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Ug empire around Colombia s city of Medellin a metropolitan area about the size of Seattle or Detroit Medellin is Colombia s second largest city after the capital Bogota He was responsible for about 80% of cocaine smuggled into the US during that time periodLife in Medellin was taken over by incredible violence In the run p to the 1990 presidential elections Escobar s thugs assassinated FOUR presidential candidates he didn t like There were 20 murders a day and a massacre of some type every four days In one car bombing incident 70 were killed and 620 wounded in another 20 killed and 143 injured A plane bomb missed its intended target but killed 107 It got so bad that when airplane passengers saw a prominent official aboard a flight they would evacuate the plane before it took off Police went through the barriadas the slums of Medellin shooting and killing young men they thought worked for Escobar The drug lord retaliated by putting a bounty on policemen and his thugs killed 457 policemen in four months in 1991 And yet Escobar s occasional Robin Hood gestures to people in the barriadas led to some treating him as a saint and having an altar to him in their homes complete with candles Through his drug empire Escobar was connected with although not directly responsible for other violence at the time by Colombia s M 19 guerrillas In 1980 there was an international incident Guerillas took over the Dominican Republic embassy while a party was going on For 61 days guerrillas held 50 officials including 16 ambassadors from other countries That incident ended with just a few deaths but in 1985 guerrillas took over the Supreme Court building that was later stormed by police 95 dead including nine justices almost half of the nation s supreme court Releasing the ten kidnapped hostages became a PR battle fought in the press and with clandestine negotiations One leader of the negotiations was the husband of one of the women held captive Government official could not conduct the negotiations because Escobar would not deal with them Another key person in the negotiations was an 82 year old priest who had a national television show Escobar met in person with these men Various Colombian celebrities appeared on TV daily asking Escobar to release the hostages and negotiate to turn himself in Soccer matches began with a plea for him to release the hostages The President at the time of these kidnappings there were many others ran for office and won on an anti crime platform with no negotiations He personally knew many those pper class people who had been kidnapped and their families The only thing he promised the families was that if the police discovered their where abouts they were held in three or four different locations some of which changed over time he would attempt a rescue only with the consent of the families Why Because they knew from previous incidents that when the police kicked in the door the hostages would be the first to be killed Some of the victims were murdered and their bodies dumped as a message Escobar exhausted by being on the run for years had indicated his willingness to negotiate confinement he wanted a district or territory set aside where he could maintain his lifestyle and the government knew continue to run his drug business from there The government wanted to extradite him to the USA where he would face life imprisonment in theory without the ability to continue his operation or to bribe his way out as had happened before Escobar knowing all this assumed surrender meant he would simply be killed when captured So negotiations were tough and took yearsAn amazing story To paraphrase one of the blurbs it s a phantasmagorical setting in a great M ruez novel and even though we can scarcely believe it exists it does Top photo of Medellin from s23688pcdncowp contentuploads201Map from mapsofworldcomDemonstration for an end to violence after a car bombing in 2019 from straitstimescomPablo Escobar from britannicacomThe author from ccsjeducmsshavings Maruez is one of my favorite authors Although the actual reason I read this particular book was that the Iranian opposition leader currently Captivated by the Millionaire under house arrest Mir Hossein Mousavi managed to send a message to his family recommending this book in case people wanted to have a feel of what he is going through He has beennder house arrest for than seven month now This book is different from other books by Maruez It is not a work of magic realism fiction it is a report by a true journalist who is also the master of story. Course cocaine cartel who in the early nineties kidnapped the relatives of a number of Colombia politcians in order to pressurise the government to suspend the policy of extraditing drug traffickers to the USA Chronicle of a Kid.

Snooooooze Maybe it s in the wake of my trip to Colombia where I thought I would be carried away by all things evoking Maruez but I am honestly kind of This book joined me as I crossed cities and borders and as books do became an essential part of my cross continental journey to my new home in Colombia It tells of a dark hour in one of the darkest periods in Colombian history and does so with the grace of an expert novelists The characters breathe with the rapid rhythm of anxiety and the tension grows as though these events as real as could possibly be were imagined by some God of suspense I wasn t thrilled with the last section only because the main figures those who were kidnapped were displaced from their central position by some of the figures who either kidnapped or liberated them It is hard to criticise of course but what interested me as each character returned to their home was exactly how they f I don t generally watch much TV My husband watches than me and knows which shows I ll like We recently finished watching the first season of Narcos about Pablo Escobar This book was a nice addition to the TV series although I prefer the latter The book moved slowly than I had hoped yet it was a compelling look at that dark period in Colombia There s no doubt that Pablo Escobar was an absolute monster One of my favorite A Mighty Big Wish uotes The mostnsettling and dangerous aspect of his personality was his total inability to distinguish between good and evil Before his novels came to define magical realism Gabriel Garcia Maruez was a reporter and journalist This work is from 1996 after his greatest novels It was also a time when the perpetrators of the crimes he writes of were still free and able to do harmThe modest title belies the stunning narrative While the focus is on the hostages it is also the story of how the wily Pablo Escobar negotiated surrender to the Colombian government to include a prison of his own design and staffing so that he could be safe from his enemies All the while he worked the PR and political systems to get legislation precluding his extradition to the US You see how the Escobar s money bought him power He was able to buy a Robin Hood image paying slum children to kill policemen for bounty He was able to buy elections What stood out for me were the descriptions of those who did the dirty work for the cartel Each of the captives was housed in a different location with different landlords who seemed to be just trying to pay bills or stay alive A host of professionals such as drivers lawyers doctors and even carpet installers served the cartel and kept its secrets The changing group of guards ranged from na ve teens who watched American movies and played video games to seasoned crooks All wore masks and lifted them slightly to eat cake or have a drink on special occasions These criminals and their enablers show religious devotion and few see a conflict with church teachings and their actions The hostages had strained relations with their guards but show no evidence of Stockholm syndrome Also profiled are the brave people who stood My Mother, a Serial Killer up to Escobar notably President Gaviria who held out for a long time in the face of a large PR campaign and 4 previous presidential candidate assassinations and the hostages and their families Not profiled but mentioned are the police officers I lost track of how many notables and ordinary citizens who died in the Colombian drug warsThis is a very dramatic story It shows the range of GGM s writing skills Another journalistic book Clandestine in Chile The Adventures of Miguel Litt n has a different writing style In it he adopts the voice of the Miguel Litten who entered Chilender false pretenses to film Pinochet s Chile This is a gripping story with many can t put down parts Even those with little interest in Colombia and the drug wars will be pulled in to the storyHopefully all of GGM s reporting and journalism will be anthologized and translated to English Truth is stranger than fiction Maruez returns to his roots as a journalist in this 1996 true account of kidnappings in Colombia He interviewed the survivors and relatives of ten people mostly prominent citizens who were kidnapped in 1990 by Colombia s drug lord and narco terrorist Paulo Escobar the counterpart to Mexico s El Chapo Some hostages were held for six months Rather than giving away the story focused on the prisoners ordeals I ll write about the political setting because it was all about violence and politics In the 1970 s and 1980 s Escobar controlled the dr. Gabriel Garcia Maruez's new book begins in November 1990 in Bogota Columbia when a group of gunmen ambush a car kill the chauffeur and kidnap its two women passengers The gunmen were working for Pablo Escobar boss of the Medellin.

