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T her problems She’s never known love before and Ryan is not only able to give her that but his bright spirit awakens hers Their love eventually grows bigger than the rave scene that they once loved so much but they uickly learn that no matter how responsible and adult like they become in the end they are still ust kidsThis book teaches you about the struggles of mental illness and drug addiction as well as the dangers in trying to grow up too fa.

This is a contemporary fiction novel is about a sixteen year old girl named Rama and the love of her life Ryan The story takes place in both upstate New York and Manhattan in the mid ninnies It also explains in detail a widely unknown and misunderstood club culture Briefly walking the reader through Rama’s childhood and touching on incidents that mold her into the teenager she becomes At the age of thirteen she is diagnosed with bi polar disorder.

And as she searches for an escape from her unhappiness she stumbles upon an underground world that grabs her soul and pulls her in She begins to experiment with drugs and eventually runs away to New York City After a few weeks her loneliness and chemical imbalance are getting the best of her and she’s ust about ready to give up on lifeThat is when she crosses paths with Ryan at The Roxy the one place where she’s able to escape reality and forge.

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Magic takes over this place every time the sun setsDaylight forgetsBut the city lights remainIt becomes our escape from the mundaneWe turn into silhouettes Sipping coffee and smoking cigarettesWhile we walk down the streetAs solid as the Earth that constantly moves beneath our feetWe’re just like this dayWe never truly met our endWe are a continuationLike the sea’s vibration Like the sun