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Rested in language words their usage grammar etc This was a fun and entertaining read It starts with a uniue set of ata becoming available for the first time in human history As Google started to scan millions of books into its Memoir of a Misfit digital library an opportunity arose to explore new perspectives on theynamics of cultural evolution over the last couple of centuries It spawned a new branch of Looking for the Toffees data science culturomics The first part of the book narrates how the authors two young scientists with a multidisciplinary background convinced Google to provide access to theata and how they prepared the Raising Gods Girl dataset so as to avoid legal complications and maximise analytic accuracy Then theyiscuss how they tackled some tantalising research uestions How The Gulag Handbook does a language grow andevelop How The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion do people become famous Howoes censorship work How Will in the World does collective memory work Howo technological inventions enter our cultural fabric This is uite instructive on June Fourth Elegies different levels One learns about the framing and operationalisation of tantalisingata scientific challenges Then the insights into the Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes dynamics of cultural evolution are uite fascinating and not at all intuitive Finally I was surprised to learn about the startling contributions of many people I had never heard about George Kingsley Zipf Kristian Andvord Hermann Ebbinghaus Charlotte Salomon The book is told in a very sober sympathetic voice Very easy to follow but not at all condescending Recommended for people curious about whatata science and big The Confabulist data can mean for the way we humans understand ourselves I really should only buy books at the airport I picked up Uncharterd because it had a subtitle with bigata in it As my office has started looking at how to mine big Der Illusionist data and how to visualize it I thought a how to book would help me get moving on understanding how toevelop a plan Well the book failed miserably at that but then that was not it s intent This is one of the most educational book I have read in years If I learned nothing I learned that if you have an idea you have to nurture it Others will say we Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue don to that you cannot Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, do that or thatoes not exist They Ask the Past did not have the idea and hence they are not motivated to make it happen I also learned that whenealing with big Riding Class (Saddle Club, data that you follow theata to learn You might learn early on what you wanted to learn is really not what you needed to learn That understanding the risk of false positives and other bias is than important it is absolutely essential The book reinforces my thought that technology is speeding everything up and making everything new again People post their lives on twitter Facebook instagram and then say they want privacy It is only going to get worse and I honestly Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, do not think we are going to put it in a bottle and say oopsid not mean for that to happen We have had Different Class digital lives for about 25 years now we have not even seen the terrible two s yet This was a tough book for me only because I kept expect it toeliver a formula which it never Short Stories by Roald Dahl did Instead itelivered thoughts ideas perspective and for these reasons this is clearly a book worth reading Not too groundbreaking or anythin. The human experience had huge implications for looking at our shared human history The tool they Goldilocks the Three Bears developed toelve into the ata has enabled researchers to track how our language has evolved over time how art has been censored how fame can grow and fade how nations trend toward war How we remember and how we forget And ultimately how Big Data is changing the game for the sciences humanities politics business and our cultu.

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The problem with this book is that it gets boring uickly It iscusses the creation of Google s N gram viewer and how it has been used to study history which would be great if the insights being generated were uniue But they aren t they are primarily reflections of what we already know I wish the book felt in Socialist Realism depth and thoughtful Big Data isn t just analyzing what s happening right now It s used to analyze how we have changed over time The authors use Google s ngram project to get insight into trends in culture through books and words in those books over the last 300 years One amazing chapterescribed the measurable impact on culture I Look Up To... Michelle Obama due to Nazi oppression in the 1940s Other chapters show how uickly people gainand then lose fame Words too have a measurable life andeath Big Data isn t just for geeks It s for anyone fascinated in history culture and how we change as a societyHighly recommended I saw Big Data in its title and I just had to grab it off the library shelf Although it is a light read with slight over 200 pages certain parts of the book felt pretty boring to me But maybe it is because I am not really into literature What I loved about the book was what it Doctor Extraño drew out from the entire process from ensuring the issues of copyrights practicalities Note I received an advanced reading copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI find Google s Ngram Viewer a graphing tool that charts the freuency of wordsphrases as they occur over time in the books currentlyigitized by Google to be addictively fun and fascinating so I was thrilled to find out that the creators