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Or revealing that the heroine does not have cancerShe forgives him He has to hear it from his twice spurned fianc before he admits he s been an idiotSoback to the beginning Second chance my foot He s a a hole with no regard for anyone s feeling Pursuit of Justice except his own A very unlikable hero SPOILERSI just spent myvening being immensely annoyed at a book This is why I avoid most HP like some STD unless it s recommended to me Somehow this book got in my TBR pile and I bitterly regret attempting to read it What a waste of an Dangerous to Touch evening First let me tell you that the book s description is misleading It makes it seem like she up and left him but the truth is the uptight a hole left HER and her daughters 9 10 months prior to her moving across the ocean She then asked for a divorce only if he couldn t love her So this is how they divorce Moreover he never attempted to get her back in any way whatsoever nor attempted to see the children much He in fact had moved on and was alreadyngaged to another woman 2 years later when the heroine shows up Of course she s been Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude emotionally and physically frozen all that time like a good little no life HP heroine Marco is an up tight stuck up rich alpha male who s practicallyngaged to a princess when he has a one night stand with the beautiful but gauche heroine who s been infatuated with her boss since the day she saw him She s very much aware that he s not a single man The night s lovemaking leads to babies so they marry The marriage falls apart shortly there after because he s cold and seemingly regretful of being married to her She on the other hand is utterly slavishly in love with the unfeeling bastard who only treats her in contempt His disrespectful and belittling remarks shreds her already low self Rodeo Daughter esteem where she just couldn t take the lack of love or caring she needed from the man she completely adoredThe book opens 2 years after the divorce and she s returned in hope of getting her daughter closer to the absent father who s been ignoring them Because ultimately there wasn t anyonelse who could take them in if she died to cancer However the hero is back with his My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze ex the samex he cheated on with the heroine and he was to marry this princess just within 2 12 months There were just too many things I disliked about this book One that poor princess He cheated on her with the heroine then does it again Heroine too where was her integrity It all makes it worse because the princess isn t a wicked witch Two I wasn t feeling much chemistry in fact I thought the hero showed caring towards the OW princess ven telling her he loves her right in front of the heroine Three hero was a great father only when it was convenient to him Ultimately why I hated this book and why I put it down to write this long ass rant fest He does not change his ways nor his apparent feelings or his plans to marry this princess until he finds out about her illness I felt like he was attempting to straighten things out with. Eft him taking their two young daughters with her Two years later Payton has returned to Italy the time has come for the girls to get to know their father At first Payton is deter.

What sweet motionally charged readlots of buried passion and a charming tale After a failed marriage Peyton moves back home to raise her twin daughters on her own An illness brings her back to Italy to her A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, ex husband Marco in hopes he will take care of his daughters while she goes through cancer treatments But just being back with him again brings back all kinds of feelings she tried to put behind her Marco isngaged to be married to someone My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, else now This book goes through a lot ofmotions from Peyton and Marco as they try to figure out what they will do next I really Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance I scanned this book and the little I read about the story I could realize what an assh this hero was One of the worst heros Iver read I hated him Poor heroine The hero was a creep granted not the biggest one in harleuin history but he has to be at least in the top twenty The hero and heroine had an affair and the heroine got pregnant He married her Things hit the fan and she leaves with the twin girls She remains loyal while he whores around with another whore It s the same story written about a thousand times The heroine might have cancer so he marries her again then he finds out the heroine doesn t have cancer and he leaves her again Then he finally comes back and begs for forgiveness Gee Golly It just kept going back and fourth back and fourth I wanted to rip out my hair by the time it was done Not a good read The writing was bad I felt no connection to the characters at all Maybe because they were so one dimensional Hero was an ass who didn t deserve the lovely innoce UmmmWHERE THE FUCK IS THE GROVELLING the sad SOB walked out on the bride on their wedding night because she DIDNT have cancer And he wasn t worried for her wellbeing UNTILL he had proof of her innocence He didn t The Baby Album even care And once he knew he was suddenly so worried he was claiming he was about to ring the police Umm noyou were planning divorce and soul custody you pig This uote from the book says it allven if you were a complete barbarian today you still deserved a second chanceThe only problem is that it was like his hundredth chanceThey meet fall in love she gets preggers they get married oh he was somewhat committed at the time all this happened marriage doesn t work out she leaves with their one year old twin daughters he lets her leave she makes a life for herself and the children he goes back to the former love interest Flash forward some two yearshe s been getting regular nooky from the former love interest who is now his fianc Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose e and due to be his wife in two months thex wife has gotten no nooky during the same two years finds out she has cancer and brings the kids for a long overdue it s time to get to know your father sessionBlah Blah BlahHe dumps again the fianc Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., e sleeps with then marries the heroine then leaves her uite cruelly during their honeymoon when annvelope shows up under their do. When making love Marco D'Angelo was sensual and passionate But when it came to declaring his love he was unable to open his heart When their whirlwind marriage fell apart Payton

