out another Sam Dryden novel is due out this year I m guessing they will be addressed and resolved in the upcoming seuel or seuels From today I m impatiently waiting for the next Sam Dryden thriller Signal This novel isike Jason Bourne meets Enemy of the State meets Minority Report In short it s a kick ass thriller I inhaled this book in The Loving Gift less than a day pausing only to sleep And even while sleeping I was thinking about the storyWhen Sam Dryden can t sleep heikes to go for a jog One night he runs smack into a young girl who is fleeing in terror from some guys who want to kill her Sam who is ex military agrees to help her escape What follows is 328 pages of awesomeness It turns out the girl Rachel has some special skills that the government wants to control Sam grows attached to Rachel and thinks of her The Wildcatter like a daughter and he does his best to help There are aot of good twists to the plot and there was a fantastic reveal to the mystery of the girl s powersI ve been reading a Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, lot of thrillersately and this was a great one I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good heart pumping non stop action fest Read my review here here Holy smokes this book went from 0 to 60 in Her Nine Month Confession less than 2 pages and Ioved it Packed with non stop action this book had my heart rate going A Southern Reunion like I was the one running instead of the charactersAction suspense and mind controlRunner has a supernatural element that blended flawlessly into the storyline Iove paranormal and supernatural books so this was an added bonus The supernatural element is so perfectly placed even people who normally don t take a walk down the supernatural side will enjoy the storylineIt s good to know a super secret ex military man when you are on the runWe have an ex military former government agent that can fight the bad guys while maintaining a soft side for the girl he is trying to saveAction suspense plus a storyline oh myIt has a good storyline made even better by two strong Let It Go lead characters One an adult the other a child One with no past running from danger The other with a past running to forget Ioved Sam and Rachel In the beginning you think Sam is saving Rachel but really before Rachel came into Sam s Charade of Hearts life Sam wasn tiving He was going through the motions The story was simply suspense filled The idea that the government could use people as weapons and then kill them off without a second thought is not so far fetched The bad guys were icky bad and the action was plentyThe story itself is told from multiple points of view and it works effectively I The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue loved the pace characters and the ending Definitelyook forward to in this series Sam Dryden a former soldier is out running one evening when he meets Rachel an 11 year old girl who is being hunted by a Government agency All she can remember about herself is what has happened to her in the Toward a Better Life last 2 months Sam helps Rachel escape from her hunters and find out who she really is He discovers that Rachel is a very dangerousittle girl The story is fast paced and action packed right from the start and doesn t slow down at all I was never bored with it though at times I had difficulty keeping up with the pace This was probably due to not having much time to read I really Die Konigreiche Israel Und Juda Im 9. Jahrhundert V. Chr. liked Sam He wasoveable and such a hero The storyline was clever and surprising and I will definitely be reading the next one in the series I recommend giving this one a go particularly if you are a fan of Lee Child I noticed some similarities in the way they write though I much prefer Sam Dryden to Jack Reacher. Eople who are moving heaven and earth to find them both Although Dryden is only one man he’s a man with the extraordinary skills and experience as a Ranger a Delta and five years doing off the book black ops with an elite team But as he slowly begins to discover the highly trained paramilitary forces on their heels is the only part of the danger they must face Will Rachel’s own unremembered past be the most deadly of them al.

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Out for a nightly jog a retired Special Forces member Sam Dryden encounters a very frightened young girl of 12 as she slams into him Gasping for breath she begs him to hide her and not call the police Although alarm bells go off Sam sees the terror in her eyes and makes a swift decision Grabbing her hand they start running searching for a place to hide as several men with flashlights are closing fast Runner is classed as science fiction however Patrick Lee s writing is uite believable as he cleverly adds technology and medical science to a realistic and convincing plot Nonstop heart pounding action throughout the entire book it was a fast and exciting read I really enjoyed this thriller which felt Schaums Outline of Microbiology, Second Edition like a cross between Robert Ludlum s The Bourne Identity and Stephen King s Firestarter Out for aate night run protagonist Sam Dryden winds up on the run aiding a mysterious girl named Rachel who has escaped from a facility with no memory of her After the Rubicon life before her time there chased by men professionals with orders to kill her The book neverets up making it hard to put down Despite the breakneck pacing there is a decent amount 325 stars this is indeed a fast paced thriller my main problem with it is a real need to suspend disbelief throughout this novel would almost be better served as a screenplay as it has cinematic prose filled with A Prescription for Murder lots of action the problem was in believiability than anything and if you can overcome that and enjoy unadulterated occasionally absurd escapism this could be a title for you 25 starsRunner by Patrick Lee is the 1st in Sam Dryden Series and it s also the first book I ve read by this authorAn action packed thriller with a bit of paranormal thrown inAot happens in the first part of the story but then the plot becomes so implausible and beyond far fetchedI eye rolled a couple of timesall these gadgets and bad guys chasing aroundthat s the reason why I didn t give it a full 3star ratingI did ike Sam Dryden the main character but there were so many secondary characters that made my head spinBy the time I reached the ast pageI thought Whilst I didn t hate this bookI didn t exactly Accounting for Taste love it and I am not sure if I will read any other books by this author The torrid pace produced eyestrain and finger cramps as I flipped pages on my Kindle as fast as I could Iiterally raced ahead as if I were a RUNNER which I am on most days And I might have forgotten who I was for about four hours or so Or possibly Anarchist Modernism longer There s no real way to tell But my Kindle was juiced up and ready to go and the story was filled with enough keyholes that I needed a better master than the one currently in my possession I slipped and slid and I might have even broken my neck were I not sitting down as the story took off faster than a Viper on the open roadSam Dryden showed heart from the word go than I expected from a former Delta Forces member and he sure as shit didn t mind hopping back in the game after an extended cooling off period But maybe he d nevereft the battlefield or maybe all he needed was an excuse to strap a submachine gun to his ch My first book by the author Patrick LeeRead many reviews and recommendations for this book including Lee ChildsDid I really An Audience of Artists love this bookNOAction thriller maybe a far fetched sci fi thriller withot of plot that becomes to far fetched in fact maybe a A Dogs Head little silly and uite heavy goingIt starts out with retired special forces Sam Dryden out for a run He runs into this young girl named Rachel who is running from these men with guns So he decides to help her Theonger he runs with her the he The History of Cartography, Volume 3 learns about her and the people that are chasing her The deeper he gets into this the harder it is to keep them aiveAction parts chase scenes and pace were good sometimesOver developed and over the top story with too many characters that it becomes confusingI did His Virgin Secretary like the main character in Sam Dryden and believe this character will grow with the authorBut this books falls way behind on a collection of great actionthrillers I have readatelyNot sure if I would recommend this book maybe adding the far fetched plot in this book put me offSo only 3 stars from me Another surefire winner from the new master of high concept suspense thrillers Patrick Lee I picked up this book to immerse myself in a uick read action thriller for a few days and Lee didn t disappoint I guess that s an understatement not only did Lee didn t disappoint he crossed my expectations in Bachelors and Bunnies leaps and bounds The initial plot sounded simple enough Sam Dryden was an ex. Sam Dryden retired special forcesives a uiet Both Hands Tied life in a small town on the coast of Southern California While out on a run in the middle of the night a young girl runs into him on the seaside boardwalk Barefoot and terrified she’s running from a group of heavily armed men with one clear goal to kill the fleeing child After Dryden helps her evade her pursuers heearns that the eleven year old for as ong as she can remember ha.

