J. Michael Matkin: Complete Idiot's Guide to the Gnostic Gospels The Complete Idiot's Guide

The book leaves me feeling ncouraged that yet today there is than one way to interpret and follow Jesus s teachings none historically accurate than another Slow read so I must be than an idiot but it s interestingUpdate Very interesting but read very much like a textbook I ve often wondered why some books made it into the Bible and others did no. Documents The DaVinci Code the Matrix movies the Kabbalah renewed interest in the divine feminine ideal and the fact that many who've left the Church are looking for new answers in the arly church Author is a scholar and xpert who's studied with some of the top people in the fie.

This book was informative yet it really read like a text book I found some interesting stuff in it however it was a boring read mostly This book was xtremely informative I feel well ducated about Gnosticism now The book satisfied my curiousity about the gnostic gospels I ve tried Elaine Pagels the original authority but she just confused me Ma. The birth of the Christian Church and what it means for modern religion and philosophy This Invisible (The Curse of Avalon engaging guide presents an accessible overview of the birth of the Christian church using the historical works found at the famous Nag Hammadi site in Egypt With chapters discussingach of.

Tkin starts with the history and Yummy Supper explains the climate of thearly Church particularly in the second century when the gnostics flourished I read 23 of it and then skimmed the rest because as he gets into the minor books it things get heavy like trying to understand Revelations At the nd he xplains the hoax which was the basis for the Divinci Code. The major and minor documents found at Nag Hammadi this volume also includes an overview of Gnosticism and the major players revealing not only what the texts say but also what they mean Renewed interest in Gnosticism and the Gnostic gospels is driven by interest in the Nag Hammadi.

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