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Ng for loveThoughts This was one of those ick reads not too much too much to keep p with in story not too many characters not too much intrigue The storyline is slightly predictable after all we can pretty much guess that Harry Stephens is in on the office bet and that he will fall in love with Alice and end p getting caught out in his ploy However in Harry s defense he did try to back out of the bet in the endI enjoyed how the author described Alice And the details that happened in her past to make her the way she is I also liked how Alice went into the relationship with her eyes open she knew about the bet and even suspected that Harry might be a part of it But her reactions were different once her heart became involved But one thing about Alice she can admit her own faults I found that really likeable in her characterI had trouble buying Harry as a playboy I just didn t get that vibe from himno matter how the author tried to portray him that way While he did sleep with most of the girls in the office and he was sometimes harsh in his break p techniue for me he just didn t seem the typical playboyAll in all I enjoyed the story and it was a ick light hearted readRate BReview by SarahCheck out of our great reviews at WEL WRITTEN ROMANCEAlice hasn t dated for three years after a disastrous relationship went badly wrong Making a decision to completely change her life she s moved to London and is totally focused on her job Dating and relationships play no part in her life That is till she discovers she s the subject of an office bet Distraught she s having a crying jag in the ladies toilet that s where Harry the office Romeo finds her she doesn t tell him about the bet she s discovered but she does confide that her life consists only of her job He offers to help her get back on the first step of the dating ladder After thinking it over she decides that she can se Harry as a guide for the sort of man to avoid She just needs to study his methods so that in future she can recognise and avoid the players like himThis is an above average story for this publisher The author has a very pleasing writing style While I liked Alice immediately Harry was a little difficult to connect with he wasn t a very nice man I was surprised Alice who seemed very on the ball didn t put two and two together But I did enjoy Alice and Harry s relationship there were moments of humour and sadness Of course it s obvious what s going to happen and I Ers that she's the target of an office bet to get her into bed it's her professional nightmare Office legend Harry Stephens is her nlikely saviour He even volunteers to teach her just how

After reading a very so so KISS title when they first came out I m enjoying them and A few were excellent reads some were very good like this one I have mixed feelings about it though I liked the plot a lot but if I were th Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4 STARSThis is one of those books that from the beginning I could so feel for the heroine and her plight and it drew me in and made me want to read this book This book made me laugh made me sad and even made me a little angry To me that s what a good book does it makes you feel and All Bets Are On will definitely do that and What would you do if you found out you were the subject of an office bet Well Alice Ford decides to take the bull by the horns and fight back trouble is she doesn t realize that the person she s decided to The Ascent of Man use to prove a point is the man that is running the bet and she really doesn t expect to develop feelings for him Harry Stephens has a reputation of being the office Romeo and has plans to win the office bet he s setp but Alice proves to be much than he bargained forI found this book to be highly entertaining because Alice has a lot of rules for dating and she calls Harry out on a lot of his BS But what was really fun is that in between it all they get to know one another and find that not only do they have things in common they genuinely like each other They make some missteps along the way and Alice s insecurity from the past rears its The Grand Sophy ugly head making this a highly volatile storyI enjoyed theps and downs of this book and how both Alice and Harry went through a metamorphosis of sorts to arrive at the end point All Bets Are On is one of those books that proves love can make you crazy it will make you want to be a better person and it is always always interesting Title All Bets Are OnSeries NAAuthor Charlotte PhillipsGenre RomanceBlurb The stakes are high but the prize is worth it Ask Alice Ford to shine in the boardroom and it s a done deal Ask her to go on a first date however and she s a Winners Dream uivering mess So when she discovers that she s the target of an office bet to get her into bed it s her professional nightmare Office legend Harry Stephens is hernlikely savior He even volunteers to teach her just how to avoid a heartbreaker After all it takes one to know one But what is Harry really after And when his kisses throw a curveball into the situation is Alice ready to gamble everythi. The stakes are high but the prize is worth it Ask Alice Ford to shine in the boardroom and it's a done deal Ask her to go on a first date however and she's a ivering mess So when she discov.

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As totally looking forward to a Harry getting his comeuppance Every office has a ice een and every office has a player The ice Harveys Revised English Grammar ueen is the one that is always focused on her work and everything is always in place no filentouched And the player is the one that every female in the office has had in bed been there done him and gotten the dumped t shirt to prove itSo when office ice Como agua para chocolate ueen Alice finds half a list of men involved in placing a bet on who gets her into bed she is furious and goes into a crying fit Gets over it and moves on but when the biggest of office players Harry asks her out saying he can help her go from iceeen to loose and fancy free she reckons why not it could be good but immediately she draws p a little list of her own She will show that this player is just that and if he is in on the bet she will be the one to walk away with a winThe characters of Harry and Alice were both well written and each had their own niue reason for being the way they are Harry s enjoying the love them and leave them attitude stems from his childhood no attachment just fun and his heart will remain guarded For Alice it stems from a relationship involving social media that had given her ex the advantage and her the shame I liked that the author lets both characters past mesh into their relationship it made for some very interesting moments of clarity I loved that Harry does not know about her list and she does not know for sure if he is involved in the bet It was kind of like I was reading a the rules of men vs the rules of woman book only this one involved a lot emotion and left a punch at the end that one would certainly not get from any rule book And it also gave me as reader laughable moments of he knows but she doesn t and the other way aroundThe backdrop settings were great the author captured the loose and fancy free attitude of Harry when taking me as reader to his home She also showed the perfectly boring down to the last t crossed and i dotted life of Alice when in the boardroom The dialogue was mostly fun sexy and kept light but does at some stage get emotional and serious Over all this was a great afternoon read but it was missing passion I feel if the author gave a little heat to her the attraction between her characters it would have intensified the read and left a memorable impression I recommend this read for anyone looking to read a light not so much involved read 4 star reviewThe player is about to get played. O avoid a heartbreaker After all it takes one to know one But what is Harry really after And when his kisses throw a curveball into the situation is Alice ready to gamble everything for love.

Charlotte Phillips writes modern fun it could happen to you stories for Mills & Boon RIVAHarleuin KISS and shorter length sexy contemporary stories for HarperImpulseShe lives in Wiltshire England where she suashes her writing in between looking after her family who have been taught not to notice that she's rubbish at housework Her stories are fuelled by lots of coffee and years of daydre