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Treatment of this precious metal and was uite informative Good for the first few chapters R4 BOTW From BBC Radio 4 Book of the WeekFrom the Pizzaro brothers who pillaged Peru for Inca gold in the 16th century to the modern day Mponeng mine in South Africa the deepest in the world where the ghost miners illegally siphon off millions the pursuit of gold has led to wars insurrections betrayals and bloodshedMatthew Hart charts a course through history and across continents to tell the story of the world s most coveted metal Part history part journalism and part economic analysis Gold tells the story of a human obsession that shows no sign of abatingIn 2008 when the financial crisis attled economies investors inevitably esorted to the perceived safety of gold and its price escalated from 800 to 1900 an ounce This in turn accelerated the exploration for yet goldMatthew Hart is a journalist whose work has appeared in The Times Gra. Ve affair with gold by the award winning author of Diamo.

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Reading this book made me go back to my college days egarding the gold standard and government monetary policy This is a Liar, Liar really good book on one of the world s precious metals The author discussed gold s importance to the world economy the history of why it became important and then on to people and government s attempts to mine itMatthew Hart writes with flair and wit and it is actually an entertainingead especially the part where the story took him to various gold mines in China Africa and South AfricaHad a great time Essays One reading the book I found this to be a fairly interestingead He looks a bit at the history of how gold was used by other past cultures in an artistic way or in a sacramental way and then how it was used as a store for wealth and sought by European explorers He explains how the dollar became the world s Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose reserve currency and at what point the dollar wasemoved from the gold standard He travels all over the wo. From the lost empires of the Sahara to today’s frenzie.

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Rld to gold mining sites which all sounded ather hellish When economic times seem insecure investors often turn to gold as a safe place to store wealth but he aises uestions about thatIn speaking with a South African gold executiveWith consumables it s easy to judge price he said If one pair of shoes costs 200 and another pair 300 you compare them and make your choice If you want a bond you compare interest ates But if you decide to buy gold you pay the spot price There is no eference no other thing like it to compare it to He had studied at the Wharton School and had managed funds at a Swiss bank My whole life as a businessman I have struggled with uestions of value he said It s easy for me to engage in negotiations about value when there s a Omnibus Films reference point But what s theeference point with goldExcept for a few practical uses gold is a notional construct It has no meaning but its price pages 226 227This is a very thorough. D global gold ush a blazing exploration of the human lo.

Matthew Hart was an experienced newspaper and magazine reporter when he wrote Golden Giant the story of a 1980 gold rush and staking battle on the north shore of Lake Superior Ten years later he was hooked by another mining rush this time diamonds His award winning Diamond the History of a Cold Blooded Love Affair recounted the 1990 discovery and staking rush that uncovered the world’s third