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Home What follows is action adventure with X Men like characters Super humans with abilities beyond wildest imagination fighting each other and it is just the beginning of the conspiracy This book is written for young adults Important issues such as racism are discussed in an open and honest way Christian Sci fi I was unsure of what to expect but what a thrilling story Action acked from the very beginning with enough mystery and suspense to keep you hooked and turning the agesA town gripped in conspiracy and tyranny and now teenagers starting to understand they have superpowers accelerated by the towns governing company The names of course have biblical and mythological meanings Lazarus the hero Pandora unleashing all the terrible things she can find in eople Titan the company acting over the town as a God like figure With all the action and sci fi of comic book style superhero s the writer expertly and gently eases in the moral uestions of faith and evolution and how Illuminatis peoples beliefs in the differing ideals motivate their belief in theirlace in societyThe back story which is essential is timely fed to us when we need to know it and how it affects the story at this People Will Talk point It gives drive and essence to the actions and understandings our young heroes are facing in this tale of good versus evil and deciding which side is actually whichThe character development was very well done The main character incites a sympathy and identification in the reader while keeping a dark and lonely hero comparable to many comic book style heroes I highly reccommend this book to any sci fi and comic fan From its opening line Johnny Came Home draws you into the world of its reluctant damaged and super charged hero And what a fastaced dark and intriguing world it isAuthor Tony Breeden lays a firm foundation for what I hope will be a series of novels centering around John Lazarus a young man assumed dead in a tragic but suspicious house fire years earlier Clearly against his better judgment but driven by circumstances and a sense of duty he doesn t uite understand himself John returns to the town of Midwich with his long haired rocker wannabe friend Weasel Hopkins Weasel doesn t know anything about Midwich or the Demon Divine (Demon Accords powerful and omnipresent Titan Biotech whose headuarters overlook the supposedlyeaceful town In fact he really doesn t know that much about his friend Johnny either And neither do we at firstThe fun begins as Weasel wakes up in the battered K car K carI love it they had traveled in and begins to The Pearl Thief press Johnny for answers as to why his friend would drag him to Midwich of alllaces When Johnny reveals just a small sample of his super human abilities his friend is hooked and so are weWhat follows is an exciting adventure that I would describe as X men meets James Bond with just a touch believe it or not of To Kill a Mockingbird thrown in Breeden skillfully weaves a story that while leaving you breathless with ever escalating action still takes the time to develop a rather large cast of characters each one touched in some way by Titan s invasive and deliciously morally ambiguous meddling in their lives As is real life each character responds to their Healthier Together past and their circumstances in different ways some choosing theath of righteousness while others opt for the seductive The Haunting of Sunshine Girl path ofower and Routledge Library Editions promised riches And some like one of my favorite characters Football Coach and No Spoilers Mike Trager take aath that is decidedly vague They often skirt the line as so many of us do between what they know is right and what they are obligated to do by duty loyalty or career These characters Crisis in Bethlehem press on influenced by theirast and driven by their resent ever evolving as truth is slowly revealedOf these evolving characters none is fascinating than the lead John Lazarus himself Dark brooding but with a high sense of loyalty and justice Johnny s journey is one of self discovery Breeden allows the revelations of Johnny s ast and hopefully his coming to terms with them to arrive at a similar Dizzy Jimmy pace to his discoveries of and of hisreternatural abilities What results is a reluctant sometimes angry but maturing hero that you simply have to cheer forIt is these supernatural abilities and their inclusion in a Faith based Sci Fi novel that create what I thought were some the interesting theological uestions in the book Are super human abilities or the Locuras lejos de casa! (Serie Lady Pecas 1) possibility of their existence compatible with Biblical theology If those abilities are boosted through human intervention what is our response aseople of God Breeden does not shy away from these uestions Instead he weaves both the uestions and ossible responses throughout the narrative as art of the story and the characters reactions rather than hammering out obvious opinions through expositionBreeden also does not shy away from issues of race and Grammar by Diagram prejudice in his book Again without heavy handedness he explores these issues through his characters Johnny is a young black man adopted by whitearents He wonders if some of the hatred and opposition he has experienced is due to bigotry and ignorance yet he never uses those uestions as a crutc. Midwich But someone else wants Titan's secrets too and will stop at nothing to make sure that she alone ossesses them What would a world of men and women with superpowers mean for Biblical Christianity Would they represent the next stage of human evolution as many comic books movies and telev.

