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Do not be drawn in Aiken s shallow writing is nothing ike Jane Austen and nor is it even closeYet false advertising was the title itself Necklaces had nothing to do with the main storylineThe plot seems to get wrapped up in itself or rather tangled up sending it very often tripping and reeling out of control At many points I thought whaI didn t bother to wonder too Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 long at these instances however because I just didn t careEvery single character could have been abruptly devoured by giant alien robot dinosaurs at the end and I would have simply tossed it aside with an ehIn my opinion Jane Austen should beeft alone Her works stand as shining Goethean Science literary beacons all by themselves Please do not waste your time on this oneEnd Note Since this review paints Joan Aiken to be a terrible writer I felt compelled to add aittle note here Aiken s book The Wolves of Willoughby Chase was a beloved favorite of mine as a child I read it numerous times and I still ook back on it with the warmth that only a girlhood classic can draw up Please do not et this terrible example of Aiken s writing stop you from rushing out to buy her classic children s tale for your children or yourself I didn t enjoy this story anywhere near as much as I did Jane Fairfax by this author I have always Digital Crossroads loved the Pride and Prejudice book but this extended story didn tive up to expectations Joan Aiken didn t grow the characters Maria Lucas Anne de Burgh Colonel Fitzwilliam and Lady Catherine de Burgh as much as was needed I was interested in two new characters a brother and sister who end up at Rosings estate but they ended up being a dissapointment before halfway through the book and didn t add anything interesting to the rest of the book The plot was VERY weak and didn t drive the story along as it should have And there was a very weird unexpected ending everything was tied up on the ast few pages in a very sloppy way A dissapointing and dull story overall I read this bc I was impressed by Aiken s Jane Fairfax and WOW was it a etdown It is supposed to be a follow up to PP but somehow it seems to keep coming back to the gardener and Anne DeBurgh and nonsense Ms Jennings from SSshows up A pair of gay artists are The Einstein Theory of Relativity living in a cottage on the estate Someone inherits stuff even though they are a girl and were illegitimate Some one is raised as a boy bc wet nurses get paid for boys Someone runs away toive in a cottage in WalesThese are not Jane Austen s characters just some folks who have the same names Charming and sharp edged Aiken on Austen twists ever so to the folly of humanity Lovely to see Maria Lucas and Charlotte Collins together Even better is the maturity of Anne de Bourgh and her triumphant escape to How to Negotiate Your First Job live her ownife I find that authors of fan fiction freuently copy the original author uite blatantly Here are 2 uotes ascribed to Lady Catherine de Bourgh There are few people in England I suppose who have true enjoyment of music than myself or a better natural taste If I had ever earnt I should have been a great proficient And so would Anne if her health had allowed her to apply I am confident that she would have performed delightfully Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice She has a pleasing voice I recall and is proficient on the pianoforte almost as proficient as Miss Anne would have been had her health permitted her to earn the instrument Joan Aiken Lady Catherine s NecklaceI call that Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, lazy writing The author has already glommed all of the characters theeast she can do is come up with her own dialogue. Ident accepts Lady Catherine's gracious hospitality while she recovers But the Delavals' presence proves disturbing to the entire household first causing the removal of two artists from their cottage home on the de Bourgh property then meddling in Miss Anne's marriage plans Suddenly Lady Catherine is kidnapped revealing some members of the household to be not at all what they seemed.

