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The next scene considering how much sex was going on I think those scenes could have been fleshed out a bit Sorry for the bad choice of wording thereFor most of the book the timeline moved too fast we jumped months in a page and it was not always hugely clear of it either I think some clarity expressing timelines would have helped a bit it just seemed to be on fast forward with good bits being missed out along the way a bitSO my final thoughtsI fluctuated back and forth on this book did I love it NO did I like it Some of it Did some of it make me cringe at how it portrays women Yes it did However it really does lead p to an exceptionally good ending that I know leads on to the next book in the series fans of the first book will be eager to read the next installment Here s the funny thing it s not really my genre of book I didn t love all of it but I am a touch curious about the next book especially to see how her character is developed further So it must have been okay right To even consider reading the next book We shall see3 35 stars for this one I do think it will be hugely appealing to the right market who love this genre of novel What theI justHow comeBut whyI don tWhatHow Omg I can t even form a sentence right now I ll be back back with a review when I can get my head around this Possible spoiler warning I would like to say that I lost hours of sleep because I had to read this and now in 715 in the morning I regret it This is not a book that is worth losing your sleep over I did not like the book Stella was pissing me off 99 out of 10 times She must be the character that I have ever hated the most in a book She was a coward selfish stubborn and self destructive I wanted to throw something at her just in case she woke and realized what she was doing Am I the only one who disapproved her constant drinking habits she spend the half book drunk and the other half drinking and the way she was treating GeorgeStella s life was held in by a thread George helped her and was a thread to keep on He helped her when she needed helpAlso she seemed to be the perfect woman for a guy She was hot I must have read that at least 100 times wanted no strings attached sex watched a sports game and she was actually a part of a team she was drinking beer and everything and many The only thing that was missing was her being a gamerI thought than once to stop reading the book but I wanted to see who shot her And thank God for my guess and the first couple of chapters of Tension that confirmed to me who did it People die But they don t always stay dead The prologue needs to be removed It has no connection with the rest of the story From what I have seen this prologue should be a prologue to the next bookI don t see the purpose of the book I will give the second book a chance because you never know To be honest I didn t really like the characters in this book Everyone was acting in a not so good way or were hiding something Single moments can make or break you For Stella her life seemed to be filled with moments that broke her I did not know what to expect when I started this but what I got blew me awayThe prologue you just know it s going to be amazing when you are already drawn in with just the first few pages A flash of what is to comea dramatic scene You spend the rest of the book trying to figure out how we got there In a single moment her world ended She lost him She lost herselfThe only thing that Stella could do was to drink Too Wild to Hold (Legendary Lovers until she was numbFor a year she stopped feeling Stopped livingStopped tryingBut her roommate Patrick pushes her to live She starts school but she is still just going through the motions She studies she works she drinksrinse and repeatAnd the stranger she met when she moved to DC the stranger that saw her before she was broken Well he s been watching her shatter every night for the last year He has been pouring the drinks that she has drowned herself inHe is the one that flirts with her the one that sparks a small feeling He is willing to waitntil she lets him in He wants to be the one to fix her because he knows she can be fixed He pushes his way in She pushes him out But just when a few shattered pieces of her heart found their way back together everything falls apart image error 45 shiny starsOMG what have I just readthe prologue gets you hooked and then the ending really pees you offI have just spent a good 10 15 minutes looking to see if there is a seuel and thank god there isthe book just endedI have so many The Man from Her Past (Welcome to Honesty, uestionsso many answers I needI was like argggghhh seriously that cannot be the end of the bookit is not a cliff hanger but I just wasn t ready for it to end neither were the characters and neither were all myestions I still want answeredI want to do a full review of this book but I can t it would seriously give too much of the plot away and I cannot do that you have to read it for yourselfStella is a ballsy girl she drinks beer a lot of beer she curses she keeps fit but she is emotionally broken She gave The Naturalists Daughter up her old life to follow her fianc Jamie they have been in their new apartment one night before he has to leave on a work assignment he works for the FBI Stella is left in the apartment with their two roommates Patrick and Billy She knows no one Patrick is a friend of Jamie s The next day Patrick passes on the news that Jamie was killed in a car accident One year of hell begins for Jamie She stops eating she drinks a lot she defers starting law school she basically givesp The emotional writing during the death funeral and this year of her life was gut wrenchingly sobbingly beautiful I did not stop crying for what seemed like an eternity I lived through her pain I felt it and I breathed itit was awful but so brilliant Patrick makes it his mission to keep Stella on the straight and narrow he is there for her always treating her like a sister he makes her eat her makes her get The Weather Girl up he takes her out gets her fit and basically tries to get her liv. W roommate essentially a stranger is dead set on getting Stella past her grief and back to functioning within society Putting one foot in front of the other she climbsp from the bottom of a bottle Even with all her progress Stella walks through life nfeeling numb Defiant she sends out warning signals for the world to keep away But is that what she really wants With the steadfast help of

