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And her would have been mother in law eeps trying to take her daughter awayTheir first meeting is les Originally posted on What I m ReadingOh my gosh what a fantastic story I just finished today which is Real Men Don t uit by Coleen Kwan I m Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, kind of on a book high Don t you love that feeling Real Men Don t uit is book two in Real Men series I have to say I really have enjoyed this series and this book We actually met Tyler Jones in Real Men Don t Break Hearts Tyler is the best friend of Ally who met the love of her life in the last book So Real Men Don t uit focuses on Tyler even though she has a jaded view on love Which I can completely understand with her luck on previous relationship Of course she would meet a guy who doesn t really believe he s marriage material Luke Maguire has come across writers block and so he s crashing at his agent s home to write the seuel to his next book Yet he s distracted by Tyler and her daughter Chloe Seriously fantastic read After reading Real Men Don t uit the story left me with a permasmile I love Tyler and her mama bear instinct when it comes to Chloe She s so protective and guarded with her feelings too Then you have Luke who isn t looking for anything Well maybe some words for his future book Overall Luke isn t looking for love actually he s trying to avoid Again he doesn t see himself as marriage material I love how they complete each other but don t want to acknowledge that they do So much fun with these two charactersI did love the story because Tyler and Luke were fabulous together and made the story entertaining The Bliss line isnown for its sweet happy ever afters and this story is no exception So if you are looking for a sweet toe curling read I would suggest Real Men Don t uit After all it left me giddy with happiness Copy provided by publisher Real Men a Real Winner I only recently discovered my first Real Men novel and have to say I fell in love with it So I m delighted to have been able to devour the second in the series also set in Burronga New South Wales so soon after the firstReal Men Don t uit continues the story of Tyler Jones and her young daughter Chloe first introduced in Ally and Nate s story Real Men Don t Play Games which to my great satisfaction forms a lovely backdrop to Tyler s discovery of her own real man It also reinforces the theme that real men play for Friend Foe keeps when they find the right woman to love Luke Macguire is the next Real Man A best selling author who s lost his desire to write after the recent loss of his mother he moves in to his agent s home in Burronga right next door to Chloe and Tyler or Little Miss Moppet and Crazy Sexy Rude as hell Lady as he initially dubs them Attraction simmers between Luke and Tyler but theyeep a lid on it by agreeing nothing below the collar bone and no hands under clothes although it s a temporary rule at best given how the pheromones fly around these two Tyler is a feisty and independent single mum doing her best to provide for Chloe through her shared partnership with Ally in the coffee shop cum gallery where Tyler sells her uniue jewellery Both Luke and Tyler have issues with parents and fear becoming just like them Luke s father has made Luke fear his inability to offer a stable life to a woman let alone one with a young child Tyler s mother had dumped her in foster care after the death of her husband which makes Tyler all the determined to be all that her daughter needs Their struggles to avoid becom. Roots No he'll finish his novel and leave Burronga And soonTyler Jones just wants to run her business with her best friend Ally and take care of her three year old daughter Chloe She's never needed help from anyone especially not a man and the brooding rugged writer next door can't tempt her Not in the

Ing clones of their less than stellar parents forms a large part of the tension and shapes the problems they must overcome They can see other s strength of character but still be blind to their own Family is also central to their story and once again the secondary characters are realistic offering another perspective of the strengths and weaknesses of the protagonists No one was perfect all were flawed in the way real people are yet they fought so hard to be what they new was right for family This was a top read I love the penultimate chapter in particular though I won t give away what happens Suffice to say it satisfied me very well I m hoping that somewhere down the track there might also be a real man for Paige Kerrigan Got my fingers crossed Last week I came upon an offer to review Real Men Don t uit by Coleen Kwan and after seeing what the book was about I decided that it look like just the right book for me even though I m not a contemporary romance fan in general However the good news is that this is one awesome contemporary romance novel I had a feeling that I wou uick reviewCover Chessy Rating R Steaminess Fizz Thumbs Up 4Overall A really good romanceCharacters Good jobPlot Neither looking for love yet they find each otherPage Turner Yes Series Cont Series of Stand Alones Recommend YesBook Boyfriend LukeSUMMARY 50 words or lessI have to say I really enjoyed the characters and the set up of the romance It was plausible and believable and di I m such a sucker for these fun adult contemporary romances The Bliss line from Entangled publishing has so many fantastic ones They are uick to read and reel you in Tyler was a pretty present character in the first book Real Men Don t Break Hearts so I was excited to get her story in My ReviewThis is Tyler s story We got to meet this funky artist in Coleen Kwan s book Real Men Don t Break Hearts where she s the heroine s best friend Both books absolutely work as stand alones but the characters from both make appearances in both bookseven better this book also features the wedding from the Hh from RMDBH But this book is Tyler s st As posted on The Smutty Kitty4 out of 5 LicksI really enjoyed this book I had a hard time putting it down to go to bed and I snuck in some reading time at the EDJ shhh don t tell anyone he I m allowed a break It s also set in Aussie which always helps When I read books set in Aussie I always hear the accent in my head lol Anyway I like the Luke is a wanderer with no strings left behind anywhere I find his brooding moodiness intriguing rather than off putting Tyler s love for her daughter was apparent Her abrasive feelings of independence could go a bit far at times but I have an understanding of why she feels the way she does Chloe Tyler s daughter added a nice bit of sweet innocence to the story I enjoyed the fact that we got to have a little of Ally and Nate s Real Men Don t Break Hearts story as well I always love going back and peeking in on characters from a previous story There is no outright sex in this story they have it but it s behind closed doors but that didn t bother me There was enough emotional connection between the characters that it all still worked out It sure feels like books could be coming in this series but I suppose we will just have to wait and see For now grab this one and enjoy a sweet read with an ending that s all wrapped up in a pretty little purple package just for you which is exactly how I like my books to en. EastOnly Tyler and Luke can't stay away from each other So they set rules No staying overnight no future plans no sappy good byes when Luke inevitably uits town But the chemistry between them is too strong to contain in a rulebook Are Luke and Tyler ready to risk their lives of independence for something.

