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I am conducting what I m shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I m oing to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising Kungfu Boy gems Here s hopingLife is what happens while you are busy making other plans John LennonThis book is New Adult It s contemporary romance And it s New Adult I liked it And it s New Adult I m starting to believe that 2014 may be the year when pigsrow wings and take off in flightFor this once in a blue moon occurrence I m The Rich Mans Mistress (Models Millionaires, going to treat you to some visual er stimulation Let s take a look at the hottie of this piece well in my mindI don t want to risk overselling this to my cynical unromantic friends on the internet you know who you are if you couldn t tell already Foreplay is a contemporary romance with a lot of sexual content I doubt your life or worldly perspective isoing to be changed by this book But it is an entertaining fast paced read that avoids all the usual misogyny and actually produces a male love interest that I could see myself being interested in in real life Plus throw in a bit of humour crazy ass college friends and a story about the way our perspective changes as we A Hasty Betrothal get older and you have a pretty damnood book If you ask meI really liked the way the romance played out in this one The author approached it in a slightly different way Our heroine doesn t fall in love instantly and Reese see above wasn t supposed to be the one she ended up with Pepper has been in love with Hunter forever He represents everything she longs for in life safety security comfort love and his recent breakup with his Rapture Part Two (The Rapture Series Book 2) girlfriend makes her start to wonder if there could finally be a chance for the two of them But Pepper is socially awkward clumsy and inexperienced She says stupid things when trying to flirt She knows next to nothing about sex andor relationships But unlike other books I ve read recently take your pick from my na experiment shelf this isn t another example of a book that creates aood The King of Anavrea (Theodoric Saga girls versus sluttyirls story It s handled in a far sophisticated way This wasn t a fling It was less than that It was us pretending Playing at something Anyway so Pepper decides to find a The Girl at the Door guy she can use to show her the ropes of foreplay And who better than the smokin hot bartender It s easy she thinks she can just use him to become a sexualoddess and then Regression Analysis go running back into Hunter s arms a whole new woman But as you can imagine things don t uiteo to plan And I like that It s why I started with that John Lennon uote I don t know about you but the best things that have happened to me in my life have always been the unplanned unprecedented accidents that drive me to exactly where I needed to be even though I never realised it at the time We have so many plans and dreams and thoughts about who we are and where we re headed but in the end life isn t something you can really plan forI liked a lot of things about this novel including the fact that the The Planeswalkers Guide to Alara (Magic: The Gathering Field Guide, guy was sweet instead of the usual jerkfaced douchebag And I was thankful for the lack of icky sweet nothings My criticisms are few but the main one which irked me was the use of yet another attempted rape scene to instigate a scenario where Reeseot to play hero This is used so often it s fast becoming a cliche And a particularly annoying one at that The book would have been better without itHonestly I liked Foreplay I didn t really expect to and I will continue to keep my expectations of New Adult low But it s nice to know a few The Land Question in China good ones are out there BE WARNED GIFs aheadUgh Experiment FAIL Let me start with a uick note about names Yeah BAVR likes to open with the important stuff What in the name of all things holy is up with the names in these New Adult books Here are the names of some of the jerks characters in this book Pepper Reece Emerson Hunter and Georgia On their own the names are wholly inoffensive I suppose I wouldn t name my child any of those things but it s not like the author named them Speedboat or Kitchen or anything However compare that list of names to this list of popularcommon names if you search for the year 1992 the median year of their likely births Do you see what I metting at here Where are the Jennifers and the Mikes and the Ashleys and the Brandons Am I being too picky So Foreplay is pretty much the paint by numbers story you Welding Handbook get when a big name publisher decides to take on the New Adultenre The rammar is passable perhaps the story is less offensive but the annoying tropes are ALL THERE Oh and if this were a classroom and the teacher called Sexism s name it would probably raise its hand and say Present But I m sure you expected that Pepper the narrator is kind of an asshole Is that okay to state right off the bat I mean I m not ashamed of calling her an asshole because she is one but maybe I should start with something concrete Like that she s a cow Pepper is a virgin big surprise never been kissed Sorry Drew Barry and so fucking above the college scene of dating and partying at bars and stuff She is surrounded by the typical NA people her friend Emerson who amely takes on the role of Contractually Obligated NA Skank RoommateTurning she lined up her pool stick and prepared her shot earning a lot of stares when she bent over thrusting