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The rule of three Design principle that states that things are appealing when paired in threes Three makes things interesting without being overdoneIf I could give this 5 stars on sexinessI totally would I am a sucker for a good menage book They are my FAVORITE This one did not disappointThis book wasTotal panty melting awesomenessKassidy and Chris are in a ong term committed relationship and have just moved in together Chris is hardworking and a corporate climber He came from a good family and he got everything he wanted or needed Kassie is creative and smart She too had a At Land loving and good family They both work for the same firm which is how they metDag is the old friend from college that Chris has not seen on many years Dag was the guy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks He was the bad boy who worked his butt off for everything he has Dag moved out west and Chris stayed in Chicago to start working Dag decides to come out for a visitSomething Kass doesn t knowDag and Chris used to do threesomes And they want a Kassidy sandwich At first she is reluctant but Kass has always been the good girl to her sister s naughty girl persona Kass decides to take theeapSoon the three find themselves settling into a nice routine Dag moves in and they become close Kass begins to have feelings that she can t stop worrying aboutChris Now THAT was f king HOT Yepthis was a good onedamn I m new to this genre and I don t know how to rate this so I won t Its possible it s a shining example of the genre but I m hoping there is better out thereFirst things first the sex is ridiciously hot and in my humble opinion very well written After reading a bunch of YA reverse harems it was great to read a poly story that went there many many times However I don t think the author had nearly as much skill outside of the bedroom scenes in fact I was surprised by how much romance there was it was On the Run like a Jennifer Anniston movie with a wholeot of penetration 40% romance 50% smut and 10% them gushing about each other s skills at work All the corporate chitchat was jarring I don t want to think about work when I m reading sexy things Hands down my favourite moment was when one of the guy was impressed by how she shopped in Bed Bath and Beyond she was so decisive Ha I think that was when he started falling in The Price Of Blood (Phil Broker, love So I If you follow the rules you miss all the fun Kassidy is a good girl who wants to be bad Dag is a bad boy who is very very good And Chris Heikes to watch When wicked sexy Dag returns to Chicago to catch up with his old college buddy Chris and meet The Girlfriend none of them are anticipating the unexpected turn of events that switches a oving twosome into a scorching hot thr.

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T That s it HOT TORMENTED ANGUISHEDThere are only a few books I have given five stars to on my ist This one is definitely a five star for me If you Meg and the Mystery in Williamsburg (Meg Duncan, like menage romance and this is realife read this What a Luscious story I absolutely LOVED it Thank you Kris for recommending it to meStory Rating 5 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 5 StarsHeat Level 5 StarsOverall Rating 5 StarsFrom the first page to the Pregnant Man last this book completely grabbed me The story was easy to read and had a wonderful flow to it I reallyike how Kelly wrote this book It was a menage but so much It went into the depth of how a menage effected each of them and how they dealt with the emotions and then all 3 falling in ove with each other The ove scenes were off the charts HOT This was the first Kelly Jamison book I ve read and I find myself wanting I m going to have to check out her other book s for sureWarning MWM with some MM action but only with the W added in Yummy just Yummy 25 probably rounded up for being freeIt s not the worst thing I have read But it did remind me why I don t really read het any If I had had a drink every time the word psy was mentioned I d have had alcohol poisoning by 50%Kassidy was exasparating eye roll worthy at times but uite reasonable at others Still view spoilerI m not a prude what I m doing is wrong no it isn t but what would everyone say if they knew gosh my sister is a porn star i m so much better than her I m not a prude but why does she take money for what I do for free I m not a prude I Kawaii Manga love them both but theyove each other but Chris The House Girl loves me but what if theyeave me and set off into the sunset I m not a prude hide spoiler OK so this was hot as hell Some things worth mentioning before I go on1 You WILL need several changes of panties throughout this book Or some adult diapers 2 Your The Accursed ladies bits WILL clench involuntarily on numerous occasions Your pelvic floor muscles will thank you3 I pictured Chris Hemsworth Henry Cavill and some random brunette woman while reading this OK me with a wig Brief story synopsisChris and Kassidy have been in a relationship together for a year and have taken the next step by moving in together Shortly after moving in they go out to meet one of Chris s old friends Dag who s back in town on business after being away for 6 years Dag is cheeky. Ris is one big reason heeft town a tangled mess of old hurts and new feelings might destroy friendship Love Might destroy everything Product Warnings This book contains a couple already in Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas! love a couple falling inove and a couple in ove who didn’t know it; also multiple scorching sex scenes including girl with boy girl with two boys boy with boy and two boys with girlwh.

Going to be honest My ife has been somewhat hectic Swing Sideways latelyeaving me with no time for reading or reviewing books If you are a friend of mine then you already know my pattern I usually binge read a book rate and then write a review The Secret of the Great Pyramid less than 24 hoursater Well I read this one close to 3 weeks ago and I remember very Dancing with Mr. Darcy little about it One thing I do vividly remember about this book was aack of storyline While this is an erotic novel I prefer for the author to include to my book than woohoo This story goes a Lesca little somethingike this Meet the happy couple Love scene Dude introduces college BFF to girlfriend and they take him ba I ve realized that m nage stories are typically not my cuppa tea I just cannot relate in any way This book however about a polyamorous trio is pretty darn special To my surprise the relationship of the couple and eventual trio is not only believable but beautifully portrayed One Sharpes Trafalgar last perk the sex is HOT 35 stars just can t bring myself to Hit the four star button I am always Pleasantly surprised when I get my fingers on a threesome book with a background story and some depth I absolutely Love that I am enjoying Reading about this complicated relationship building biiiig time And this was a niceittle Story It was scorching hot and really sexy I even got some MM action But it also tried to be too much And were the sexy scenes were superb everything else Punished like character building personal development aittle Plot Fell really flat unfortunately Especially goddy two Shoes Mary Jane was so not my favourite Kind of heroine but oh well I think with a His To Protect little work put in this could have been really good now it stays a mediocre but sexy read I enjoyed it but at the same time was aittle disappointed over the ost PotentialAnd my biggest pet peeve reared its ugly head again Zero communication Nada zilch nothing It is driving me nuts Absolutely amazing Best menage book I have read so far Believable Realistic Emotional Raw There was anger There was aughter There was passion There was heat There was sadness There was Babys First Christmas (Christmas Is For Kids) (Christmas Is For Kids) (Harlequin American Romances, 754) love But best of all NO CINDERELLA ARCHETYPE THANK GODI just thought this book was amazing Really truly amazing Chris character bugged me at times but after I found out what his problem was it made sense Kassidy was extremely realistic and very realife Dagjust ho. Eesome As old feelings resurface and new attractions are explored a storm of sexual sparks is unleashed that Ups, Kita Sudah Menikah? leads them into forbidden areas Always the good girl Kassidy blossoms under the attentions of twooving men but neither she nor Chris are expecting the ménage to take a uarter turn toward Dagand his feelings for Chris When it’s revealed that Dag’s attraction to Ch.