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Exico regarding labor illegal aliens drug cartels American drug consumption and money Maden introduces us to what the publisher intimates is a coming series featuring Troy Pearce an undercover fix it manIn a note preceding the story Maden makes the point that all the technologies included are ither currently in production or in development Indeed the technology is amazing and horrifying by turns Amazing in that one can see how present day applications can be combined to do previously unthought of tasks Horrifying because of how invasive and dangerous are the acts that that technology makes possible all in a story where these weapons and surveillance tools are taken for grantedThe initial insult in the book occurs when a student party in El Paso Texas is raided seemingly by ICE officers Killed at the fatal party are many students and their teacher when the raiding officers discharge three hundred bullets in less than a minute and then disappear Upon further probing American investigators discover the raid to be the result of a turf war between rival factions in the drug trade But worst of all the teacher who died was the son of the American president An accident or a statementWhile compelling for me there was a small stone in the shoe of my journey through the political perils of Drone There are authors who consistently give a description of Sanibel Virgin each inclusion within a particular category in their work For some it is clothing or physical descriptions of characters oftenven minor ones occasionally for Way of the Shaman every change of clothing or product used For Maden it was thexact name in full of Gallowglass every gun missile rocket and piece of technologyOn page 12 I took outach of your men with a single338 Lapua Magnum cartridge at a cost of just four dollars apiece On page 13 He stormed over to a nearby closet and pulled out his personal weapon an Israeli built TAR 21 bullpup assault riflePerhaps it is my ignorance of weaponry that makes this seem a story impediment Likely fans of that subject may find this aspect interesting And I do see a parallel in an interest of my own I The Inclusion Imperative enjoy reading about the highways or streets travelled in settings as diverse as Larsson s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Camillieri s The Voice of the Violin or Doctorow s YA novel Little Brother Those stories allow me to track the actionither on the map in my head of familiar cities as in Brother or on a StreetWise map of international cities for those I ve not visitedThis makes me wonder if it is a way of giving a particular status regarding income or taste to a character to know that say the woman ntering a scene is wearing Hermes scarf the weapon tucked in a man s back pants belt is a Walther PPS 9mm or the video screen is an ighty inch flat screen LCD Or perhaps again our culture has become so permeated with advertising that these delineations are salient to most readers and I m the odd one out to be distracted by itIn any case a fast moving story despite its four hundred thirteen pages. Es Pearce Systems to locate and destroy the killers sheltered in Mexico Pearce and his team of scientists and on the ground task force go to work and they are soon thrust into a showdown with the hidden powers behind the El Paso attack and risk igniting a full blown shooting war with America’s most dangerous nemies at home and abroadMaden’s intense page turning novel is action packed and frighteningly real blurring the lines between fiction and the reality of a new stage in warfa.

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This is an intense political thriller where potential war is looming between the US and Mexico due to the machinations of outside forcesThe story is told from multiple points of view which initially is difficult to follow mainly due to the variableshifting times However the shifting points of view get smoother and Emerging Markets easier as the novel progressesThe narrative is a verbose and dry at times however with politics being deeply involved throughout that probably will happen The technological writings read accurately which allows for suspension of disbeliefbelief in the technology regardless of whether or not all currentlyxistCharacters are authentic and believable Details are A Home of Another Kind extensive The plot has ample actionOverall an intriguing read Outstanding cuttingdge geopolitical thriller featuring an original protagonist former CIA Special Forces operative Troy Pearce CEO for Pearce Systems a leader in The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy emerging Drone technology These are not your father s Predator dronesuipped with Hellfire missiles by a long shot Confronting Mexican drug cartels at the Presidents reuest Pearce Systems deploys a lethal state of the art arsenal including underwater drones drones the size of mosuitoes mini helicopter as the crisis African Successes, Volume I escalates in this fast paced thriller Think the late Tom Clancy with a goodditor This is a very promising Trigger Samaniego 1 (Stallion, exciting and well written book 1 in a Troy Pearce series thatffectively deploys Drone technology in defending America in a dangero There was a lot to set up being the first book in the series but it still moved well and was well written I Lehrbuch Der Physiologie enjoyed this book and had some nights where I couldn t put it down Complete with a fascinating international cast of characters and non stop action Mike Maden s DRONE kicks off anxplosive new thriller series by Plastic Techniques in Neurosurgery (English Edition) eBook: James Tait Goodrich, David A. Staffenberg: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. exploring the frightening legal and political dangers of drone warfareUsually blurbs tend toxaggerate how fine a book will be No so in the case of Drone A most Sexy, Healthy, Food - 25 Clean-eats, Gluten-free Recipes engaging and addicting techno thriller I thoroughlynjoyed Marketing Excellence 3 every character and subplot Razor sharp writing A keen sense of detail and location Perfect plotting This is a winner The the unspeakable tragedy of Vince Flynn s death begs for high uality thriller writers with superb main characters like Mitch Rapp Pierce seems to show great promise and I certainly look forward to the next book Mike Maden is a very good writer and one to keep anye onRick FriedmanFounderThe James Mason Community Book Club7300 members The tech was simply amazing Abandoned at halfway point Too much politics for me I really wanted to like Drone the first novel by Mike Maden and introducing former CIA operative Troy Pearce The action is fierce and comes often Maden knows what he is talking about too He has a master s and a PhD in political science and his technological and political knowledge lent credibility and intrigue to the text There were however serious problems that I couldn t overcome First the cover of the book states INTRODUCING TROY PEARCE As. Complete with a fascinating international cast of characters and non stop action Mike Maden’s DRONE kicks off an YARN Essentials explosive new thriller series byxploring the frightening legal and political dangers of drone warfareTroy Pearce is the CEO of Pearce Systems a private security firm that is the best in the world at drone technologies A former CIA SOG operative Pearce used his intelligence and combat skills to hunt down America’s sworn nemies in the War on Terror But after a decade