Soldier and some ex deep black if I tell you I have to kill you stuff who ost his wife and daughter in an accident and since then was almost a Beth Sholom Synagogue living dead person One night in an insomniac feat he went on a midnight run on boardwalk beside the beach and suddenly got himself collided with a twelve year oldittle girl who was running for her Calvinists Incorporated life Some bad people were after her and wanted to kill her They kept herocked inside a facility She didn t know why her memory was Building Ideas lost She couldn t remember any thing beside her name Rachel In that instant for the first time in so many years Sam got someone to care for to help Of course he s going to help her And so began a breathless edge of seat thrill a minute nonstop chase novel that would keep the reader glued to the words and the pages would almost go flyby themselves But that s only half the story I know what many readers should be thinking right now even while I was enjoying it greatly I admit I was thinking the same thing sure it is suspenseful but still its nothing new A dark broodingone hero who just happened to be in the right place at the right time to save an innocent kid from some despicable psycho killers Its predictable it happened many times before in various novels and movies Yeah not so much One thing Patrick Lee s novels are NOT that is being predictable He has an amazing knack for starting a novel with a seemingly ordinary plot and then completely turn it s head on itself to make it anything but ordinary or normal This one is no exception For about the first half of the book the story is essentially one chase seuence after another where the bad guys kept tracking the duo with ultra modern satellite techs and Dryden kept invading them with increasingly ingenious ways Run run run While on the run both of them tried to delve deeper into the forgotten realms of Rachel s memories to make a sense of everything and this is where the plot took some wild turns to set itself apart from other conventional chase thriller to become something truly uniue and extraordinary And you do have to go Holy shit in some revelations which in Betting on Ideas less capable hands could have easily been Holy shit its awful but from Lee it s perfectly became Holy shit its awesome All that awesomeness not onlyies with great storytelling but also and much importantly with some great characterizations to make the main characters seem real with flesh blood and thoughts and happiness and sadness and everything that make them human where Patrick Lee excelled in spectacular style as well Because even though the book started as an action thriller make no mistake this is a 100% character driven thoughtful thriller where the main action is going in one s head in ways than one The Cahokia linchpin of the whole story is the relationship between Sam and Rachel Both of these characters were painted with so much care and perfect detailing that you can almost touch the sorrow and pain behind Sam s hard exterior for theoss of his family and the Casuistry and Modern Ethics love and fatherly affection he felt for Rachel And in case of Rachel the hardship and constant fear that went through her for herife for her forgotten memories and for Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs losing the only kindoving caring feeling from Sam that made her warm instead of the ever present cold really makes the reader s heart ache for this Back to the Breast little kid The relation and the emotions of both of these two characters were so well drawn and realistic that you completely believe the decisions they madeater on which were key to the storyline In case of bad guys its not as black and white as one would think Even so that after a certain time the reader would totally not sure who was the actual good guy here and who s bad That s another win for Lee because he made the whole plot took place so completely in morally gray area that reader has to pause and think about the implications about the ethics and what s right wrong and the basic human rights that should not under any circumstances be violated The science stuff and all the military experiments are truly scary and not as science fictiony as one would think The nonfiction book The Men Who Stare at Goats came to my mind while reading for example After 911 we are Composing the Soul living in a new unfamiliar dark world where the human moral values and what should or should not be done regularly get bulldozed by what needs to be done by any means necessary I for one won t be much surprised if some of these stuffs really do come to fruition in the near future or even already has become some form of reality in some dark corner. S been kept in a secret prison by forces within the government But she doesn’t know much beyond her own name Rachel She only remembers the past two months of herife and that she has a skill that makes her very dangerous to these men and the hidden men in chargeDryden who ost his wife and young daughter in an accident five years ago agrees to help her try to unravel her own past and make sense of it to protect her from the

There is than one author with this namePatrick Lee was born in west Michigan in 1976He started writing by working on screenplays but eventually moved to novel writing