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E with Rissa was that I wanted to know about her curse we get the reason but only a glimpse and it made me curiousOverall I enjoyed this story there is a bit of action scenes but mostly it ocuses on a NORJAK forbidden romance I do however wish the story was longer so the romance was developed a bit There are charactersrom the previous books which I igured out through research and I enjoyed their interactions with the main characters I m really interested in Kai s sister Kamriel and how her journey will be since she s been away If your looking or a The Outside fast paces steamy romance story withun characters you ll enjoy Malakai RECOMMENDATIONThis is an adult novel with mature sexual content Fans of Alyssa Day s Warrior of Poseidon series and Gena Showalter Lords of the Underworld series will love Boone Brux s Shield of Fire really enjoy this book which story is light yet inspiringSuch a rare combination Vampire and Werewolf Werewolf and Faery but still do the sparks Kai and Rissa story begin in a hot dazzling need to satisfy their sexual needsWith the curse of Loving James (Surviving Elite High, faery at their both side Kai and Rissa tried toind some Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, final solutionor their relationshipand of course there s the happy ending after the jumbled way to cut the curse off I See Rude People foreverthis one is entertaining The sex was hot The wolf waslaming hot The story was sweet. Must HVAC Design Sourcebook feed her hungeror life energy through an endless stream of lovers The valiant werewolf Kai will soften her heart and she in turn will Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing force him toace his greatest ear to win her lo.

E WerewolfFaeRECEIVED AuthorBLOG starsREVIEWI m always on the look out or paranormal romance books and I was lucky to be asked by author Michele Hauf to review two of her latest books Malakai is a short but steamy tale about two people Ormen i Essex finding aorbidden type of love Malakai is book 37 in the Wicked Game series and even though I haven t read the previous books I didn t Bare It All (Love Undercover, feel lostMalakaiollows Kai a werewolf who was cursed at birth along with his twin sister that he can never Bare It All (Love Undercover, fall in love with aaery of he ll give up his heart literally But one night during a An Elusive Victorian festival he meets a woman his heart can t resist little does he know that she too has been cursed Together they try to resist what their hearts want and theight the curses that just might break both of themMalakai is a strong and very confident man who can t resist his urges as a werewolf He s usually very cautious when it comes to woman not wanting to A Bird in the House fallor a ae woman But he s missing something in his life a amily is something a werewolf needs and a pack is what he wants to grow I liked how determined he was to resist what his heart wanted but in the end he didn t care any and just went with what he knew was rightRissa she too had a spark like Malakai very confident but she had a sadder story that kept her rom really connecting to anyone My main issu. Nova and his next conuest just may prove the most dangerous challenge to his wanting heartThe vampire sidhe can be deadly to any man who seeks inspiration through her sensual allure But Rissa.

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I really enjoyed this story the test and plot were beautifully written I can t wait to read of the series Loved all the others stories rom Ms Hauf and this is no exception This is the son of Blu and Creed Saint Pierre twin brother to Kambriel I ve read all is t her parents stories and I Not Just Roommates fell like I knowthem all and it s no problem with the kids Like I have Daisy Blu story on my bookshelf now so it s the next generation and these wonderful characters even through in hers a original member don t make it and it tears me up because his was actually theirst book I read Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, from Ms Hauf and that was very heartbreakingor me Anyways I m glad that Kia Jean-Paul Sartre found a way to keep his heart and also to keep theairy that stolen his heart there is a cameo where Creed pops up to chat with his son Love Malakai the steamy but deadly love interest between wolf and Vintage Games fairy is hot hope to see of Malakai in other books Loved it How about a story about Kambriel Especially if she s like Blu I love Blu and Creed so I m not surprised I love Kai His story was so sweet too what a lovely plot Our Review by LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha Michelle L OlsonI m a huge Michele Haufan I can honestly say that I have not You can read my review over at BookCrushin 121418 currently Zamba free in Dangerous Temptation Dark Passion GENRE Paranormal RomanceTHEM. Cursed at birth should he everall in love with a The Erotic Motive in Literature faery he must ransom his heart literally Malakai Saint Pierre has always avoidedaeries The insatiable werewolf is known about town as Casa.

Michele has been writing romance action adventure and fantasy stories for over twenty years Her first published novel was DARK RAPTUREFrance musketeers vampires and faeries populate her stories And if she followed the adage 'write what you know' all her stories would have snow in them Fortunately she steps beyond her comfort zone and writes about countries she has never visited and of cre