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Ance The ending is left open and with the characters still healing I wonder if there are any plans for another look at the couples particularly Vance and Lenny This story is a study in psychology or How Not to Build a Relationship 101 Trevor aka Damien and Lenny have been friends since grade school Together with other talented young men and women they ve formed a band Firefly and are performing locally when Stanley Krane a well known talent manager spots them and is entranced by Damien s voice Stan comes to hear Firefly with his best friend and sometimes lover Vance Ashcroft a famous country singer handled by Stanley Both men are entranced by what they hear and see Vance s focus is on Lenny the guitar player who always stands stage ight Stan s sole focus is Damien his looks and his voice Both men want these young men for than just their talent Both Stanley and Vance are Doms and though sometimes lovers each Guilt is such a useless emotion yet many of us carry it around like some obscene trophy using it as an excuse to endlessly punish ourselves for either eal or imagined transgressions Damian Learner of Off Stage Right by Jaime Samms could be the poster child for what can go wrong when we let our guilt un unchecked Damian practically destroys himself with drinking whoring and a destructive co dependent love hate elationship with his best friend Lenny Unless someone intervenes they will surely destroy each otherAs eckless and irresponsible as Damian seems he s the lesser of two evils between him and Lenny I felt a lot of sympathy for him although I wished he d get a grip and was appalled with his lack of self preservation He and Lenny are both miserable but their history keeps them together Damian and Lenny are destroying each other which is the last thing they d intentionally do They do love each othe Touching story of two pairs of friends and lovers who are trying to find their way through the life that was handed to them Vance and Stan are two Doms who are friends and lovers then you have DamienTrevor and Lenny Both Subs who are on a violent spiral of self destruction and no way to stop except with Stan and Vance s help Jaime Samms is an excellent writer and she always delivers whenever pen and paper meet 3 StarsFor the most part I try to choose books to eview I have a shot at enjoying I doubt I ll ever be a person willing to ead and eview anything put in front of me There are just some things I know I won t enjoy and don t feel it s fair to penalize what may be a well written book because I dislike the subject Unfortunately Off Stage Right by Jaime Samms was a well written book that simply isn t my cup of tea Damian and Lenny are in a terrible elationship Damian is a drug user and Lenny is a domestic abuser No one suspects that of Lenny as he was himself a victim or domestic violence Seriously people need to look at stats of how freuently abuse victims become abusers That was very well written The co dependency uns both ways and it doesn t help that these two also work together as they e in the same band Firefly From the outside looking in everyone sees Damian slowly destroying Lenny with his personal self destruction Enter Stanley and Vance They are also in a elationship It s kind of a casual friends who have sex type of thing Stanley is a talent manager and wants to sign Firefly Vance is a country star and one of Stanley s biggest clients Amidst much drama Firefly signs a contract with Stanley Things go both uphill and downhill from thereFaye s full eview can be found atLive Your Life Buy The Boo. To avoid the inevitable crash When the pressure to perform becomes too much and the unthinkable happens Damian and Lenny have to decide accept that they need something they can’t get from each other or burn out and take Firefly with them Vance is eady to claim Lenny but even Stan’s hesitant agreement to give Damian the direction he needs might not be enough for Damian or the band if he loses Len.

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Title Off Stage RightAuthor Jaime SammsSeries Off Stage Book 1Publisher Dreamspinner PressReviewer MollienRelease Date April 21 2013Genres Rockstar MaleMale RomancePage Count 350 pagesHeat Level 3 flames out of 5Rating 4 stars out of Jaime has a way of teaching that first impressions aren t always ight I had initially ead the eviews on this one when I got it months and months ago and only emember that it was supposed to have a ton of angst the kind of angst where you e exhausted when you finish eading the book ie Keeping Promise Rock or Red Tainted Silence Perhaps my tolerance for angst is higher than other eaders because while there is angst in this book I didn t This is not your egular take on celebrity musicians and the craziness of sex drugs and ock n oll that can surround them This takes a good deeper look at that world and combines a Ds dynamic or the concept of that lifestyle as an alternative to give a eally great ocker omanceBased around two couples and their elationship to the up and coming grunge band Firefly we get a story of discovering limits in a hedonist anything goes ock star life While the band is the vehicle the story starts with the elationship between music promotermanger Stan Krane and his friend with benefits Vance Ashcroft who also happens to be one of his clients a very successful country music singer They are also both Doms so ight away you see the problem In addition Vance is in the closet to protect his career Stan is out and they seem to enjoy an open elationship Complicated couple number one The other couple Lenny and Damian are lead musicians in Firefly and have been besties since third grade They ve been there for each other through some very hard times they live together and spend a lot of time fighting together There is a sexual tension between them that they can t figure out and that frustration is becoming increasingly violent So each of these couples wants something from their partner that they aren t able to give and the crux of the story is their finding out what to do about itBecause this is fiction the solution is brought about by keeping things in the family Stan s taking on Firefly as a client means he gets an up close and personal look into Lenny and Damian s dysfunction and sees that their destructive elationship will also soon be the end of a very talented band It doesn t hurt that Stan has a thing for lead singer Damian and that Vance has his eye on guitarist Lenny I eally liked the set up of the story the first third or so is especially good The middle gets bogged down in some pretty heavy angst and high drama with a bit of man handling as all hell breaks loose While this got a little over the top and wordy it did allow us to get to know each character and where they were coming from and why they acted out in the ways they did Especially Lenny and Damian who are such complex mixtures of bad ass and vulnerability that they suck you in make you want to smack them and still hope they ll find their way somehow impossible as that may seem The last part of the story focuses on Stan and Damian and while that was fun I kept wondering about Vance and Lenny and how they were handling thingsI also appreciated that while this was about Ds elationships a big element the story wasn t overrun with sex and tie em uptie em down scenes What sex there was added to the plot instead of detracting from it This was about four people discovering what they need from each other and how to get it I eally eally liked that I liked that the lifestyle is presented as a compa. Damian Learner and his grunge band Firefly are on a meteoric ise to success If they get the ight break fame awaits Seeking professional management Damian independently strikes a bargain with the best agent in the business Stanley Krane Unable to afford the penalty for breaking old contracts Damian agrees when Stan’s best friend country and Western megastar Vance Ashcroft offers to buy him out of