They say never to judge a book by it s cover Well I did on this one and I LOVED the cover so with a glowing recommendation from those lovely gals at A Love Affair with Books I one clicked and By A Thread was immediately moved p my TBR list TBH I only read the first two lines of the blurb of the book and I knew it would be my kinda bookStella has been dealt the shittiest deck of cards life can throw at her Her idyllic life with a bright future clearly mapped out ahead is suddenly and irrevocably pulled out from After Hours underneath her She finds herself alone in a new city in a whirlwind of soul destroying grief Despite the best efforts of her two new roommates who are constantly by her side she withers into a fraught and fragile cycle of depression and turns to booze and her trusty dog Cooper for comfort She was held together by a thread Not even a strong fishing wire but the kind of thread that could fray and break in the windBut soon the grief turns to anger and Stella hardens her heart is broken into pieces and she finds herself hard numb The hardness had come about recently spreading through her brain and chest She worried that if she were hit hard enough she would just crack Little by little though her small group of friends Patrick Billy Millie George swoonwho are all fantastic and deserved of at least a novelette each chip away at the hard Stella and she starts to let them in bit by bit But it s George who ingratiates himself into her life without her even realizing but will it be enough not giving any spoilers awayBy A Thread is a great read The story line is complex harrowing funny I love Stella s bad language andick wit very well written and well paced I felt Stella s pain I grieved with her and yet I virtually high fived Patrick when he dragged her ass outta bed when he felt she was wallowing too much I loved George his compassion patience sexiness his very essence did her soul good even when she didn t realise it I loved Billy s sense of humour and blatantly funny one liners Being Irish I loved the Irishness of itwho knew that Finnegan s Irish Bar would sell Guinness Bass and Harp ImpressedThe The Innocents Dark Seduction unexpected but very welcomed plot twist made my tummy twist I am literally DYING to read the seuel to this book I shall be chomping at the bit to read it is it the summer yetHighly recommend I received a copy of this book thanks to the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My thanks to the publisher and the author for the opportunityI have slept overnight before writing this review to let it all settle in my thoughts and feelings This was an out of the box read for me as when I chose it I did not realise it fell into the New Adult category and that s a genre I don tsually explore however this was not a bad read at all with a few surprises I was not expecting Briefly Stella faces a major tragedy early on in the book she pretty much falls apart is constantly drinking and essentially bitter angry and full of grief Her two roommates are constantly propping her From Father to Son (A Brothers Word up and helping her pull herself out of the pit she is in particularly Patrick whom she becomes really good friends with I have to admit she was really annoying me as a character at the start with all the drinking the swearing and the selfishness shown towards just about everybody else around her As the story develops Stella s life starts to get back on track the drinking slows slightly I was wondering why nobody in the book got this woman to a rehab centre or AA meetings at one point it was that badAnyway her life is improving she is able to go out and function and feel happier again after her tragic loss and heavy grief that has burdened her She enters into a fling with a handsome bartender but struggles to bring down all the walls she has builtp to protect herself This is where we get a lot of sex going on friends with benefits sex essentially from Stella s perspective the way she treats George is appalling bordering on verbal abuse at times She s a complex character and I had a lot of lovehate going on with her I have mixed feelings around this book as there are things I thought were excellent and I loved and things that made me cringe so I am going to break it downWhat I loved Some of the characters are really well written Patrick is a prime example his care for Stella and the amount of times he rescues her as her friend borders on co dependency but he s as solid as a rock for this woman as she is falling apart all over the place The twists and shocks that are thrown in at the end I did not see coming whatsoever and I was reading it then put it down and was thinking what on earth huh you are KIDDING me it was good writing there is NO inkling that the twists are coming and they are good very good The ending links to the beginning of the book but you don t make the connection straight away again I thought this was really good it really does have some Haunted (After Moonrise (After Moonrise (Connected to Possessed by PC Cast) - Book 2) unexpected plot twists I didn t expect in this book at allWhat I didn t love There was not enough background or description of situations around the characters such as the flat where Stella lives NOT one description of it it s hard to picture where they are the same with the bar they freuent and other locations It s like having character free floating on a blank canvas Where some books have TOO much description I felt this one needed a bit The swearing the awful swearing especially from the women in the book Now I am no prude and get that swear words getsed in everyday life but at one point Stella came across like she was raised in the gutter which she was not not your average swear words and there is LOT of it it got a bit tiresomeStella walking around her flat dropping her clothes as she goes showing all to her flatmates friends and whomever else was around Seriously I get she was drunk a lot but this theme just kept coming p time and time again The sex scenes for once in a book I felt not enough detail it s happens so fast and then we are on to. Stella's future was set and it was a bright one She was engaged to a man she adored and was headed to law school in the fall Tragically her perfectly planned future ends just as it was beginning With no ties to family or friends Stella finds herself alone in a new city spiraling out of control Her typical day comes to a close with her passed out on the floor; sometimes clothed Luckily her ne.

