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Says JackThen one day Jack and Nancy go for a walk on the cliffs and it begins to rain and a strong wind blows Valentines Cowboy up Jack puts thembrella that he has taken with him The Truth About Jane Doe up and the wind catches it and carries he and Nancyp into the skyUp they go through the clouds and Blake s impression of them flying through the clouds is so atmospheric and they eventually arrive on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean Parrots fly from tree to tree and one of them attaches himself to Jack and Nancy and sits alternatively on their shoulders and the ha. Tarts to rain so Jack puts Mediterranean Men Bundle up hismbrella But the wind picks p and WHOOOOSH they are blown away to an exotic island

The story itself was a little wanting in magic especially the ending but the illustrations are a joy I absolutely adore entin Blake Jack and Nancy look out of the window of their cottage by the sea and see sailing ships on the ocean This fuels their desire to travel and have their own adventuresTheir desire is strengthened by the occasions when sailors tell them about strange places they have visited including one sailor who tells them of an occasion in the jungle where parrots were flying about among the trees I wish we could go there. Jack and Nancy love to hear the sailors tell of adventures far away But one day they are walking on the cliffs and it

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Ndle of their mbrella And Blake has made him the cutest parrot you could wish to seeUnfortunately they are stranded on the island and they have a number of adventures including swimming with the fish in the lovely warm blue sea but eventually a ship appears on the horizon they signal it and a boat comes ashore to take them to the ship and onwards to home and a happy endinguentin Blake produces another winner with Jack and Nancy a lovely story a great parrot and superb illustrations I like the illustrations but story was a bit boring to Hey explore for a bit and even meet a parrot but there are no sign of any ships to get them home How will they get back.

uentin Saxby Blake CBE FCSD RDI is an English cartoonist illustrator and children's author well known for his collaborations with writer Roald DahlEducationBlake was educated at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School His English teacher JH Walsh influenced his ambition to become involved in literature His first published drawing was for the satirical magazine Punch at the age of 16 He