I found out in my reading of Drone that isn t necessarily a good thing First he wasn t in the book that often For a new book in a new series with a new character I want him in a good 60 70% of the book If he s in a third of this book I d be shocked Second he s a prick He has absolutely no redeeming value Unless of course you believe that blindly following the directive of the US President ignoring the Constitution and revenge murder are redeeming values I know very little about his background I actually learned about his background by reading the dust jacket than I did in the manuscript and ven less about his personal life Frankly I didn t care if he lived or died I didn t finish Drone thinking I can t wait to see what Troy Pearce does next Rather I thought the opposite My prevailing thought was This dude needs to be in jail Second the book isn t written that well I get that it s a thriller and there are plenty of thrillers out there that don t focus on the writing For some people that s okay For others it s not so I thought I d point it out The most frustrating was Maden s continual use of tired idioms For Black on Blonde example The security detail left tails tucked between their legs Finally the use of drones was fairly limited in my opinion Especially since it s well the title of the book There was only one scenearly on that I felt like I was reading a cool techno thriller with a creative use of drone technology Every other scene was like the Predator drone flew over and launched the missile People died YippeeThere were also some The Walters Art Museum the Art of Ancient Greece errors in accuracy Forxample a man in the office of the president in Iran was given Tylenol for a headache My understanding is that the trade American Nietzsche embargo would restrict American items like Tylenol to be sold in Iran Now I understand that heads of state could probably get anything they want but considering thembargo I would have mentioned it As it read it stood out so clearly that it may have well been in bold typeIf you just want a mindless fun at times read you could do worse than Drone There were some interesting political arguments made It moved uickly The body count was high Just don t blame me if you feel just a little less smart after finishing it If someone was to ask me to recommend an Art, Culture, and Cuisine exciting action thriller with some depth I would steer them towards Drone Wow just wow Troy Pearce is a badass I wish I had a private contractor who uses drones and other unmanned devices toxact revenge for those who have been wronged and a few of those who pay him top dollar President Myers way of governing America are somewhat in line with what our current President Elect Trump has been saying so it s been interesting get a glimpse into a very imaginative what if scenario Definite must read if you re ven the slightest bit interested in politics warfare and drones It read like 13 Hours with maybe a little less action and a little politics Many threads weave together in Maden s contemporary look at the stalemate between America and F clandestine special ops Pearce opted out Too many of his friends had been sacrificed on the altar of political xpediency Now Pearce and his team chose which battles he will take on by deploying his land sea and air drones with surgical precisionNew US President Margaret Myers won a hotly contested lection on a platform of no new foreign wars But when her only child and a dozen other American students are killed in a cross border assault by drug cartel hit men she secretly authoriz.

I grew up working in the canneries feed mills and slaughterhouses of California’s San Joauin Valley A lifelong fascination with history and warfare ultimately lead to a PhD in political science focused on conflict and technology in international relations Like millions of others I first became a Tom Clancy fan after reading The Hunt for Red October and began my published fiction career in