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Ssionate nurturing bonding based on cognitive discovery as well as sexual need Throw in some talented broody ockers and you have something eally sweetThe ending while it esolves the major issues does feel like an HFN and I m truly hoping for a seuel to see what develops between Stan Vance Damian and Lenny as well as the est of the band members who have their own interesting stories to tellFor this eview and much 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewshttpmmgoodbookreviewswordpresscomDamian Trevor is the singer for grunge band Firefly being treated unfairly by their agent has Damian striking a deal with Stanley the best agent in the business But getting out of his current contract is harder than Damian hoped and after paying the way out of his bandmates contracts he has to accept the offer of Stan s friend Vance a country and western superstar to help him buy out his own contract Tensions are high in the band though and Damian s volatile elationship with Lenny Firefly s lead guitarist is heading for destruction As pressure mounts Damian turns to drink drugs and anonymous sex and Stan takes the eins of control for Damian and Vance steps in to take control of Lenny When a sub needs to give up control they need a strong hand to guide them but what happens when the person you want to take control is also a sub Damian and Lenny love each other but they can never have what they truly want because neither is strong enough to take control It affects them both in different ways and it takes interference from outside the band in the shape of agent Stan and his friend Vance for the destruction to break its cycle Stan and Vance have had been on and off lovers for years but Stan can t be a sub for Vance he has too much Dom in him for that Vance has his eyes on Lenny and whisks him away when Lenny s elationship with Damian goes too far Stan takes Damian in hand and begins to give Damian some of what he needsAlthough DamianTrevor Lenny Stan and Vance are the main couples in this story the storyline focuses on Damian and Stan and in a smaller part Vance and Lenny Stan is just what Damian needs he isn t a whips and flogger type of Dom but he is a control structure and ules type of person he also doesn t take the elationship too far giving Damian oom to heal before embarking into a sexual elationship Although we see a bit of what is going on between Vance and Lenny we have no clue what is happening between them I can only hope that Jaime Samms will give us their full story All the characters in this book are great you have divided feelings as you ead what is happening and the truth begins to unfold There is hot scorching sex between Vance and Stan a nice touch of Ds between Vance and Lenny and some spectacular loving between Stan and Damian This storyline is eally good and you become invested in Damian as he finds himself without the booze drugs and sex you want Stan to succeed as the strong guiding hand although Stan himself has his own doubts The things going on with Lenny are harder to see mainly because he has become so good at hiding and making himself the victim I began to esent him for dumping everything on Damian s shoulders and leaving him to pick up the pieces I ecommend this story to those who love damaged young men finding what you long for a touch of Ds a controlling Dom a mess up sub some eally hot sex and a happy ending for Damian and Stan 45 ounded upI eally enjoyed what is in effect the story of two couples in one though the story evolves around TrevorDamian and Stan ather than Lenny and Is old contract Overwhelmed by a crippling loan secretive guilt Stanley’s expectations and a volatile elationship with Lenny Firefly’s lead guitarist Damian disintegrates Bad habits of too much sex booze and drugs create a ift in the band Finally Vance with his understanding of Dominantsubmissive behavior sees that submissives Damian and Lenny are falling into chaos clinging to each other to try.

Jaime Samms is a plaid hearted Canadian who spends the too long winters writing stories about love between men and the too short summers digging in the garden There are dust bunnies in the corners of her house—which she blames on a husky named Kai There are dishes on the counter—which is clearly because teenagers There is hot coffee in the pot and the occasional meal to keep her from starving—b