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Telling and suspense I found the book hard to read mostly because of its heartbreaking and hopeless moments The events in the story are very well illustrated and the characters are well portrayed There are traces of humor where Maruez shows The Italians Stolen Bride us contradicting facets of the characters kidnappers who won t think twice before killing a human and yet ask a priest to give them his blessing I recommend this book but beware of the sadness and naked human cruelty that it contains 45 roundedpIn a nutshell the central focus of News of a Kidnapping is the story of ten abductions the victims experiences in captivity and the families efforts to get these people released but to tell that story the author places these kidnappings in the wider context of Colombia s troubled history of politics narco trafficking and terrorism It also follows how Pablo Escobar went from being host to Politicians industrialists businesspeople journalists at his Hacienda N poles to becoming the biggest prey in our history Of Escobar Maruez writes that The most The Greek Tycoons Mistress unsettling and dangerous aspect of his personality was his total inability to distinguish between good and evil which is shown here in terms of the wave of violence aimed at presidential candidates and other political officials cops murdered for the bounty on their heads and explosions in the streets that killed innocent victimsFor me this book is anything but boring as some people have said it is and I read it perched on the proverbial edge of my chair as the victims stories were recounted It s downright harrowing to try to even imagine what these people went through not knowing whether they re going to live or die at any given moment and the author doesn t spare any pain or fear in the recounting Also if you re expecting the same type of magical realism and writing as in his One Hundred Years of Solitude forget it it s not that kind of book highly recommended I loved this book because I knew what to expect I didn t expect the magical realism that I love Maruez for I didn t expect depiction of feelings in any direct way This is a journalistic account of a series of kidnappings happened in Colombia during the drug trafficking war days I was surprised by how he was able to put the pieces together without sensationalizing The narration was compelling and I finished the whole book in my record time Recommend anyone this book but make sure they read the preface and what this book is all about Gabriel Garc a M ruez issually associated with his novels containing elements of magical realism but he was a reporter in his younger days In News of a Kidnapping he returns to nonfiction to tell the story of ten hostages who were kidnapped by the wealthy Medellin drug cartel in Colombia Pablo Escobar Tikki Tikki Tembo used the hostages to bargain with the Colombian government when he feared he would be extradited to the United States in 1990 for drug crimes The city of Medellin where the drug cartel was based was full of violence with hundreds of policemen and members of the drug cartel killed each monthIn addition to the harrowing accounts of the captives the book shows how the families government officials and an elderly saintly priest worked out a solution with Escobar It was especially moving to read how a husband acted as one of the chief intermediaries between Escobar and the government hoping for the release of his kidnapped wife and putting his own life at risk After the first captive was killed I was on edge wondering what the fate of the others would be This well written book shows how Escobar kept the country of Colombia emotionally and politically hostage in his efforts to avoid extradition Noticia den Secuestro News of a Kidnapping Gabriel Garc a M ruez News of a Kidnapping is a non fiction book by Gabriel Garc a M ruez It was first published in Spanish in 1996 The book recounts the kidnapping imprisonment and eventual release of a handful of prominent figures in Colombia in the early 1990 s by the Medellin Cartel a drug cartel founded and operated by Pablo EscobarThe book begins with an account of the abductions of Maruja Pachon and Beatriz Villamizar de Guerrero the evening of 7 November 1990 People presume that Maruja was kidnapped because her sister is Gloria Pachon widow of the journalist and New Liberalism founder Luis Carlos Galan Beatriz is Maruja s sister in law and her personal assistant 1998 1376 365 9644160460 20 1376 336 9644233743 1390 9789644233746 1394 1386 481 9644057023 1388 9789644057021 1396 412 9786007511190 1394 496 9789647196642 1990. Napping is at once a powerful disturbing account of how Esobar ndermined all Colombia's civil instutions by murder or bribery and a moving exploration of the fate of Esobar's hostages who were mostly middle aged or elderly women.

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