This is my second book by Coleen Kwan and it s safe to say that I am already a fan It isn t necessary to have read the first book to follow the story of Tyler and Luke Tyler is Ally s friend and business partner from Real Men Don t Break Hearts Ally and Nate make fre What a fun sweet easy little read I hadn t read Kwan before but I absolutely loved her style Her writing flowed nicely the characters were charming and likable and they fit well together and had excellent fire between them right from the start Scowling Luke stared after her his blood pressure still thumping hands fisted on his hips The woman s long smooth legs flashed as she motored away the purple lace panties accentuating the rounded curves of her firm butt He couldn t help staring after her There wasn t an ounce of flirtation in her walk uite the opposite in face but she had him riveted Damn his stupid male hormones I loved both Tyler and Luke They re strong and determined and each dealing with some inner turmoil Luke s a writer who hates his lead character and can t seem to write another word about him and Tyler s a single mum juggling all sorts of things from running her business to dealing with crazy grandparents who eep trying to take her child They could be a little head strong and stubborn but damn if that didn t work for themI loved that neither of them were really looking for a relationship when they found it They re both dealing with a lot in their own lives but for some reason they eep finding themselves smooshed together and the sparks are impossible to ignore They were really just easy together It didn t feel forced or rushed or fake They even managed to have really endearing fights that made me love em even And again it was stuff you could see happening Little things the escalate and then damn you re having a fight and going what the hell While it s of a closed dooreasy on the sexy details type of read there s a nice fire and heat between them that makes up for it He was halfway to the door when there was a flurry of movement as Tyler came up behind him and flung her arms around him halting his progress Thanks she muttered into his back For what For caring enough about Chloe to start an argument with me Would she ever cease to surprise him Does that mean I m right Course not she scoffed sueezing him tightThings did get a wee bit cheesy towards the end but still it made me smile and that s what s important to me There are some awwww make you swoon moments with the hero and the heroine s daughter I do love a man who is good with a child Yum Some humor and some heartache and a lot of great moments between Tyler and Luke that had me falling for them both If you re looking for a fun light read that won t stress you out and will just make you happy and give you that warm feeling this is it And you can totally read it without reading book one I never felt lost or like I was missing something important Luke Maguire has a massive case of writer s block He s blaming his troubles on trying to write in the house where he grew up a mere six months after his mother s death In an effort to break that connection he jumps at the chance to use his agent s house in BurrongaTyler Jones is a jewelry designer and small business owner who happens to live next door to Luke s agent in Burronga with her daughter Chloe She has her fair share of emotional baggage Her mother dumped her in foster care her daughter s father chose to use his inheritance to get high. Serial bachelor Celebrity author Her perfect foreverWhen famous author Luke Maguire decides to write his next novel in the small town of Burronga Australia he's sure he can ignore the fiery redhead next door Not only has he just been burned from a high profile breakup but he's never been one to set down.

Coleen Kwan writes contemporary and steampunk romance for Carina Press and Entangled PublishingColeen has been a bookworm all her life At school English was her favorite subject but for some reason she decided on a career in IT After many years of programming she wondered what else there was in life — and discovered writing She loves writing contemporary romance and steampunk romance Coleen