her bottom up in the air to the appreciative The Love Song of Sawyer Bell (Tour Dates gazes of nearbyuys specifically the two that had invited us to play pool with them her responsible friend Georgia who s practically married to some dude I have a feeling will be Outsville in an inevitable seuel ood natured wealthy Hunter brother of her best friend from home and aspiring doctor tortured bad boy Reece who sets Pepper s nether regions afirePepper has been in love with Hunter since she was a kid and her life s plan includes becoming a therapist for children and marrying him Unfortunately she isn t dating him yet nor does he know that she cares This is normal uys All Seductive Melody Capture My Heart girls seriously plan their futures withuys who are oblivious to their feelings Then our dadsbrothersguardians hand over our dowries to them and we pop out 14 kids to make sure the family fortune will pass down to male heirs Duh But Pepper s smart so they say and she realizes that she can t marry Hunter unless she actually slaps on some big Nobody Else girl panties and talks to him But like talking is really hard for thisirlI took a sip from my cup and What She Really Wants for Christmas (Harlequin Blaze glanced around the room eyeing the crowd Beautifulirls were everywhere laughing talking flipping their hair with smooth Protecting Holly gliding movements I d never felt so apart from my environment as I did in that moment Any one of theseirls had a better shot with Hunter than I did All because they weren t afraid to Unexpected Bride (The Wedding Party, go after what they wanted All because they knew how to talk how to act how to be arounduys And they didn t need a kind club to educate them They figured it out and I could tooEmerson comes up with a totes brill plan to teach Pepper what should come naturally to a human being After all Pepper s been beautiful all along The only thing she needs is some practice with an easily expendable boy toy And Pepper who I have to repeat is a PSYCH MAJOR decides that she must learn to flirt with boys For scienceEnter Reece the Introducing Archaeology, Second Edition guy at the local bar who apparently hooks up with EVERYONE So Pepper drags Reece into her little plan and it s as awful as I suspected The problem with this is that Reece is for the most part a reallyood The Best Man (Alpha Men, guy He makes a decent living heenuinely likes Pepper he Poetry Man gives her orgasms like whoa and view spoiler he isn t really a man whore hide spoiler. Before sheoes after the life she’s always wanted she’s about to find the one she needs Pepper has been hopelessly in love with her best friend’s brother Hunter for like ever He’s the key to everything she’s always craved security stability family But she needs Hunter to.

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D just hug someone Overall I m not ashmed to confess that from time to time I need some sweetness in my reading and Foreplay was a like a fluffy bunny rainbow unicorn chocolate and reat sex rolled into one Do me a favor and disregard everything you ve heard about this book Especially if you ve read the synopsis And while you re at it throw out those pre conceived notions you may have looking at the cover or title of this novelHmmready to listen Foreplay is in a few simple words a enuinely ood New Adult titleNow that you ve one off in a huff called me crazy shut down your laptops and hastily logged back in I ll use a few words shall IJordan s Foreplay is about Pepper From the first page itself Pepper is in love with Hunter Montgomery her best friend s older brother Unlike the Montgomery s Pepper s life has been far from perfect Instead of a nuclear family she s dealt with a deceased father and missing mother being brought up by her Dead Taboo grandmother Instead of family vacations to Disney land and an atmosphere of safety Pepper has never been able to leto of the past she led running from one place to the next when her mother was still around Needless to say for as long as Pepper can remember Hunter Montgomery has been the symbol of all she has ever hoped for safety security and love Now that he s finally single though after two years in a committed relationship Pepper has no idea how to woo him overEnter Reece Or as most people would rather call him sexy bartender While Reece isn t the type of Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, guy Pepper would evero for and neither is the The Subtle Beauty goody two shoes beauty the type ofirl he d usually pick either the two are strangely drawn to one another And Pepper hoping for an experienced Having Tanner Bravos Baby (Bravo Family, guy to teach her a few tricks of the trade happily launches onto Reece to become that person What she doesn t expect is the unexpected intimacy andenuine feeling that creeps into her heart after spending so much time with him After all this time is Hunter really the one she wants Or is it someone elseAlthough Foreplay doesn t necessarily sound as original as say mutant zombies in space wielding katanas and riding space unicorns I just made that up in comparison to other New Adult reads it When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, genuinely does stand out Besides isn t the summary I justave you far better than the nasty internet rumor The Billionaires Runaway Bride going around of Foreplay being about airl who wants to lose her virginity1 This is a story about broken people who do NOT heal one another Both Reece and Pepper haven t lead the best or comfortable lives but they fall in love despite those