Brian Jacques: Jamie and the Vampires

Jamie is just an ordinary boy dealing with ordinary struggles trying to fit in and avoiding is overbearing mother However the discovery of what is friends.

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Not scared vampires don't exist rightPart of the Storycuts series this short story was previously published in the collection Seven Strange and Ghostly Tal.

Call a Vampire's Tomb reveals an opportunity for Jamie to prove imself All e as to do is wait in the graveyard as the church clock strikes midnight He's.

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Brian Jacues pronounced 'jakes' was born in Liverpool England on June 15th 1939 Along with forty percent of the population of Liverpool his ancestral roots are in Ireland County Cork to be exactBrian grew up in the area around the Liverpool docks where he attended St John's School an inner city school featuring a playground on its roof At the age of ten his very first day at St Joh