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Book was I found myself skipping over lots of these encounters just to get to the plot as that was much interesting However the book was dreadfully written a mix of old English with contemporary little setting descriptions not enough back story frankly this book should have had a professional editor I won Lled with passion and love during which she also uncovers the secrets of her pastWhen Lela kisses the frog he transforms into a prince named Eldrich What Lela doesn't know is that Eldrich is really a vampire who wishes to protect her from other vampires intent on draining her because they believe that since the golden ball their god chose to make itself visible to Lela her blood has the power to make them mortal again somethi.

Be reading anything else by this author SUCKS The H is a pathetic clingy weirdo and the h is a gullible dimwitted tramp I hated it I gave up at the halfway mark This was the worst book I have ever read It was so stupid Stupid dialogue stupid story stupid characters just plain stupid Do not waste our money. Ng vampires desire than anythingAnd although Eldrich will do anything to protect Lela including going to war with his own kind his dark past scares Lela and she doesn't completely trust him She desperately wants to surrender her heart and soul to him but every time she almost does she finds out something else about him making her doubt his love for her and pushing her into the arms of Xavier an angel prince from another kingd.

Dreadful book Stopped half way through Good thing I got it for free Is a great book to read On the plus side the premise was a good one but I think the author was interesting in the sex sessions than the actual plot and that was a real pity A book can be steamy without being stupid and unfortunately this. Just One Golden Kiss is a steamy retelling of The Frog Prince and other fairy tales with a vampire and angel twistWhen twenty ear old Lela encounters a golden ball in the forest she falls into a well A frog agrees to save her but only if she agrees to give him whatever he desires And what he desires is her From the moment the frog pulls her out of the well Lela's life is forever changed and she embarks on a sexual journey fi.

I'm a mother wife long time journalist and community worker I started my first novel series as a way to help teens discover who they are; reconnect with parents; engage with a diverse range of texts; find their voices and ultimately interact better with teachers and peers I wanted to help Australian youths find their own path to joy love and fulfilment earlier than the generations before