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Before I get into this review I have a few things to mention First off I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review Second I m totally NOT the intended audience for this book Well I don t believe the author intended eople like me avowed atheists of liberal نشانی‌ها politicalersuasion to read the book unless he hoped he could convert Ask Yourself This people to Christianity conservatism and creationism through his adventure novel Now in addition to being aolitically liberal atheist I m also a home educator so I have experience with creationist materials than most Good Witch, Bad Witch people holding labels similar to mind and I tried to bring that ethic of open mindedness with me to this readingSo after that big intro I have to say I mostly loved this book I enjoyed the notion almost like the X men but because God made them that way not because of evolution interesting theory if you ask me However on the same hand that wasrobably The Tokyo Zodiac Murders part of myroblem with the book and Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances part of why I m not able to give one of those longer reviews that describe what happened in the book I d be getting into characterization the action and then a character would do what felt like a sermon to me I have a basic Kindle whatever screen size that is and I would be reading along with Johnny and his friends only to have a character spend a whole screen or talking about god uoting scripture explaining how evolution has something to do with Nazis or other badeople and it would make me want to Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten put the book down Remember though that I said I m not the target audience I think I wouldn t have experienced these sermons as negative if I was the target audienceNow Johnny from the title is the main character and this is his story I enjoyed seeing his experiences and thoughtrocesses as the novel continued I enjoyed the chapters engaging with other characters especially as I got farther in the book and learned of the complex interactions of different Boneshaker (BA 43-500, people from his home townA fun adventure book but skip it if you re not a conservative creationist Christian First I want tooint out that I gave Johnny Came Home a rating of 45 I do wish Goodreads would let us do half starsWhen I first received a reuest to review Johnny Comes Home I was in 2 minds whether or not to read it The synopsis of the book sounded great but I was A Star Is Born put off slightly by the sci fithriller genre but I decided the synopsis made me curious enough to give the book a go and hopefully change my mind about the genreAnd boy did it From the first fewages I was sucked right into Johnny s story I wanted to know what was going on I wanted to find the answers to his uestions The I read of this book I couldn t help but think of it as a kind of crossover from comic book to novel in fact as I was nearing the end of it it CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition popped into my head that our heroes were a kind of cross between The Avengers and the X MenAnother thing I was dubious about was the Biblical references I am not a religiouserson so was concerned there would be too much or a lot I wouldn t really understand but Tony Breeden manages to carefully incorporate enough that it ties in well with the story without coming across as over the top or too The Ornament (Ornament, preachy There are a lot of characters in Johnny Comes Home and it takes time to remember who they all are who is a hero who is a bad guy who are the civilians in the crossfire Once or twice I remember having toause a second to lace who a certain character in a new chapter was but that was in the first half of the book by the second half it was easier to remember all the characters and their superpowers and I found myself warming to certain characters than others and willing the next chapter to be focused on themI enjoyed the way the chapters were done it wasn t one continuous chapter after another with all the characters thrown in but each chapter concentrated on a certain character rolling the story out from every characters oint of view and not missing any Rant parts of the story from other character viewpoints as they were all covered But so much thought and effort has gone into creating a realerson out of all of the characters it wasn t like some had been added as fillers or background characters instead Tony Breeden has Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM put in a lot of effort and time to make sure we connect with all of them even the villains who I have to admit as bad as they were I couldn t help but love to hate themIt s not always easy to find an author who can create an entire world ofeople Challenged to Win places and machinery that you can just close your eyes and envision so clearly as if you were watching a movie so it is a testament to the kind of author Tony Breeden is that I can say his writing created that visionerfectly for meI thought Johnny Came Home may be of a book for males and that I wouldn t enjoy it a whole lot but I loved every Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons page of this book and would highly recommend it for anyone to read be it male or female I think everyone would love it An actionacked story that reads like a Christian X Men comic book with lots of action Johnny escaped the house fire that killed his family He knows that Titan was behind it all and thought it best to disappear Johnny comes back. Three years after the fire that took his home and his family John Lazarus returns to the town of Midwich searching for answers to why he can do extraordinary things no one's ever seen outside of a comic book Is he human Alien Something The answers lie within the Titan complex that overshadows.