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Ing again I loved Patrick ntil the end of the book when I could have smashed him in the face with my kindleof all the people in this book he was her constant and what he did is just OMG I couldn t believe it Also this explains why he never made any moves on Stella I thought that they would have been really good together but now I A Full House understand why he never took that leapGeorgeor whoever the bloody hell he isthere are so manynanswered estions in this book about him I love him a lot but I feel that he is hiding a lot and I am hoping that whatever I hope is going to be revealed in book 2 about him does not change my opinion George owns the bar that the gang freuent almost every night they just think that he is the bar tenderslowly but surely he inches his way into Stella s life and her heart although she is too broken to see it It was obvious that he had been in love with her for a long time before they eventually got together I was so glad he was so patient with her in the beginning although I could have killed him for his impeccable timing when he made the announcementI loved this book but I cannot really say any without giving the game away but it was a captivating story I really enjoyed it and the twists and turns in this book had me on the edge of my seatI still cannot believe the eyes in the prologue and the fact of what that 3rd man did especially if it is who I think it isI need answers Brilliant bookWwwtheromancecovercom Spoiler alert I feel like I can t even write this reviewor even rate this book I am so frustrated The prologue had me hooked immediately After Jaime died I just knew the man with the eyes was going to be him I figured that the ATF had faked his death but why Jaime would have picked a job over her if they had such a great love was beyond me I continued reading anxiously awaiting to be reintroduced to that scene to get answers Did he really shoot her I was so mad when the book ended the way it did It was a Kindle throwing moment What the hell did I miss I even flipped back pages thinking that I must of somehow skipped a few What happened Why did Jaime blow p the building Wasn t he a good guy Didn t he know she was in there and that she could have been killed in the explosion Why the hell did he shoot her What is going on Did he not still love her Did he ever love her So many crucial A Stormy Greek Marriage uestionsnanswered Sooo incredibly frustrated I am literally hanging by a thread What just happened I went back and re read the last couple chapters again At one point I think I was holding my breath Right at the start I knew I would like this book and I loved it So Stella is recently engaged living in a new town and about to start law school Her future is looking bright and she couldn t be happier Then tragedy strikes and her world is literally rocked She s alone and doesn t know how to live Stella finds comfort in drinking and she drinks a lot and barely exists She doesn t want to live or have any ties to her old life This story is well paced and deliberate You truly feel Stella s pain and you want to grieve with her There are also funny parts in the story and Stella is The Midwifes Glass Slipper / Best for the Baby uite funny herself and has a potty mouth The supporting characters are great along with the twists and I can t leave out George loved him This story is about tragedy loss and learning to live and love again Rebuilding the pieces of a shattered heart soul and life I can not wait for the seuel The sample gave me enough that I was curious as to where this story was heading so I purchased it and read the book this morning There was an intense prologue at the beginning of this book so I read on with high hopes for how it would all play out in the endMy issues are few but the ones that I do have are important for a story to have in order for me to connect1 The author does not describe the environment that surrounds the characters The readers are given the bare minimum even when it comes to describing what the characters look like We know that El lives in an apartment but we don t even have enough to put together in our minds what the apartment looks like etc El gets a tattoo on her back that is a large piece that holds meaning for her but I didn t have enough info to build a picture in my mind as to how it looks Yes some authors go overboard as they build the world that their characters live in but in this case it was just the opposite2 Fade to black love scenes All of them If the characters in a book are going to be having sex all the time then write some of it out I don t need explicit details all the time but it would be nice to have some details so that I have a betternderstanding of the chemistry between the two characters3 This book ends with a scene that takes place after the prologue but the reader is left hanging in the dark because the event that takes place in the prologue is not explained At all I assume that the author plans a seuel but she doesn t mention it at the end Because of this the reader is left with a book with no ending There are books around these days that end with a cliff hanger then there are ones that have a solid ending this book has neither of those endings but it does comes across as being A Natural Father unfinished I wrote this so I love it I love these characters and they live in my head ALL THE TIME I love how complex all the characters are they have good points and bad like normal people Stella so bent but maybe not broken and she s not better yet As George says in the end when they are on the beach their story is not finished I m in the editing phase of the second book and it s really different but good You get to see from George s POV and there is Jesse yes Jesse You even get to hear from JamieJack Someone wrote in their review that throughout the book she cheered for different people I love that because everyone can do good and bad It snrealistic for any character to be without faults I can t wait for ya ll to read the second bookAnd Thank you Thank you Thank you for reading. Few tight knit friends she gradually begins to feel again She starts to savor the flavor of food again; lets herself notice how the handsome bartender glances at her Still after allowing herself a fling she wonders if she will ever be able to let go of her shattered past fully enjoy the present or get over what she thought would be her perfect future and with the man who destroyed her heart.

RL lives in the Atlanta area with her husband son and two dogs After going to law school at American University Washington College of Law she settled back in the state in which she grew up but only after she fell in love with DC She worked in the Senate during the impeachment trial and the Department of Justice She loves reading all sorts of books and rarely has free time