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Times arranged from pre dawn to bed time as experienced by all classes and both sexes From getting out of bed and morning ablutions to making and wearing clothes and cosmetics to doing the laundry to buying cooking and serving food and drugging your babies and children so they don t reuire as much attention the Victorian version of Pad baby sitting Even school sport leisure and sex Hands of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe is covered The author s researchs excellent explaining not just what they did but why She also reports on her own experience of putting Victorian practice Speechless into use eg wearing corsets while doing houseworkIts a long read and can be very detailed at times though Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, if you start to losenterest I recommend you skim past to get to the next juicy topic that takes your fancy I grew up Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, in a late Victorian terraced house This house had wooden sash windows tiled porch and kitchen floors a slate roof with terracotta finials and two chimneys with terracotta pots that lead down to six fireplaces That house when I was a very young boy also had a coal bunker an outside toilet a wroughtron front gate no railings as they d been cut and taken away during WWII a small front garden with fuscias all edged with dark glazed earthenware edgers We found bottles with marbles early way to seal drinks and other glass Stranded With The Tempting Stranger in blue green and brown as well as Victorian blue and white chinan the garden The hot water was supplied by a coal fired b This book was fascinating Ruth Goodman set out to explain what life was like for the Victorians starting from when they got up The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, in the morning until they went to bed at night There are This was excellent accessible well researched fascinating It covers all aspects of Victorian life ands written by what I think Suffer the Children (A Gardiner and Renner Novel Book 4) is called and experimental historian who has spent a lot of time living as a Victorian using all the same methods andngredients as were used Mindhunter in the period This books meticulously detailed and chock full of good nformation walking the reader through every moment of the day for Victorian Britons of every gender and class I learned a great deal and was revolted by a lot of t as I ve stated on numerous occasions to anyone who would listen THANK GOODNESS I WASN T ALIVE THEN It s lacking Sweet Stallion in a lot of the macro scalenformation about systems and The County And The Kingdom institutions that s presentn Daniel Pool s What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew but Summer Heat! it does a much better job of narrowingn on the minute details of daily life I suppose Crushed Ice it s up to you to decide whichs better or you can do what I did and read them both Ruth Goodman s an expert I could even call her a Victorian lady through and through She s a historian who does than just write about the period she actually lived the life of a Victorian woman doing hundreds of menial jobs that we are 9fortunately spared today While listening to this Risking It All invaluable book on all aspects of everyday life under the reign of ueen Victoria I was overwhelmed by all the details the Authoress covers the details that are mostly omittedn historical fiction and often rightly so as would you like to be Dog Food 2 informed by the heroine about the laundry details personal hygiene or her sewing abilities Naturally the chores and are often describedn novels but not Santa In Montana (Calder Saga in such detail Thanks to Ms Goodman snformative guide while reading fiction covering the period I ll look differently at the attire meals education or entertainment and all the effort the average Victorians had to put The Moonshiners Daughter in their daily lives. Knocker upper man poking a stick at your window to retiring for nocturnal activities when the door finally closes on twenty four hours of life this astonishing guidelluminates the overlapping worlds of health sex fashion food school work and playIf you liked The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century or 1000 Years of Annoying the French you will love this book.

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Every bit as good as her guide to the Tudor age And a refresher course on why not all regulations are bad Some prevent things like six year olds being hired as coal miners or opium being sold as a gentle herbal supplement for babies to provide Victorian examples I learned something very Emmas Orphans important when I read this bookI don t want to be a Victorian To provide background for the book the author lived a year following the Victorian way of life so she knows of what she writes and she doest with great detail and humor She only touches briefly on the upper class life style and concentrates on the middle and lower classes of Britain These families didn t have the means to employ servants so the rigors of the day to day maintenance of the home was solely the responsibility of the wife and daughtersThe book begins with rising Saints on Stage in the morning and follows the routine of the dayn which the wife s duties could take up to 14 hours especially on Mondays which was laundry day additionally there were always several children to care for To say Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, it was a tough lifes putting t mildly The author covers everything from emptying slop jars cooking on rudimentary stoves sewing and repairing clothes to house cleaning To make things even difficult was the type of clothing that all classes wore There were at least 4 layers of underclothing ncluding the nfamous corset before outer clothing was donned Imagine scrubbing the floors clad n that manner She also concentrates on the types of food that were prepared personal hygiene and medicines used to treat the multitude of Publish and Perish illnesses that were prevalent during the Victorian ageAnnteresting and Given Time informative guide to a time when life was harder than the modern reader canmagine Well done Little Nell Never Brushed Her Teeth and No One The Book of Lamentations in Barchester Ever Changed Their UnderwearOkay most likely they did However Dickens and Trollope did not findt worth their while to record Guide Through the Old Testament it for which we may after all feel grateful since Little Nell s dental hygiene or excursions on Bishop Proudie s linen would not have carried on the respective plot very muchAnd yet who has not asked themselves at least oncen a while how people The Best-Case Scenario Handbook in the Victorian era started their day how they washed themselves what they wore what medicine they took what childcare was like and many other uestions pertaining to people s everyday life at that time In her fascinating book How to Be a Victorian Ruth Goodman gives a very detailed account of the minutiae of daily lifen the Victorian era She structures her overview o See note at end about comments being removed This s a pre dawn to fast asleep story of the day detailing everything from what a poor girl middle class lady working man would have used to wash their faces through breakfast work children medicine leisure and so to bed It s only political The Fate of the Romanovs in as much as the laws of the day affect daily life for example working hours and education Its perhaps the book that has brought me closest to exactly how a Victorian would have lived and experienced their lives The author brings an unusual perspective as she has lived as a Victorian dressed Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, in clothes she made and working as one as a historian for museums tv and her own research for books The most surprising conclusions the change living such a lifestyle brought to her own tastesLiving LOSER in a barely heated Victorian house through a whole winter and engagingn the daily physical routine of Victorian domestic and farming life Step Home-Ec 101 into the skin of your ancestors We know what life was like for Victoria and Albert but what wast like for a commoner How did Exterminating Angel it feel to cook with coal and wash with tea leaves Drink beer for breakfast and clean your teeth with cuttlefish Dressn whalebone and feed opium to the baby Catch the omnibus to work and wash laundry while wearing a corset How To Be A Victorian s a new approach to history a journey.