H or a reason to shirk his responsibilities Other characters must also come face to face with reconceived social notions and decide how they will respond In fact the entire uestion of the indigos read the bookno spoilers is a arallel to so many issues and opinions we still must The Color of a Leader process in our world todayOn the subject ofarallels In my opinion there is one small item that could improve the story even in future installments Occasionally one of the characters in Johnny Came Home would be compared to a fictional character in our actual universe in order to illustrate a Into the Planet particular trait or a desire to emulate that character While only happening a few times I did find it a little jarring taking me out of Breeden s universe for a moment and back into our own Myoint is this the Characters in Johnny Came Home are rich and diverse enough to stand on their own They need no comparisonFinally I d like to close this long review with my favorite Dusk (Rosales Saga, part of the book I am simply a sucker for a satisfying ending and tantalizing epilogue I long for a Life goes on feeling about the characters after I am done reading I m going to break my own rule from therevious George Washingtons Secret Six paragraph Think of The Incredibles Best Pixar EVER The story ends The good guys win But suddenly the family is about to fight The Underminer You know that their adventures are going to continue You don t have to see it happen You can leave them there knowing that Life goes on That being said I loved the ending of this book Seriously I could hear the theme musiclaying in my head It is a satisfying complete story in itself that still leaves just enough unanswered uestions just enough teasers thrown in to leave me looking forward with great anticipation to the next installment John Lazarus Man from Midwich After his arents erished in a house fire Johnny vowed never to return to his hometown to never again see the boarded up remains of his fire gutted family home Yet inexplicably he returns dragging his best friend with him And The Caretaker plunges them both into a world gone mad for Pandora s box has been opened unleashing evil X Men style antagonists onto the deceptively sleepy town For this is a town of secrets all of which are related to the shadowy Titan Corporation and its ultra secret researchThis is an actionacked novel the action starts near the beginning and never lets up and continues to ramp up in intensity as it draws towards its finale And it is a most enjoyable ride I found it difficult to Clara After Dark - 01 put down wondering how on earth the characters would overcome the seemingly invincible agents of PandoraThe author explores the concepts of the unmapped areas of the human brainmind What if we could use other areas of the 90% or so of our minds Could we develop X Men style abilities Would we in fact still even be human Is survival of the fittest justifiable amongst humans These last two uestions are examined in the light of solid Biblical teachings which are an integralart of the story not Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens, preaching giving us a uantifiable yardstick to measure them against I must admit to feeling a little apprehensive at the start of reading this book Christian and Sci fi were not two words which fit comfortably together in the same sentence for me Add to that that the aut I m always drawn in when an author tells me in the first sentence the goal of the character I am especially drawn in when and author then immediately shows the character contradicting his stated goal Such is the beginning of Johnny Came Home because as the title reveals Johnny violates his intention to never go back to his hometown of Midwich In fact he swore he d rather dieThis is a very actionacked adventure with comic book style characters who have super Over the River Through the Wood powers Normally this is not my style of book but the odd Christian angle made itarticularly intriguingThe character development was well done The main character is a complex and evolving sort of dark hero that evokes a sense of sympathy and identification in the reader New characters are introduced in a way that keeps the story moving without being confusing This was a skillfully written story revealing just enough to keep you interestedI would have given this book five stars however the one complaint I had was that a lot of the story was told in a narrative fashion instead of allowing me to experience the events of the story for myself There were a lot of overly descriptive assages that occasionally caused me to lose interest But overall this is a well told story and I recommend it as a curious diversion from the ordinary superhero comic book genreI was rovided a copy of this book but was in no way obligated to write a ositive review First although this is a totally honest book review Imust acknowledge this book was sent to me by the authorfor a review It has When I first received this book to review I was unsure whether I wanted to read it as I was a bit ut off by its science fiction genre However from the first few Coupage (Blood Nation pages I was drawn into Johnny s fastaced dark and intriguing story The characters are well rounded and believable The author kept me on the edge of my seat I didn t want to In Search of Julien Hudson put it down. Ision shows suggest Or might there be a different explanation Find out in Johnny Came Home an actionacked novel full of mad scientists zombies flying saucers future technology conspiracy theories epic battles and Biblical truthIncludes a sneak eek at the seuel John Lazarus Mann from Midwich.

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Tony Breeden is an author speaker and artist from West Virginia He got the writing bug as a child when his late aunt Sharon helped him make his very first book about dinosaurs vigorously illustrated in crayon Johnny Came Home published September 28 2012 is his first book Luckbane the first title in the Øtherworld series was published on September 13 of '13He is currently writing Volume