issues not because they expect to change each others lives Moreover Jordan never sugarcoats their romance Every issue that Reece and Pepper start out with in the beginning of the book is carried over to the end but that only strengthens the bond between these two2 Zero Slut Shaming Zero First off Pepper doesn t want to lose her virginity in this book She is than happy to stay a virgin until she finds the right Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover guy but she doesn t look down upon those with different attitudes either Are there still women who thrust their cleavage and what not Of course but these are treated as observations and never explicitly remarked upon which I appreciated It s all too common for New Adult books to veer into sexism or misogyny because alpha males are trying to hard but Jordan avoids that issue with this book uite adeptly3 Friends Real Ones Emerson and Georgia Pepper s close college friends though leading different lifestyles than Pepper are watching out for her regardless If she isn t comfortable in a situation and they re about to land a hot date they do the right thing and make sure Pepperets home instead of ditching her for their one night stand Friendship It exists in NA Caught on Camera with the CEO gasp4 College ExamsDorm LifeJobs Everyone in this book is young but they deal with regular activities like a job parties exams having dorm rooms and suite mates It s so blessedly normal and the fact that this existence is even acknowledged outside the romance is a plus point in favor of this novel Yes that s how bad NA hasotten5 A respectful romance What I really appreciated with this one was how little angst was present Reece knows that Pepper wants Hunter for safety and comfort and though he has feelings for her and her for him that she refuses to acknowledge he s mature and let s her find her way on her own without ever forcing himself on her Reece only Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, goes as far as Pepper is willing never telling her that she ll enjoy or trying to please only himself It s a strong mutual relationship in which both partiesive and take compromising in a realistic but eual mannerIf those aren t five promising reasons to pick this one up then I don t know what are Seriously Arabian Nights give this one a shot You won t be disappointedPS Emily May s NA Experiment has never led me astray If you aren t already aware of this I d urge you to keep track of these reviews Not only have they helped me find decent NA reads but they re wonderfully written too Thanks Emily May Stillreat the 3rd timeFor Readathon 2017 3152In the category A book with only one word on the titleWoman authors 2727I loved itReread 05112017So the past week I ve been on a marathon of rereading some of my favorite NA series I still love the books and this one was as Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place great as I remembered it Pepper and Reece are an amazing couple and if you haven t read this book yet harry up and read it You won t regret it Sophie Jordan somehow avoids many of the tropes used in thisender while keeping the humor and hotness in high level Shouldn t have re read Re read 03042018 Can t figure out why I decided to re read this one but I couldn t find anything new that looked interesting enough to catch my interest so I went through my 4 stars shelf and I found this A book I didn t remember much if anything about But I clearly liked it when I read it considering the rating but I haven t written review for it so I a bit uncertain so why not Overall I wasn t a big fan of the story this time around The story had its appeal but things annoyed me too much You can t even see it I m the safest thing you ll ever find Pepper 19 with her back and forth and the dream manlife vision was tiering and frankly bartender at Mulvaney s Reece Mulvaney 23 deserved way Pepper wasn t a bad character per se but she had her annoying thoughts that Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss got to me too many times and I didn t like how she treated Reece Reece was the reason this book was not exactly worth the re read but made it alright enough He was awesome sexy and the perfect man I do wish we hadotten about their future though But it s strange how that thing you run from always finds a way of catching up with you When you re not looking it s suddenly there tapping you on the shoulder daring you to turn aroundSometimes you can t help yourself You have to stop You have to turn and lookYou have to let yourself fall and hope for the best Hope that when it s all over you come out in one piece Other characters Emerson Em and Georgia Pepper s friends Hunter Montgomery 21 Pepper has been in love with him since she was twelve Lila Montgomery Pepper s best friend Hunter s sister Logan Mulvaney 18 Reece s brother and a playboy You know Pepper Georgia said crossing her Lycra clad legs the world won t end if you end up with someone besides Hunter Everything in me tightened resisting the idea But I want Hunter I always have I d always wanted to be a Montgomery And for once it doesn t seem like such an impossible thing I never thought it was impossible Especially not now that he s single He d be lucky to have you Nothing like the player Pepper expects Yes he’s beyond Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, gorgeous but he’s also dangerous deep with a troubled past Soon what started as lessons in attraction are turning both their worlds around and showing just what can happen when youo past foreplay and et to what’s real.