Found that my appetite and tastes temporarily changed Foods that I would simply dismiss n my twenty first century lifestyle became delicious I was able to eat with enthusiasm the bread and dripping the pig s trotters and the plain suet pastry with a scrape of jam The notion of Mediterranean food seemed laughable and utterly unappealing When I thought of exotic foods the tastes I The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, imagined seemed thin andnsubstantial Shake, Rattle and Roll in the taste buds of my mind when I thought of roly poly pudding or a dish of brawn jellied pig s head my mouth watered My body was telling men no uncertain terms that A Private Midnight it needed plenty of carbohydrates and animal fats to sustain the Victorian lifestyleThe Victorian attitude towards sex was most peculiar It was thought men needed sex at least four times a weekdeally The Weavers Idea Book in marriage and never through masturbation Therefore the single man would have to employ a prostitutef not commit adultery or have an unmarriageable bad woman mistress But a woman Many people still held to the ancient belief that a woman s sexuality was latent The Mission of Mooney Rooney in girlhood and only awakened on her wedding night by her husband From that moment onwards her sexual appetite was thought to be lascivious and greater than that of men It wasn need of firm male control and The Road to There it was up to husbands to ensure the carnal discipline of their wife You ever heard such rotn your entire life How did they come by a belief that was so obviously false How could experiencing life as women or as men living with thousands of generations of wives girlfriends and mistresses still have got people believing such an obvious myth That sort of myth Templars in America is usually the province of religion where no justifications necessary to belief anything no matter how strange outlandish and contrary to all evidence The book Used (Getting Inside of V, is better than the author s How To Be a Tudor A Dawn to Dusk Guide to Tudor Life and that was a 4 read I think the difference was she researched Tudor lifestyle but actuallyn as authentic a way as possible actually lived as a Victorian at different timesNotes on reading view spoilerThis was heading for a 10 star rating but I m going to deduct 99 stars from Inside a Barn in the Country it now The authors talking about women s hysteria and The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums its treatment She writes about the shock treatment and euipmentn some detail and then the last paragraph of the chapterIt was Athena indicative of the widespread use of this apparatus for female hysteria and of the Victorian understanding of thellness Tales from the Toolbox in general that most of these sets of apparatus came with a vaginal attachment Obviously I want to know about this vaginal attachment and treatment than I do asthma or migraine Was this how Victorian women got their rocks offf they had no husband or one who was lousy n bed Was this an early vibrator Did the treatment work or would t have to be a long course Would women buy a home version or have t applied at the doctors or pharmacists If they were still wearing split crotch knickers t would treatment easier Why doesn t the author tell usWell Sah Victorian whores and strippers wore proper knickers panties joined at the waist and under the crotch just like us and pure nice girls wore split crotch ones or even went commando The rationale was that with long dresses over chemises and petticoats a woman was wearing uite enough but that a whore had a whole extra layer to take off to titilliate their customers hide spoiler A mostly fascinating read of all the big and little activities of daily life Det ordnar sig in Victorian. Backn time The Admiral intimate personal and physical than anything before Its one told from the The Homunculus inside out how our forebearsnteracted with the practicalities of their world and Basic BASIC (Hayden computer programming series) it's a history of those things that make up the day to day reality of life matters so small and seemingly mundane that people scarcely mention themn their diaries or letters Moving through the rhythm of the day from waking up to the sound of

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