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Kidnapping Stolen diamonds Suicide Secret bastards Secrets in attics And yet terribly dull There is absolutely no point to this book which supposedly continues the story of Catherine de Bourgh and her relations and hangers on I say supposedly because not only was this book dull but none of the characters match their namesakes in Pride and Prejudice Maria Lucas who was The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore last a shy girl overawed by Rosings is now a sparkling wit akin to Elizabeth Bennet Anne de Bourghatterly an ill silent enigma runs around befriending gay painters and doing heavy garden work with her illegitimate half brother wait no half sister Oh the unnecessary plot twists The new characters are even worse because they serve no purpose at all Why does Aiken pay so much attention to the Delaval siblings carbon copies of the Crawfords in Mansfield Park if absolutely nothing happens due to them Catherine s brother has Lady Catherine kidnapped so he can search Rosings attic and finds his old poems IdiocyThere is no emotional weight to this story The various revelations and shocking events go by without any of the characters appearing in the Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber least surprisedet alone affected A frustrating novel Joan Aiken does a great job on an Austen era social satire mystery with Lady Catherine s necklace Lady Catherine de Bourg of Pride and Prejudice is a bit hard to take as she was in PP but once the story gets rolling it s a fun ride all the way I ove Joan Aiken Lady Catherine s Necklace starts off kinda sweet and slow as molasses in winter Then folks start misbehaving in the most classy way of course this is not a trashy novel Different characters begin popping up from other Jane Austen novels but the setting is Rosings the ovely estate of Lady Catherine de Bourgh and the story centers mostly around her her Weird daughter Anne nephew Fitzwilliam and the Collins including the unmarried Maria Lucas who really shines There are a few clever twists and surprises but they never get ridiculous and spoil the story I found myself grinning ear to ear at the wonderfully unexpected ending I never saw THAT coming This is the second Austen inspired work of Aiken s that I ve read and I m delighted to know that the minute I finish writing this review I have another one waiting for me on my iPad Thanks Sourcebooks for all the free Jane on her birthday My first completed read of 2018 but it wasn t for me As a massive Jane Austen fan seeing in my The Shaping of Western Civilization localibrary a copy of a seuel to Pride and Prejudice I eapt at the chance since the edition I found was uite pretty However during the reading process it felt extremely disjointed and as a reader I there wasn t a connection towards any of the main characters This was marketed at YA so for teen readers but personally because most of the characters were adults I felt this was better suited in the fiction section and not the teens section One of the characters Lady Catherine de Burgh I really didn t ike she was first irritable and then weeping the next By this point in the book around page 120 I had The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles lost interestWill mostikely not be reading any books by this author The writing style wasn t what I was expecting As the Bennett family discovered in Pride and Prejudice to be condescended to by Lady Cathering de Bourgh is an experience to be avoided if at all possible But when Miss Priscilla Delaval and her brother Ralph are Medicine and Religion left stranded after a carriage accident outside the gates to Rosings Park Lady Catherine finds herself not entirely averse to these uninvited guestsHeradyship s nephew. Joan Aiken one of Jane Austen's most sparkling successors takes up Austen's pen yet again this time continuing where Pride and Prejudice eft off in Lady Catherine's NecklaceIn Austen's classic novel the arrogant Lady Catherine de Bourgh tried vehemently to prevent the betrothal of her nephew Mr Darcy whom she had intended for her daughter Anne to the ess socially connected Elizabe.

Colonel FitzWilliam is expected but until then she has only her daughter Anne and the egregious Collins for company But when news arrives of Mr Bennet s death Mr Collins hastens away to protect his inheritance Valentino leaving his wife alone only days before the birth of their third child Mrs Collin s sister Maria Lucas is on hand to support her but Maria has her own problems for Colonel FitzWilliam is promised to Miss Anne but could it be that Miss Anne s eye is turning elsewhere And what is Priscilla Delaval up toback pageNot a very good imitation of our beloved Miss Austen s style or sense of humor Miss Delaval is so obvious that her game is gaudily evident from the first few pages Ralph convinces Lady de Bourgh to make changes on her estate thatead to very unfortunate results and it almost seems as though the author had to invent this despicable situation to allow for one of the pairings at the end where everyone well almost everyone wound up with the one they desired Fortunately our hero was intelligent enough to recognize Miss Delaval s machinations and remain unimpressed and uncaptured It appeared that there were happy endings all round but a closer examination reveals that one of Miss Austen s beloved characters turned out to have very big feet of clay That saddened me I am sentimental when it comes to the Jane Austen characters and I now think ess of this author for having plotted such a revelation of baseness in a hitherto beautiful characterAll in all I can t recommend this book to any true Janeite unless he or she is absolutely gasping for a Jane Austen fix I normally try to avoid Jane Austen re writes and seuels and this book is a perfect example of my reason for doing doWhile it doesn t feature any of the major characters from Pride Prejudice this book does focus on the family members of Darcy and on the Lady Catherine de Bourgh The book picks up where Austen s classic eft off and Lady Catherine s daughter Anne is still not married to any rich suitor Deciding that second best is better than nothing at all she arranges for Anne to be married to Fitzwilliam Darcy s brotherThere were also some bits about mysterious house guests some romance that interfered with Lady Catherine s plans and a kidnapping of Lady Catherine herselfIf all of these points sound interesting and you are wondering why I don t go into detail about them in the plot it s because they were anything but interesting In fact this entire book was decidedly and horribly boringIt took me nearly a week to finish Lady Catherine s Necklace which is the Shunned longest I have taken on any book in aong time besides Jonathan Strange Mrs Norrell but that one was over 1000 pages So was this a huge thick book No only 176 pagesI never noticed anything in particular that was bad about this book as in specific points It was just a general disinterest in everything written thereI certainly didn t spot anything good and I kept Craving (Willow Creek, looking in vain for just a few slightly redeeming pages perhaps a pretty description or an insightful speech by a characterNone of the characters jumped out at me and now only a few days after finishing I remember most of them by name only except for Lady Catherine de Bourgh This however is because Austen already gave me such a picture of her Aiken on the other hand did nothing to further itI was amused at how the inside cover of my edition in praise of Joan Aiken said that she was the expert of modern Jane Austen writing and writes justike her or in the tone of Austen This is an outright Oba, the Last Samurai lie so please. Th Bennet Defeated she retreats to her grand estate Rosings Park This enchanting seuel tells the story of what happens one balmy April day when a sudden blizzard disrupts the weather causes a carriage accident and affects theives of all those involved in a most amazing wayFrom out of the blizzard emerge the Delaval siblings Miss Delaval having twisted her ankle in the carriage acc.

Conrad Aiken who won a Pulitzer Prize for his poetry and her sister