Idiotic cliched and bland Once again I was tricked into reading another new adult novel with an overused storyline See all those stereotypes yes the negative ones associated with new adult books are in this one Let s make a checklist friends1 The inexperienced supposedly intelligent heroine Pepper Oh dear Lord where do I even start Pepper s our resident elitist bitch and virgin She needs to et her foot out of her ass and really Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, get to know people before she puts them down and treats them like shit the love interest especially Another thing this lady s kinda cray cray A bit of a stalker really As you know she wanted a bit of experience beforeoing after her dream Lucy Carmichael guy Hunter So she hears about the local bartender who s incredibly sexy and experienced And then sheoes there to stare at him three nights in a row Creepy2 The sexy older bad boy Reece I didn t care for his character AT ALL He kind of made me want to puke sometimes Plus he s an idiot He knows Pepper s just using him but he just lets himself be used Come on he even said it himself Oh Yeah Then do me a favor and explain it to me Why is Hunter so important Why does it otta be him Cause that s what this is about right You fuck me but you still want to be with him I m not fond of people who are fine with degrading themselves and becoming mindless dogs thank you very much3 Shitty best friends I know a thing or two about pushing your friends to make moves on their crushes but HELLO It is NOT okay to convince your friend to stalk a uy and it is definitely not One-Click Buy good to encourage your friend to find experience with auy you hardly know4 Insta love with some insta lust thrown in there for Redeeming Claire good measure I think on their third or so meeting Reece knowing he s being used agrees to help Pepper with her thing And theyo on and on with this stupid flirty relationship until BAM they re in love and of course don t bother admitting it to each other until the very end where the most stupid and random twist takes placeSo let s end this review with a warning Read this book if a you ve read and enjoyed most of the popular new adult books b if you have you re extremely patient or c you re unconscious A nice one thier chemistry is Return to Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles good and there is a decent amount ofenre reuired angstAlthough the book did Fractured Memory get my hopes up early on for a love triangle situation but did noto that way Oh well mea culpa I Case for Seduction (The Hamiltons: Laws of Love guess I just can to through life reading books and always hoping for love triangles right Really OH WELLrating This was pretty typical for the NA Make-Believe Family genre But it was well written and I liked the characters for the most part It was single POV from the heroine There really wasn t anything that I didn t like about it it just didn t stand out for me Some of the basicsVirgin meets tattooed bad boyBoth had damaged pastsCollege ish setting she s 19 and in college he s 24 and dropped outh in pining for her BFFs older brotherForeplay is the story of Pepper loved the name btw and Reese Pepper has been in love with her BFFs brother Hunter since they were kids She s kind of put him on this pedestal of being the perfectuy He s kind polite smartcomes from a Major Attraction (Harlequin Blaze good family All things that Pepper never hadrowing up and craves But Pepper has no experience with dating kissing sex So Pepper and her roomates decide they are Carlos and Diego (Story World) going to meet the local bartender who is known foretting around Said bartender can educate Pepper in all things Foreplay and she will be ready for Hunter when he finally sees her There s a bit of a bartender mix up along the wayOf course the lines between foreplay and real feelings More to Love get blurry But Pepper remains steadfast in her commitment to winning Hunter He s now single and Pepper s just waiting for her moment I m notoing to lie I Nell (Governesses Trilogy, got a little frustrated with Pepper here She was so blind to what was right in front of her Which Ietfor Pepper Hunter represented safety and love and a home Reese was passion and fire and a risk It took Pepper a bit to see what she had with ReeseI wouldn t really say it was a love triangle or anything Pepper doesn t really Silent Hunter get her chance with Hunter until the end of the book The majority of the book is the build up of Reese and Pepper s relationship via yummy foreplay I loved Reese from the very beginning And while this book was