Thea Feldman: Strangest Animals Level 2

Kids book or not I love animals so I had to read this Beautiful pictures and great descriptions This easy reader actually has some pretty challenging words mostly the animal names so I wouldn t hand it to beginners However it would be a great Good selection of animals here but the whole thing is very choppy zipping from one animal to the next with no discernable connection or flow Strangest Animals simply describes a series of unusual animals Although there is nothing particularly creative about the presentation of these animals or facts this book is still great for training students to re. Animals that glow that make nests from spit that change shape and color that ooze thick gooey slime How strang.

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Dents though is that the cute animal on the cover is the same one discussed at the end of the book the axolotl It might be hard for students to figure that out on their own since the axolotl at the end of the book is a different color and is photographed from the side instead of the front This is an entertaining book about strange animals The narrative is short and perfect for beginning readers The photographs are big and really help to show off each animal s peculiar traits We really enjoyed reading this book together and we had to watch some funny animal videos online after we read the book. H that happily hides inside a deadly plant every living thing shown proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

Ad like scientists and wonder why behaving in these strange ways helps animals survive This is also a great book to use in a lesson on how to use encyclopedias or Wikipediaorg since each page only mentions one or two facts about each animal so students could choose their favorite animals from the book to investigate further Another great thing about this series from the Natural History Museum is that many of the animals appear in different books so students can form connections between the books and compile the facts they find in the different sources One thing you might have to explain to stu. E Meet some creatures that have uniue and unusual talents From the glass frog with a see through body to a fis.