Her out of PITY now that she might die on him Ever hear of a thing called a pity fck And of course the heroine is mentally rambling on and on about how much she loves him and only him Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, even though he sngaged to marry someone Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, else stupid like any mindless spineless HP heroine I still have about 70pages left of this wreck but I think I m going to just ditch it 4302019I just re read this and I forgot parts of it but I did like that thevil OW came clean about how she tried to sabotage them I still hate Marco and always will but at least I didn t fly into a rage over it like I did the first time I think old age is mellowing me maybe I loved the little girls and I actually felt sorry for the Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) evil heinous witch He dumped her twice for the same woman I hated how he treated the heroine though And he blamed her forverything when he was the total ass He wouldn t Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, even visit his kids And that Princess was just awful I can t believe he said he loved herither I don t like that But he did say he was kind of sleepwalking for the last two years I just don t know At least he came to his senses and became human again Until his temper tantrum and he Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, even knew he was being unfair If there wasn t any angst I wouldn t have so many good friends on Goodreads I guess so I ll take it I won t read it again Two times wasnoughAnd again I seriously am worried about myself Maybe its because I read it before but I didn t hate it as much as I did I still can t believe I almost believed in the HEA and I almost did I thought it was kind of cute when he acted like he had just got the letter and results and he was telling her she didn t have cancer at the very Gilligan Unbound end so they could celebrate She played along too It was sweet Nicending for a horrible horrible storyFirst ReadHated this book with a passion It is in My Most Hated Books of all time Marco sucked Trainwreck Second chance storyMarco is the ownerdesigner of a fashion house in MilanMarco had a one night stand with an American internvirgin from his fashion houseMarco married the American intern because she was pregnant with twinsMarco broke off his unofficial Gone for Soldiers engagement with an Italian princess in order to marry Marco ran away from his feelingsMarco told the heroine he would never love her and that she had no talentMarco divorced her after she walked out Marco has seen his twins six times in two years He missed their third birthday partyMarco is nowngaged to his princess againMarco thinks okay let s not finish this sentence because Marco never thinks He shoots his mouth off he motes he fights unfairly he leaps to conclusions in short Marco is from another planet and still hasn t assimilated to think and act like a human It s the only reason I can think of for the black moment after the Hh view spoiler marry again and the next day hero finds out that the heroine doesn t have cancer Instead of rejoicing the hero claims she has manipulated him and cost him his marriage to the princess hide spoiler. Mined to keep her distance from Marco But on seeing him again her feelings for him can no longer be ignoredshe's forced to admit that her body still yearns for her husband's touch.

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Born in Visalia California I'm a small town girl at heart I love central California's golden foothills oak trees and the miles of farmland In my mind there's nothing sweeter in the world than the heady fragrance of orange blossoms on a sultry summer nightAs a little girl I spent hours on my bed staring out the window dreaming of far off places fearless knights and happy ever after endi