mostly foreplay the sexual tension and chemistry between Reese and Pepper was really HOT And fear not Pepper s virginity is no longer intact by the end of the book Overall this was a sweet and sexy read with not a lot of angst The ending felt a tad incomplete Iuess but this is a series so perhaps we will Smoky Mountain Sweethearts (Otter Lake Ranger Station get of these characters in the books to come It s definitely a happy ending but just not one thatoes very far out in to the future 4 Light StarsThis was exactly what I was in the mood for and I really enjoyed it 45 stars These days I mostly bitch about predictabilty boring plots and themes that are used so many times I don t have to read all book to know how it ll Her Perfect Man go Writing uniue and refreshing New Adult Book started to be very hard task as I ve read so many books in the same taste it s almost impossible to surprise me Butuess what Foreplay took me by surprise with it s predictability and the fact that I freaking loved it anyways I know crazy right I think I m bipolar The story follows Pepper almost twenty year old In the Brazilians Debt (Hot Brazilian Nights! girl without a real dating experience She has never dated kissed or had any kind of physical contact with a male She always crushed on her best friend s brother and never really thought about otheruys She craved his affection from the time they were kids but unfortunately Hunter never had the same feelings as she Now years later Pepper still is madly in love with him and she had a little bit of luck Hunter just broke up with his Once Upon a Christmas girlfriend Pepper and her besties want to seduce Hunter and make him realize Pepper is the love of his life Pepper doesn t feel confident enough to make a move though Her inexperience aka v card stands in her way So what she has to do Find a man whore who will cash it And Reece the sexy as hell tattoed and drool worthy bartender will be the one to do so I was astonished when the usual virgin heroine meet experienced bad boy hero theme was so enjoyable I completely fell for it and almost begged for Iot hooked on the plot and even the slight love triangle thing didn t scare me away It s so unusual for me I mean I the hater of the haters of love triangles freaking adored this cute sexy book I really don t have any idea if there was thing I didn t enjoy And mind you normally I would diss the hell out of a New Adult book with a virginal heroine that pins for her best friend s brother and whines all the time that she can t have him The moment Pepper met Reece I kind of forgot there was the other The Daddy Secret guy she loved though I couldn t even remember his name The two just stole the show and the amazing stunning off the charts chemistry between them clouded every Hunter that s the otheruy name related thing Reece and Pepper s relationship was a constant foreplay Such a freaking tease And ladies it was so fucking hott to see them together The sexual tension blew me away I was on the cloud nine filled with this warm fuzzy emotions and with butterflies in my tummy high as a kite on romance and I just uickly forgot that Pepper was a little bit frustrating that there was no uniuness and that I could Drop Dead Gorgeous (Harlequin Blaze, guess how it would end even before I picked up Foreplay Foreplay kind of stole my heart and attacked my brain changing it to a uselessoe and I feel so fluffy right now I want to sing and scream an. Notice her as than just a friend Even though she’s kissed exactly one Claiming the Cowboys Heart (Cowboys of Eden Valley, guy she has just the plan too from novice to rock star in the bedroom take a few pointers from someone who knows what he’s doingHer college roommates have the perfect teacher in mind But bartender Reece is.

Sharie KohlerSophie Jordan took her adolescent daydreaming one step further and penned her first historical romance in the back of her high school Spanish class This passion led her to pursue a degree in English and HistoryA brief stint in law school taught her that case law was not nearly as interesting as literature teaching English seemed the natural recourse After several years teaching high school students to love Antigone Sophie resigned with the birth of her first child and decided it was time to pursue the long held dream of writingIn less than three years her first book Once Upon A Wedding Night a 2006 Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Nominee for Best First Historical hit book shelves Her second novel Too Wicked To Tame released in March 2007 with a bang landing on the USA Today Bestseller's List