wrote a book about it Uncharted starts out with an overview of the natural selection survival of the fittest of irregular verbs which leads into the story behind the Ngram Viewer s evelopment The rest of the book elves into how studying the rise and fall of wordphrase usage through the Ngram Viewer can reveal things about our history and culture including insights into fame censorship collective memory and language evolution and growth Ngram charts are integrated throughout to illustrate specific wordsphrases being Never Tell discussed and there s also an appendix of some amusing Great Battles of History Ngram charts The concluding chapter explores possible future impacts and uses of bigataOverall an excellent uick read I appreciated that the authors present their findings as implications instead of Irrefutable Facts Not only are they frank about the weaknesses and limitations of the Ngram Viewer such as how statistical bias false positives false negatives and other Feminism is for Everybody data curveballs can skew the charted results but they also explain how they tried to avoid oriminish Deterring Democracy deceptive outcomes The authors writing is clear and easy to understand and has some humor sprinkled in to keep theetailed academic talk from getting too Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, dry for a general audience I think academic minded readers would enjoy it too though it s a thought provoking look at history culture and language through the bigata telescope lens of the Ngram Viewer If nothing else the book will inspire readers to experiment with the Ngram Viewer themselves and encourage further rea. One of the greatest untapped resources of today isn’t offshore oil or natural gas it’s Hunters Heart data Gigabytes exabytes that’s one uintillion bytes ofata are sitting on servers across the world So how can we start to access this explosion of information this “big ata” and what can it tell us   Erez Aiden and Jean Baptiste Michel are two young scientists at Harvard who started to ask those uestions They teamed up with.

Ding on big ataLooking at some other reviews I see complaints that this book focuses too much on the Ngram Viewer and not enough on big Nazi Gold data in general I can see why others thought the title was misleading it s metaphorical whereas many people interested in this stuff might be used to explicit journal article titles and I can see how someone might be misled by the summary on my advanced reading copy which mentions the Ngram Viewer as well as the implications of bigata in general It looks like the summary on and presumably the finished copy is a bit clearer about the Ngram Viewer being the focus so hopefully future readers won t have a similar problem the book s theme is Google books Ngram Viewer analyses lots of books tens millions booksThe human being can read several books but it read mathematically millions booksit can lead the relationships of every booksit is the books revolution What happens when Google uploads practically every book and publication and this Mr Majeika and the School Inspector data can be studied for words or phrases and their freuency you get a lens into culture with graphs and plots These plots will measure things going on in the culture It will uantify fame and how long it lasts It willetect censorship and repression It will chart changes in the English or any other language finding when and where grammar changes took place and when new words came into use With big Selected Poems data we can now plot the zeitgeist in nice easy to see charts A very fun book See my status updates foretails big science crunches culture a treat The book was published in 2013 relatively the early ays of what has come to be a fairly common buzzword Therefore it is probably unfair to expect this book to have the understanding or perspectives that the field has accumulated in the last few years Having said that I still think my expectation from the book was higher It stemmed mostly from the title and I thought there was tremendous scope there We now live consume produce and share tons of ata on a Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 daily basis What could it say about us at a societal level Wouldn t that be a great way to study how our culture has evolved as a species and perhapsifferently in various parts of the world How o ideas spread how many of them are universal and o some have velocity than others But hold on While this book The Train Robbers does try to give some answers it is solely based on the authors experiments withatasets using Google Books Ngram Viewer This is a formidable tool 30 million books No Reason To Die digitized by Google But it is limited too These are only books published and a subset of them Books are only a small representation of culture and by virtue of publishing being gated in the past would carry inherent biases To be fair the authors are aware of this and bring it up towards the end It also raises the concerns that have now grown louder who owns theata who has access what is it being used for So if you go by the title you might be a little Naked Risk (Shatterproof disappointed but it is an interesting story well told and made accessible Itoes provide many many interesting trends and findings across Raking The Ashes disparate things like technology popularity grammar You would like it especially if you re inte. Google to create the Ngram Viewer a Web based tool that can chart words throughout the massive Google Books archive sifting through billions of words to find fascinating cultural trends On theay that the Ngram Viewer Ellie (Ellie, debuted in 2010 than one million ueries were run through it   On the front lines of Big Data Aiden and Michel realized that this bigataset the Google Books archive that contains remarkable information on.